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L-Theanine is a water soluble amino acid found in fungus and green tea, with the purified version found in the form of a very popular oral supplement. It has gained popularity for its relaxing and anti-oxidant effects, and it is typically stacked with other compounds to help with sleep and mood disorders.


Fig 1. L-Theanine Chemical Structure

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Tea is made from leaves of plants, and it has been used in medicine for over 5000 years. Water apart, tea is the most consumed beverage on earth nowadays, and we know it is a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants. Even though few individuals realize that the secret weapon in tea is theanine, many people around the world successfully use tea to keep themselves healthy and strong.

"...few individuals realize that the secret weapon in tea is theanine..."


In-vitro and animal studies have shown that theanine has anti-tumor, anti-obesity, neuroprotective, and lipid lowering benefits. It has also been proven to extend life expectancy, and prevent cognitive dysfunction.

Human electroencephalographic (EEG) studies have revealed that theanine has a direct effect on the brain by increasing the activity in the alpha frequency band, which proves that it relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness. Another study conveyed that theanine has a direct influence on the general state of mental alertness.

Half Life

Rat studies show that theanine reaches peak levels in the body in less than 90 minutes. Most likely, it is hydrolyzed in the kidneys and the byproducts are eliminated by the body within 24 hours.

Medical benefits

Based on studies and traditional medicine reports, the main uses for theanine are cancer treatment and prevention, relaxation, and stroke prevention.


Tonight, millions of Americans will not be able to sleep due to insomnia; mainly, a result of stress, poor lifestyle choices, diet, drugs, and lack of exercise. Insomnia can lead to depression, ruined sex life, work problems, and even death. Instead of seeking ways to correct this imbalance people usually turn to caffeine to stay awake. Couple this with taking sleeping pills to sleep, and a person may end up with an addiction. Theanine, coupled with other herbs, is a much smarter solution to solve this problem. You will become more alert during the day and be able to get a good sleep at night.


There are several ways a bodybuilder can use theanine to their advantage. When bodybuilders use anabolic steroids, their organs can become strained, especially the heart. The anti-oxidant properties of theanine can counter act this issue very effectively.

Such anabolic steroids as trenbolone, halotestin, and other harsher compounds can cause irritability and insomnia. In this situation, theanine can help the athlete relax before bed and get a sounder nights sleep.

Sleeping disorders can be a very serious problem because the muscles have the chance to rest and grow only during sleep. Therefore, if an athlete cannot sleep it will be difficult to grow muscle. Moreover, irritability and anxiety during the day can lead to sluggishness and feeling rundown, which will have a profound effect on the athlete's workouts. Taking theanine will help boost mood.

Side Effects

There are zero side effects from theanine use. However, those consuming too much green tea can have stomach issues due to the caffeine content.

If you choose to implement theanine through tea consumption, it is recommended to use non-caffeinated teas to avoid such caffeine related sides as insomnia and anxiety.

Where to find it

Aside from drinking plenty of green tea, many supplement stores sell theanine by itself. Nonetheless, they are full of fillers and other unwanted ingredients. Hence, it is important to use a trusted supplement company; one such supplement that contains theanine, as well as 6 other ingredients to aid in relaxation, mood, and sleep is called N2Sleep sold by N2BM.com.


200 milligrams (mgs) per day is enough to aid relaxation and sleep. It is suggested not to take theanine more than 30 days straight.

Other names

Theanine, gamma-glutamylethylamide


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