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Marijuana and Steroids

I never thought I’d see the day that I would get a chance to write about my two favorite things: anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and Marijuana (weed!). But all kidding aside, guys and gals, there are a few things to be said about these two substances, and how to use them together. In short, steroids cause side effects, and cannabis has an outstanding reputation for relieving side effects.

marijuana steroids

Fig 1. Marijuana and Steroids

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What is cannabis?

Not that it needs an introduction, but cannabis is an amazing medicinal plant containing chemicals called cannabinoids. There are over 480 natural compounds found in cannabis, and 66 of them are identified as cannabinoids. Two of the most well known cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and cannabidiol. THC gives you a high feeling, while cannabidiol is non psychoactive.

We all know what anabolic steroids are, but for the record, they are androgenic hormones that increase strength, performance and muscle hypertrophy. Exogenous hormones put into the body at higher than natural levels can cause many unpleasant side effects. Some can be very problematic in your social life and obviously for your health as well. Well, luckily, marijuana is becoming widely accepted for its medicinal uses, which are uniquely vast. Currently, it's being legalized in many states, and many of us can enjoy the benefits of cannabis use as a sort of a “support supplement” for steroid users.

The following are just some of the examples of the ways marijuana can be beneficial.

Stress Relief

Depending on what steroids you’re using, some can cause irritability and anxiety. This can lead to high blood pressure (hypertension), as if the first two weren’t bad enough! But mother nature saw fit to create cannabis as a wonderful reliever of anxiety, and it is famous for having a relaxing and calming effect for most users. Cannabis has a relaxing effect on the vascular system, which can help relieve high blood pressure and irritability. Stress is a slow but steady killer, so anxiety and irritability are a far bigger health risk than many might think. Marijuana and Steroid users can vouch for how much this can help on some of those bigger cycles.

Blood sugar, metabolism and appetite

In a study of 4500 people, cannabis users were found to be skinnier on average than non users. Many of you may know someone who smokes pot and then gets the munchies and devours a box of oreos in an hour, and never gets fat. Well, in this study, which was published in American Journal of Medicine, Cannabis users were shown to have a healthier metabolism and reaction to sugars. Now this may not be of great need in the average anabolic androgenic steroid cycle, but who doesn’t want a healthy blood sugar metabolism?

Flashback to the “munchies” phenomenon, cannabis can also promote a healthy, if not insane, appetite. Partially, this happens because it is a GHrelin hormone releaser, with similar effects as GHRP-6, at least on the appetite. It is my speculation that this helps increase growth hormone, helping increase metabolism in this way, but I'm sure it’s more complicated than that.

Marijuana as an anti-inflammatory

In 2011, researchers reported that marijuana reduces inflammation, pain, and promotes a good night’s sleep (like we didn’t know that last one), which may help relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis. While most of us don’t have arthritis, we do suffer from aches and joint pains quite chronically. One might suspect that this could be a help for joint dryness in some oral cycles of such dry steroids as winstrol. And, of course, what gym rat or bodybuilder doesn’t need help with inflammation on a pretty regular basis?

Marijuana in cancer treatment

In 2007, researchers at California Pacific Medical Center reported that the chemical known as cannabidiol, found in marijuana, may help prevent the spread of cancer. It’s not the most popular topic around steroids, but there have been reports of possible tumors caused by compounds like trenbolone and anadrol. However accurate or inaccurate they may be, one may want to take a step in the direction of lowering their risk of that happening. There is a gene in the body called Id-1. Cancerous cells reproduce this gene more than non-cancerous cells, and these genes help the cancer spread throughout the body. Well luckily for us, cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids in marijuana, turns this Id-1 gene off. Need I say more?

Lung improvement with marijuana

Marijuana has been reported to reduce the carcinogenic effects of tobacco use, and it may also improve lung health. Researchers studied over 5,000 people for heart disease and tested lung function of both tobacco smokers and marijuana smokers. Tobacco smokers showed a decrease in lung function over 20 years, but marijuana users actually showed an improvement in lung capacity. It is supposed that this may be due to deep breaths taken while smoking, and may hold no relation to chemical effects of the cannabis. This may be a silly reason to use cannabis on cycle, but it’s always good to know that your cardio may improve from bong hits.

Steroids and Marijuana

Even temporary therapeutic use of cannabis can be a God send, as current smokers (or eaters) already know when you’re dealing with steroids yielding harsh side effects. You may dismiss all the reasons above, but there’s no denying that cannabis helps relieve stress and relax, which in the long run is great for health, and is crucial for building muscle. Stress causes cortisol, and cortisol causes muscle loss.

When you cycle steroids like trenbolone, sometimes insomnia (lack of sleep) is an issue. From my own experience, I've had constant sleeping problems with trenbolone (especially acetate). So, if you smoke a joint before bed during a tren cycle, you're likely to get a lot better sleep without having to wake up 4 times per night. It's funny how these two powerful compounds can work in synergy, right? But it's really true.

Another good use for marijuana is during bulking cycles. I can only take in about 3000 calories per day maximum, and can never down more food. Why? Well, I'm a lean guy with a lack of appetite. That's why I smoke some hemp before I eat, so I end up eating over 4000 calories per day.


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