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    HGH for bone growth

    Hallo, I have never taken steroids and have a decent info about hgh/steroids and I want to experiment with hgh for bone growth and see how my body react to it. The reason I want to do this is because I think I never fully finished puberty and thats why my bone structure is weaker and smaller...
  2. S

    HGH for healing ligament damage dose and cycle

    Hey as ive explained here before i hurt my ankle 6 months ago damaging all the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. My doctor thinks i may have developed chronic ankle instabilty and i think HGH is my best chance at fixing that right now. I know absolutely nothing about doses or about how long...
  3. A


    I’ve been surfing for nutrabol and trying to find the best option available. Saw they have capsules at sarm1... also saw the mailorderhgh page too (considering the juvetrope)... just hoping to get any feedback about where to find the real stuff whether mk667 or real gh. I understand how careful...
  4. P

    First Time HGH

    Hello, I am almost 25 y/o, about 6/ 180. I have been lifting for about 5/6 years now. I have also taken a pro-hormone before, years ago. I have a hypothetical question for ya'll. Say that I ordered HGH off of the internet. I received 20 bottles with white shit in the bottom. I have been...
  5. R

    Old age and gear

    HELLO EVERYONE I'm 45 and have been on gear for about 5 years now. I'm 6'5 240 last month my wife had me do the vegan diet. Energy was great but I lost so much weight. The problem was not lack of protein it was just lack of eating enough. Also on top of that we started some HGH. I had to...
  6. S

    Supplements/steroids for healing ligament damage

    So im after damaging a ligament on the outside of my ankle almost 4 months ago. Ive done physio consistently and although it has helped the injury still gets extremely painful at times and im sick of it at this stage. Does anyone have any experience with something that has healed ligament...
  7. R

    New Source for Growth

    I found some great prices on HGH HUMATROPE 6mg 18iu anyone that would like some just let me know. Thanks
  8. B


    Hi everyone. I am new to bodybuilding, steroids, supplements etc. I was finding some resources with good information, that would probably help me to understand many things, I do not know about yet. I found one pretty nice source with great articles almost about everything connected with a...
  9. A

    Czgpharmacy source

    Has anyone heard or tried this source? Recommended to me by a trainer at the gym I go to. Great prices, but it looks shady to me, maybe because it is Chinese.
  10. T

    HGH Advice

    Hello Everyone, I'm 5'10, 195lbs, pretty well built (2 anabolic cycles under my belt) I've recently got my hands on some pharma grade HGH (Genoscience Biopharma Co. Ltd) and was hoping if anyone has any reviews on this brand. It is a supertropin pharma grade HGH, 10 IU(3.33mg ) / vial x...
  11. J

    Bridging With HGH: Few Questions

    hello friends, i hope all is well with you and yours :) Little bg, this is my first REAL cycle but i have dabbled for more than 10 yrs, just never much or for very long or properly. been reading and enjoying learning for a long time I am about 8 wks through a 12 wk 600mg/wk test cycle (kick...
  12. M

    HGH and Antibodies

    This question got me to register with you guys. Seen a lot of great videos by Dylan and have heard great things all around with this site. My question is whats the deal with taking hgh and the possibility of it producing antibodies? Whst happens and how can u tell? Is it permanent? Any good...
  13. D

    legit HGH source?? help!

    hey guys, just joined this forum in hopes of getting some legitimate help. ive been dealing with a partial thickness tear of the supraspinatus in both shoulders from a bench press accident, for the past year. i'm trying to avoid surgery, but the PT im doing isn't helping much. i read that...
  14. F

    lean mass cycle.

    stats 5 ft9 195lbs 10% bf im looking at doing a lean mass cycle instead of a full bulk as i like to look pretty lean year round and have recently researched and have been fascinated with peptides, and sarms. here is my current break down im starting this monday, nov 6 2017. test cyp 200 mg...
  15. J

    Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is really good for Height gain ?

    About average height for a woman, which is approximately 5’4. But there are some vertically challenged people who aren’t so lucky. Is there something they could do? Well some people take human growth hormone, to build lean body mass or to add a few extra inches to their height. Human growth...
  16. B

    Sources for clean HGH

    Hi, I have a medical need for HGH but with the prescription, it came unto $15k per cycle. Ive been looking everywhere, on every forum but all i see is forums bitching about other forums. My personal reason for finally deciding to stick with Evo is because of how friendly people are here...
  17. T

    HGH plus Cardarine?

    I am 6'1" 255 lbs and I have been on a Tren E, Sustanon, dianabol cycle for 4 weeks... Just started a long cycle of HGH at 4iu a day split in 2 doses... If I take Cardanine with the HGH will they have a synergistic effect and she'd off the fat faster?
  18. D


    What's up bros. I'm about to place an order at a source called Steroidcart after being reffered by a good friend of mine. Also made my own research and seen the gear my friend has received from the the past couple of months. There is a lot of fakes out there so you have to be awake when it comes...
  19. E

    I need a trusted source.

    I'm new to this board. Trying to find a legit source. I've been using ashop with what seemed like quality gear based on results. I was not able to do lab tests. Recently they've been out of stock and have some bad reviews. I know people who have used naps but now I keep seeing stuff about them...
  20. C

    Any AAS veterans that don't touch HGH?

    To be completely honest, I'm still just a newbie and a lurker for now (I'm only 22 so no cycle yet, but I like researching and discussing), but I have my wonders of how many experienced users in AAS world there are that may have touched HGH only once or just steer clear of it altogether? I ask...
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