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  1. JimAbs43 513 - Peptides - HGH Fragment 176-191 Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side E 513 - Peptides - HGH Fragment 176-191 Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side Effects
  2. C hgh experience

    first time trying roids usa and will be the last their hgh is fake! I got a pregnancy test and swabbed the hgh after mixing it came out positive. This means it is really HCG! They ripped me off and I will be asking for a refund for sure.
  3. JimAbs43 502 - Peptides - HGH (human growth hormone) Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Si 502 - Peptides - HGH (human growth hormone) Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side Effects
  4. C

    Real HGH from napsgear?

    I saw that napsgear sells pfizer hgh. But i also read that anyone can fake these products And sell it How do we know that its the real hgh buying it from napsgear. Its expensive just want to make sure its good
  5. B

    How much HGH should i use from napsgear?

    I've use HGH twice before trust me in both instances the growth hormone I used was fake for sure it's making me very suspicious when I order it. But i know napsgear is legit from a lot of reviews and trusted people out there My next question is should I do 2iu’s per day or more? I am not a...
  6. A

    Hgh Source Melbourne

    Looking for HGH source in Melbourne
  7. A

    Hgh Source Melbourne

    Can anybody recommend hgh source
  8. D fake hgh

    definitely fake human growth hormone Oneq shop they're supposed to be one of the best HGH providers but i have blood work evidence that they are fake no changes in my blood work at all and I've used an entire kit and I've been on it for a month doing 3.3 IU per day
  9. M

    Primo 4 week cycle?

    What do you think about doing primobolan just for 4 weeks? Do you think you are wasting your time with that? I’ve heard some people say that you can do this I’m 50 years old 5’10’’ 167 pounds I am also going to be using hgh, i have a kit 100iu’s total
  10. A

    No effects [email protected]

    I used sunrise hgh and product had no effectiveness and no results In the past I've used you and growth hormone and do really good results and side effects on just 2iu’s per day. with this product I was up to four a day and I still wasn't feeling anything. I emailed them and asked them what...
  11. JimAbs43 475 Home Gym ideas, stacking HGH, and playing in a hobby sports leag 475 Home Gym ideas, stacking HGH, and playing in a hobby sports league.
  12. K

    Hgh really hcg from

    purchase a bunch of kits of HGH from ironanabolics I've been on them for a few weeks and I'm suspecting that it's not real I got a pregnancy test and tested out the hgh It turned out positive this likely means that it contain hcg instead of hgh I feel stupid for trusting them!
  13. E

    Just left Oz for good' now in thailand but....

    How much of this gear is legitimately dosed? I'm trying to look into some mail order options through what's app but don't know if they are legit either. .. if someone can sort me out with a pm of recommendations where to go would be sweet. I've bought a bunch and just plugging it away ...HCG...
  14. W

    Using insulin and hgh with sarms?

    Has anyone tried stacking human growth hormone, insulin and sarms all in 1? My plan is this: Hgh 4ius per day Insulin 2iu’s before meal post workout GW cardarine 20mg a day Sr9009 20mg a day my goals are to increase my energy and endurance. Do you think this will work?
  15. K

    Sarms to boost HGH? True or myth?

    Someone told me that I can use sarms to boost my HGH levels Right now my numbers are low. I'm 40 years old and I noticed the past few years I have a hard time recovering. I'm suspecting it's because my growth hormone levels are low. They want to put me on HGH but it's very expensive. is it...
  16. W

    HGH supplements

    I was reading online that there are some new supplements that are coming out that are supposed to boost your human growth hormone HGH in the body I'm in my mid-fifties and my numbers are dropping rapidly to the point where it's almost at 0. would any of these supplements benefit me and can you...
  17. I

    HGH good for my shoulder?

    I injured my shoulder a couple years back and it still has never healed. When I do a lot of bench pressing or militaries I feel weird in my shoulder. I get a cracking noise as well. Obviously my shoulder still has not healed so I'm getting really desperate.. Should i try using hgh for healing or...
  18. 3

    Nelson Montana and HIV -AIDS

    I was recently diagnosed with HIV after dealing with a lot of muscle loss, I have lived a life of drugs and sex being in the rock industry and never wore protection due to my Catholic faith. I estimate I have had sex with atleast 2000 men, women and trans The doctors amazingly figured out my...
  19. T

    geneza hgh in pct

    someone wrote an article over on another forum about how he always uses hgh in pct because it keeps fat loss going and also helps hold onto gains. I am coming off a cycle of EQ and testosterone and I gained 12 pounds, I don’t want to lose them. What is the scoop on geneza brand HGH? And how much...
  20. F

    cycle advice mk677/hgh

    hi guys i'm new here from Italy planning a cycle: 1gr test-e x10 weeks 200 tren-e x10 weeks 20mg dbol x4 weeks (as kick starter) 50mg proviron 4 weeks in 2 weeks out 4 weeks in i was planning to add HGH and my question is: have sense to add 25mg mk677 daily for the entire cycle (and pct) and...
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