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  1. gearhead

    Riptropin HGH

    Riptropin HGH, 10 vials x 10 IUs
  2. gearhead

    Riptropin HGH

    Riptropin HGH, 10 vials x 10 IUs
  3. gearhead

    Somagena HGH

    Somagena HGH, 191 amino acid sequence
  4. gearhead

    IP somatropin HGH

    IP somatropin HGH, 99% purity
  5. gearhead

    Hygetropin HGH

    Hygetropin HGH, 1mg (2.5 IU)
  6. gearhead

    Nutropin HGH Genentech

    Nutropin HGH Genentech, 10mg/vial
  7. wolfpackalpha

    GHRP-6 : What is it?
  8. C

    Trusted HGH to USA source

    I'm looking for a trusted source to supply HGH to the US. I've heard one mention of and Sino but I haven't heard anymore or any testimonials. Please help me.
  9. C

    HGH for injuries

    I'm 27yrs old. I had ACL surgery at 18 and recently tore my meniscus again. My left should has a liberal tear. As long as I stay in shape, they are not that bad. My orthopedic surgeon has even stated he would like to avoid anymore sugeries due to my age. Currently I'm getting back into good...
  10. D

    Buying HGH inside CHINA: Source Please.

    Hi Folks, Been a regular fan of Hygetropin for quite a while. Now I have been suddenly posted to China. To my great surprise, it seems impossible to find a source willing to send HGH within China. I never foresaw this issue, and for me this means a very sudden stop in the use of HGH. This...
  11. M

    IGF-1 lr3 questions

    I am looking for a peptide in the same category as GHRP and wants to find out first if IGF-1 LR3 is a good thing. also what is the best way of injecting it: intramuscular or subcuatenous?
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