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  1. R

    Opions and advice on oral only supplementation

    Okay so I know a lot of people hate on oral only cycles but perhaps there is an other way or something I have overlooked in my research you all can help me with. This could get long real quick so I will do my best to keep this short. TL;DR I have been working out and eating clean (but in...
  2. B

    For a newbie that knows nothing about running hgh, how does that bloodwork fair? Is t

    For a newbie that knows nothing about running hgh, how does that bloodwork fair? Is that considered stellar? Average? Below average? For generics?
  3. O

    HGHpower [email protected] HGH 2016 HAVING PROBLEMS!!!!! Anyone else?

    Placed a big order in October and as many of you know the west coast suppler took a ton of product. My order finally showed up in January 2016. [email protected] Kefei Kefei The first two kits were fine I had the first vital tested on 4UI and HGH serum came back it was 10.4. I had no...
  4. A

    Is this Nutropin AQ HGH legit?

    My cat got a hold of some nutropin AQ from a guy that owns 3 clinics. He gets the nutropin for himself and his family and my cat is one of his patients so he hooked him up. He says this is the product in its raw form before they put it in the NuSpin pens at the lab. I can't figure out how the...
  5. D

    First HGH Cycle. In need of some advice.

    Need a little advice here fellas. Trying to determine the best way to go about taking HGH for the first time. My plan is to take 2 IUs HGH either Juvetrope, Norditropin, or Humatropin daily in the AM for three months, and if necessary extend it for another 2-3 months if necessary. I am 33...
  6. B

    LGD-4033 10mg a day 4 week cycle

    Running LGD-4033 10mg a day for 4 week cycle along with 400mg of milk thistle liver support... will this just be washing everything out ? should i maybe try 200mg instead? and if a mini pct is neccassary what product should i take and for how long?
  7. I

    Endurance athlete PED first cycles

    Hi guys have enjoyed reading all of the incredibly detailed posts you supply, i understand most are bulking but there also seem to be a fair number of endurance cyclists/tri guys on here. so my stats are: age 46 height 6'2" weight 90kg i am looking for a cycle that will help my strength...
  8. M

    Mk-677 20 year old

    What's up guys. I am contemplating ordering mk-677 in order to heal up a nagging injury. I will be using the standard dose of 25mg a day. I am 20 years old and henceforth, am worried that this could cause some damage to my pituitary. What is your opinion on this? As well, would it even cause me...
  9. V


    Desma OTOTROPIN HGH 100iu, Made in Germany
  10. goodone91

    HGH Australian Source

    Hey guys, Currently already on cycle running Test E @ 750mg/wk & Tren E 200mg/wk. Considering starting some HGH seeing as this cycle will be a long one. Or, running it next cycle. So just looking to see what sources we have in Aus for decent HGH, AusJuice did have theirs up at $1350 I...
  11. C

    HGH with no GH gut?

    Is there some way to use HGH without having a huge distended stomach? Im looking to use HGH for tendon and joint health specifically, along as recovery and size secondly. I know most of the sides increase directly with the amount of gh used. I've heard the larger guys who compete can use near 12...
  12. T

    Test / superdrol / deca / hgh cycle. Bulking

    Hey everyone , My stats : Age:37 Weight;225lbs Bf:10-12% Previous cycles:6 Height:6"2 I've just started hgh 2iu ED, will up it to 4/5 iu ED after 2 weeks and was thinking of them starting the following cycle …… Test e 250mg shot twice a week 1-12 weeks Deca 200mg twice a week 1-10 weeks...
  13. D

    HGH/Angtroptin for Sale

    As a long time vendor I bring the best generic HGHs to domestic customers. Angtropin kits (100 iu per kit) are currently for sale. It is one of the strongest generic HGHs currently available. A research online will demonstrate this claim. 1. How can I trust you? How do I know your kits are...
  14. H

    a kit of HGH got left in the freezer for a fee days is it worthless?

    Hey fellas. Was over at a friends house for a few days. Left a kit on accident. For some odd reason they threw it in the freezer. Been about 5 days. What you guys think. Its a whole 100IU kit. Thought about pinning a vial an doing blood test. Didn't want to but worried it got damaged . what...
  15. Jrbdallas

    MK 2866 (Ostarine)

    Hey guys, Has anyone on here used Ostarine from They have a decent price. Really no better than Sarms1 but I was just curious because I need to pick up some other stuff from Purchase peps. Would love some personal testimony on this stuff! Never used ostra before...
  16. Jrbdallas

    Member searching for advice

    Hey guys I have a good friend in his 50's old school kind of dude. He is currently been on AAS for 2 years. Blasting and cruising. His issue currently is he is worried about muscle loss and loose skin he is starting to see in certain locations, lol I know this is a side effect of getting old and...
  17. J

    Peptides alongside Pharma HGH ?

    Hey Guys, Could use some advice. I’ve been taking Genotropin (Pharma HGH) for about 6 months at 0.9 on the go quick pen think its about 3ius 5 days a week to heal my shoulder from surgery. I can say that it has seriously helped. But recently I’ve had some bad luck with soreness and tendonitis...
  18. J

    HGH Dosing Question

    Hey Guys, I could use some help when it comes to correctly dosing HGH on a 29 gauge 1/2 inch 100 measurement syringe. I usually use the go quick pen of genotropin at 0.9 on the dial which I believe translates to 2.5-3ius, but I was just in Costa Rica and picked up some Saizen over the counter...
  19. J

    Costa Rican HGH

    Hey guys, A couple weeks ago I came on here asking if anyone knew if you could get HGH over the counter in Costa Rica, and I didn't really get an answer. I'm here on vacation for my birthday. I can let everyone know you can. I showed them my Pfizer Genotropin pen and they gave me some brand...
  20. GOTGrowth

    (10 vial BULK) Sustanon250 - 250mg/ml 10ml PSL

    Euro Pharmacies 10 vials of Sustanon 250 250 per ML each vial is 10ML. Purity Source Labs has this on sale - bulk deal 10 Euro Pharmacies Sustanon 250 for $380. Thats $38 each!
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