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Krill TS

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Krill TS is a very important supplement that contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are types of omega 3's. Good fats are extremely important to many functions of our body, especially our heart health and helping to balance the body’s aches and pains. Sadly, most of us fail to get enough good fats in our standard modern diets, so supplementing them is a wise choice.

Wait a minute, what is a krill exactly?

Good question, and there is some confusion on this. Krill isn’t a tiny fish, as a lot of people think. Instead, it’s a small crustacean resembling a baby shrimp that feeds on plankton. They are found in the ocean and are eaten by whales, birds, fish, and other sea animals.

Krill Oil is now popular in the mainstream. Dr. Oz says it is better than fish oil.

Cool, so why should I use Krill and how does it help me lift bro?

There are many reasons to use krill oil that are backed by scientific research and real-world experiences.

1. The big reason is what was mentioned earlier, and that is the omega 3's, EPA, and DHA.  These are healthy fats that we need as athletes to function properly. We need more healthy fats in our diet and way less bad fats. There has to be a balance; most American diets have a ridiculously poor bad-vs-good fat ratio of 12:1 or more! Many of us get zero good fats at all in our diets.

2. Inflammation: Krill oil will naturally help with the bad inflammation in our bodies that we get on occasion from overtraining. What's more is Krill has helped those with chronic inflammation. In a study, 90 people took 300mg of krill daily and their inflammation dropped 30% after a month. TS krill contains 3X that amount!

3. Joint pain and arthritis: Any serious lifter will have to experience these problems one day. It can be very frustrating, especially dealing with elbows, knees, and other joints that are overworked. Studies have shown krill will reduce stiffness and help pain in the joints.

4. Lipids and heart health: Many bodybuilders simply do not have healthy hearts, and it is from all the food we eat, the steroids, and holding so much muscle. All that puts a major strain on our organs, especially the heart. Recent deaths of popular bodybuilders show that their hearts were 2-3X normal size after their autopsies. Krill will improve your lipid health across the board and is a must use for all who are serious about their health and longevity.

5. Easy to use: Krill TS specifically contains very tiny gels and is very easy to swallow — all while being very affordable so that you get more bang for your buck.

6. Potency: Krill is easier for the body to use than fish oil. The reason why is that most omega-3 fats in fish are stored in triglycerides. Meanwhile, krill omega 3's are found in phospholipids, which are easier to absorb into our bloodstream. People who switch to krill oil notice a difference, and this might be the biggest reason!

These reasons are why guys who are serious lifters rave about krill oil usage and why you should be using it too!


Environmental reasons

Salmon has already been overfished to virtually nothing in the Northeast US, and wild-caught salmon is very regulated, or it is farmed and fed hormones to grow. What it amounts to is that by continuing to buy fish oil, you are hurting future salmon stock. They will continue to drop in numbers and if you consume farmed fish, you are also taking in a lot of things you don't want.
Also, commercial fishing for other fatty fish, such as tuna, is a huge dent in the environment due to the harmful nature of netting and pollution from those boats. Although Krill is still harvested, it’s a much smaller footprint on our oceans than the alternative.

Why Krill TS over other brands?

Krill TS is superior to regular fish oil, because it contains astaxanthin, which is a potent anti-oxidant. Krill TS also has a higher shelf life than other brands and is higher in purity and potency. Just take a look at the label and compare it to the one you find at GNC or Walmart. Not even close! This is why only the serious lifters use Krill TS.


Krill TS contains 1000mg of krill oil per serving, which includes 2 softgels. Take 2 caps per day.

More Videos about Krill Oil.



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