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Lee Priest Controversies

Lee Andrew Priest McCutcheon is one of the most genetically gifted bodybuilders of his generation hailing from Australia.  Born in 1972, he is known as simply Lee Priest.  Interestingly, his mother was also a professional bodybuilder, which leads everyone to believe he has great genetics.

lee priest mother

Lee Priest mother (right)

Priest started competing very young.  He did his first show in bodybuilding at only 13 with the support and backing of his family.    He had amazing success at a young age, winning the IFBB Mr. Australia 3 times in his late teens.  He was blocked from getting his pro card because of his age in Australia.   He decided to enter the Niagra Falls Championships, where at 20, he became the youngest man ever to turn IFBB pro.  He spent the next 2 decades competing in various IFBB competitions, and in 2006 came in 1st as the Ironman Pro.

Aside from the Ironman Pro, Lee's 1st place showings came 2 straight years at the IFBB Australian Championships in 1989 and 1990.   He also took first place at the 2004 San Francisco Pro Invitational and 2005 IFBB Grand Prix Australia.   The Lee Priest Classic debuted in 2014 in Australia, and includes both professional and amateur classes from both sexes, with overall winners getting pro cards.

lee priest

Lee Priest



Priest is 5'4" (162cm) and competed around 200 pounds (90kg).   He is an outspoken atheist.  Outside of bodybuilding, he is a champion race car driver, and avid racing fan with both circle track and drag racing.  He won the SCEDA Racing Championship in 2006.  In addition, Priest has done guest appearances on tv shows in Australia, and has done various commercials.  In 2014, he joined MuscleSport Mag and started writing monthly columns, being on the cover of their Winter 2015 magazine.

Priest has a facial tattoo which covers half his face including his eye lid, and another facial tattoo on the other side that covers a small part of his face.



Lee Priest has been battling injuries just like many athletes his age (late 30's and early 40's).  A car accident did not help his cause and he announced neck problems that have led to nerve problems in his arms.  He described it as 'my nerves are crushed' in this video:

A couple months later he announced on his youtube channel that he has been reduced to doing only cardio with some light machine work at the gym.

Jerry Ward made an emotional video following the announcement and mentioned that Priest had been bodybuilding since 13 and how awful this must be for him.

Later on, Priest admitted to getting addicted to pain killers, so he checked into a rehab center for 2 weeks.  He said it was a nice friendly experience and a 'fun 2 weeks', but he complained the food gave him the runs.   Once again Jerry Ward who has had addiction issues of his own decided to chime in with his own video.

Social Media


Priest is on social media even though, as of this article (2017), he is 44 years old, and we typically see more of the younger crowd using those platforms.  He has a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OfficialLeePriest/, he has 188K followers on his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/leeapriest/?hl=en, and he has 61K followers on his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SamsFitnessComAu/videos.



Priest is an outspoken person and has managed to insult just about everyone with his Instagram posts and his youtube channel.  He also has gone to battle with other youtube celebrities.

One of the funniest incidents was his beef with Vegan Gains.

Although Vegan gains does like him for his hatred of religion, but he had issues with Priest's attacks on vegans calling them 'mentally ill' so he put out a video attacking Priest in which Priest attacked back.  Vegan gains came back once again, but Priest made a parody video asking for a truce.

Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains

Priest also set his sights on environmentalists with a video denying climate change.  Although 500 out of 500 of the top scientists in the world agree that climate change is happening, Priest still thinks it is a conspiracy.

One of the biggest blowbacks Priest got was when he attacked Christians on his Instagram page.  He posted some material laughing at how Christians believe in Noah's Ark and how a kangaroo could manage to hop its way across the ocean to Australia.  Priest responded with a youtube video, saying it was his page and he could post what he wished and it proved how judgemental some Christians were and hypocritical how they attack him for his opinion.  He said "Christians were just as fucking crazy" as other religions due to the death threats he was sent.

Priest and Shawn Ray got into a battle online about who is the best under 212 competitor.  Priest got upset that Shawn referred to him "Lee who?".   Priest responded that Shawn Ray wasn't really black, but he has a dark face from all the ass he kisses.   He also said that Shawn Ray never talks shit in person and was a brown noser who made his way up by cozying up to others.

Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray

Priest has also taken aim at the US government and Americans in this video.

He said that Americans think they live under freedom, but maybe other countries don't want to live like your fucked up country, so stop trying to spread democracy.   He mentioned the homeless, prostitutes, and the shitty healthcare system makes America far from the greatest country in the world.

After attacks on different cultures, the LGBT community, religions, immigrants, and races, Priest put out a video claiming he wasn't racist.  His justification was that he has dated and married people of other cultures and color, and that nobody really knows him.



Priest has lowered himself to trolling and trying to get clicks on his videos and Instagram posts.  Even with doing all this, his followers are extremely low compared to other social media celebrities, so one has to wonder if destroying his reputation will be worth it.  It is likely, with demonetization on youtube, that his videos will not get many advertisement dollars anyway, due to his controversial opinions.

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