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  1. J

    HGH OTC in which Countries?

    Hey Guys, I have been taking genotropin pens (HGH) pharma grade for a couple of months. I’m starting to get low and instead of ordering online again I was wondering what countries are legal to buy it over the counter in? I’m heading to Costa Rica in a month and my buddy is heading to Mexico...
  2. G


    Anyone try NOMATROPIN I had a couple of kits last year. I had a good experience with them just wondering if anyone has used these.
  3. M

    HGH ??? is there a standard protocol for cycling HGH?

    HGH ??? is there a standard protocol for cycling HGH? and does anyone know if there is a standard PCT of HGH? haven't seen much on this matter and was curious to know.
  4. wolfpackalpha

    HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

    Do you want to use HGH but don't know where to start? are you interested in the basics of HGH use and advanced ideas? are you scared that it might cause cancer? or does it? read on to find out... HGH:
  5. J

    HGH Cycle So Far

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to post my results and pick everyone’s brain about my Pfizer genotropin cycle thus far. I started this for healing purposes only. I just had my third shoulder surgery on November 8th. My surgeon couldn’t prescribe HGH but did suggest I take it. I game on these forums...
  6. S

    Anyone familiar with Somatropin from Solano Laboratories? Have I been scammed?

    So I bought what I thought was HGH from a source I thought I could trust. I took a vial to the lab to have it tested and it turns out it is Peptide Ipramorelin. Considering the fact that I paid HGH prices and received an item that is not HGH, Im pretty bummed out and out alot of cash. I...
  7. M

    where to send hgh to get tested????USA

    Just wanted to know where I could send my product to get tested for purity?
  8. J

    HGH Confusion

    Hey Bros, I’m on my 4th week of HGH. I am on the genotropin pens at 2ius 5 days on and 2 days off. The HGH (pfizer genotropin pens) are crazy expensive but the majority of people on these forums told me to get the pens over generics. Anyway, I am taking the GH to speed up healing. I just had...
  9. GOTGrowth


    Have you read about the powerful antioxidant TAD-600 (Glutathione)? Its composed of the amino acids L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine. It works in the liver to protect the body from damage or harmful substances. It has a powerful effect on skin complexion and protects against lipid...
  10. Xtreme

    Somatropin CP

    Canada Peptides HGH is of a very high quality, good price and nice service at:
  11. J

    Steroids that aid recovery from Injury

    Hey guys, I was powering through what I thought was a sprained wrist. When the pain didn't go away I had to go to a doctor and after an MRI I discovered that an old ligament injury had come back to haunt me, the TFCC ligament (Right side of the right wrist just before the round bone) is torn...
  12. J

    HGH Generics or Pens

    Hey Guys, Just finalizing my order for hgh before my shoulder surgery on Monday. The last forum I was on the majority of everyone told me to stick with the pharma grade pens (The pfizer gentropin 36iu pens.) One 36iu pen isn't even a full months supply and the price is are really really high...
  13. J

    HGH Pens question

    I'm going on my third shoulder surgery November 10th. To speed up the healing time so I can get back in the gym I've decided to run some HGH. After doing some research and getting advice on the forums I've decided to go with pens instead of generics. I will be running 1-2 IU's ED for healing...
  14. M

    HGH Intramuscular injection dose

    Hello all. New to the forums and substances. I searched and didnt find anything useful so hoping someone could help me. I want to do an intramuscular injection in my posterior deltoids with HGH to help them grow. How much should I take? How many injections till i should start seeing even...
  15. wolfpackalpha

    Cung Le busted using HGH

    Cung Le was just caught for using HGH and given a 9months suspension by the UFC. What do you think his cycle looked like? give us your thoughts. Cycle:
  16. P

    HGH Virgin

    Hello All, Thanks for viewing this post. I'm a 45 yr old male. I suffer from hypothyroidism and have a bitch of a time losing weight. I do workout about 4-5 times a week and it consists of a mix of Crossfit and HIT training. I currently weigh 205lbs. A friend of mine suggested I try HGH and gave...
  17. iNeedToSitDown

    The many benefits of the SAUNA

    Has anyone tried incorporating the use of a sauna as a means for "performance enhancement"? Supposedly, there's research that backs up claims of it increasing HGH, improving insulin sensitivity, enhancing neurogenesis, facilitating hypertrophy, and other things. Dr. Rhonda Patrick has been a...

    legit HGH deadends

    ROIDDERS SAYS: i was reading another thread guys saying over 99% of hgh is faked these days what do you guys think?
  19. oldmanhrt

    HGH HRT dosage

    guys Im starting HRT any advice on HRT HGH dosages? doctor is saying 2 IUs/day I'm 56 years old
  20. Z


    Hi brothers, I have a question about hgh... has anybody here ever ordered from alibaba and if yes have u ever got any real stuff from there or is it all a scam???
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