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Markus Ruhl Steroid Cycle



Markus Ruhl is a German-born former professional bodybuilder known for his enormous shoulders and his bigger-than-life physique. At his peak, he was 5'10'' and 315+ pounds. His competition weight was still a massive 275 pounds.

Early life and young career

Ruhl was born in 1972 in Darmstadt, Germany. He was a very gifted soccer player as a teenager, but at 18 years old had a severe leg injury. When he did his physical therapy to strengthen his knee and legs he realized how easy it was to build muscle so he started to get into weight training full time. In a few years, he went from being a skinny soccer player to a huge bodybuilder, gaining over 100 pounds of mass.


In 1999, he gained his pro card and over the next decade, he worked his way up into being a very serious pro bodybuilder.


Ruhl competed in various competitions throughout the 2000s. He enjoyed success his first year as a pro getting 7th at Grand Prix England, 4th place at Night of Champions, and 7th place at Joe Weider's Pro World. The next year he won the Toronto Pro and finished in the top 7 at several other competitions including Mr. Olympia. He also won the Night of Champions in 2002.

His Mr. Olympia finishes were impressive. After finishing 7th in 2000, he finished 14th in 2001, 8th in 2002, 5th in both 2004 and 2005, and 8th in 2006. He retired from bodybuilding in 2009, and established himself as one of the top German bodybuilders of his era.


One of the things on his social media that he seems to push is putting down vegans. In some of his videos, you can see him wearing a T-shirt that says "Not VGN". In another picture he posts in German "Wenn veganer training tipps" which translates to "when vegans give training tips". Based on this it is obvious Ruhl is a big fan of eating a lot of meat and at his peak, he was bringing in 8000 calories or more of food a day. However, there are several principles he adheres to.


1. He believes in if you eat like crap you are wasting your time training.
2. You must eat a lot of food to get huge but it must be good food
3. He doesn't believe in counting macros or calories
4. He will rarely eat junk food as a treat.
His main foods are chicken, beef, potatoes, other vegetables, fish, and rice. All of these are staple bodybuilder foods.



Ruhl is a big fan of the pump, perhaps influenced by Arnold's love for it. He has talked about trying to achieve a pump on a set and doing a lot of drop sets. Drop setting is where you increase the reps but lower the weight to get a massive pump and achieve hypertrophy. Ruhl also is a big believer in using correct form and squeezing the muscle at the peak while training heavy. He likes doing a 5-day split routine which is similar to other pros. Here is a video of him working out and notice the grimace on his face. His 'no pain, no gain' attitude is evident here

Social media and ventures

Ruhl has quite a social media following with 400K followers on Instagram.  His page features him training, photos with other fitness celebrities, and photos of himself pushing supplements. He also pushes his youtube channel which has 300K subs  and has a lot of videos on him eating, training and shopping for food.

He promotes supplements and clothing which are normal things for bodybuilders which huge social media followings.


His story on being a gifted soccer player and going down with an injury that sent him in other directions was interesting to me. Had he not gotten injured I wonder if he would have become a professional soccer player instead? We will never know. I know with me, I have dealt with injuries that have sent me going in other directions with my fitness goals too. This is an example of something that seems to be a disaster turning into a blessing, so never give up in life and be open to trying new challenges especially while you are young.

Steroid use

No doubt Ruhl used steroids, but he was also extremely genetically blessed. During his era, there was a growth in bodybuilding and steroid use so he likely was very aggressive with his dosages we can speculate. This is a cycle he could have used in the mid 2000s:

  1. 1200mgs a week Testosterone
  2. 1200mgs a week Trenbolone
  3. 150mgs a day Winstrol
  4. 1500mgs a week Masteron
  5. 100mgs a day Anadrol
  6. 120mgs a day Anavar
  7. 25Ius HGH
  8. 15Ius Insulin
  9. DNP


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DISCLAIMER: The following article is for entertainment purposes, Markus Ruhl has not publicly admitted to using steroids and HGH as far as we are aware.  His cycle is not a fact and it's our views on what he used and what steroids he took. This is for information purposes only.

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