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Hawthorn berry

Hawthorn is a plant who's leaves, flowers, and berries are all used for medicinal purposes. Few people know this, but it is a common thorny shrub in the rose family that grows in sunny areas (mostly on hillsides) with a flowering bloom in the spring. The berries sprout after the flower bloom and their colors go from a dark red to a black when ripened. Precisely these berries are used in many supplements to give several health benefits, mostly related to the heart. Interestingly, certain jams, jellies, and even wine will contain hawthorn to add antioxidant effects and its specific taste.

Hawthorn berry

How it works

2000 years ago, a Greek physician named Dioscorides described hawthorn berry in his 5 volume encyclopedia about herbal medicine, where he lauded its wonderful health benefits. These days, we know through years of research that hawthorn contains a component called proanthocyanidin, which helps protect and dilate blood vessels, improves blood flow, and increases the transmission of nerve signals.

Furthermore, hawthorn berry's antioxidant properties are thoroughly documented as well. For instance, studies have shown that it contains the same OPC's that are found in grapes and quercetin. These potent antioxidants work to destroy free radicals that damage cell membranes and cause sickness. This is very important, since we need additional antioxidants more than ever due to the increasing environmental toxins from the air we breathe and the water we drink in the modern world.

Research and medical uses

In the early 1800's, American doctors were using hawthorn berry to treat circulation and respiratory problems in their patients, and it is still used for this purpose in today's world. In fact, research has shown that it is effective in mild heart failure. Moreover, many scientists have discovered that free radicals can also increase the chance getting cancer and heart disease, and it was already mentioned above that hawthorn berry is very beneficial in this regard. In spite of the fact that hawthorn berry can't cure these issues, it has been shown to at least slow them down.

Over the years, there have been several reputable studies done on hawthorn berry supplements. In one study, 1000 people with heart failure took hawthorn along with their medication. As a result, it was found that after 2 years patients who used the hawthorn had a decrease in heart-related symptoms, plus they were able to decrease their drug dosage.

Another study involved 60 people who had low blood flow to the heart, called angina. After just 3 weeks of taking hawthorn, their blood flow had improved and they were able to exercise for longer than those who were given a placebo.

Other health benefits

Hawthorn berry can serve as an anti-aging compound, since it has been shown to help slow down wrinkling.

Use for bodybuilders

Many bodybuilders abuse their bodies with anabolic steroid use, and we know that anabolic steroids cause lipid strain. For example, certain androgenic steroids, such as trenbolone, will send cholesterol levels sky high and will also cause major blood pressure problems. Consequently, on the surface a bodybuilder might look very healthy, but on the inside, they could be slowly wrecking their organ health, especially the heart. Therefore, it is essential for bodybuilders who use steroids to take what are called support supplements in order to protect the heart and organs, and hawthorn berry is one of those supplements.

Side effects

It has been shown in studies that individuals have run hawthorn berry for long periods of times with no problems at all. However, just like with all supplements, you must not overdose.


Hawthorn berry should be used at 15 milligrams (mgs) per day solo, and at half that dose when used in a supplement stack.

Where to find

There are many vitamin and health food stores that sell hawthorn berry, but it works so much better when used with other supplements as a stack. For instance, N2guard contains 7mgs per serving of hawthorn berry, plus dozens of additional ingredients, making it the most potent support supplement on the market.


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