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Cutting injectable steroids featuring Geneza Pharma and Dragon Pharma


Cutting anabolic steroids are the most incredible performance-enhancing drugs out there. You can turn a 'dad-bod' into a 'beach-bod' with careful dieting, proper training, and knowing how to utilize specific anabolic steroids. If you are someone who wants to show off a ripped body on the beach, or who just wants to look good with no shirt on to impress the ladies, this article is going to be something to pay close attention to.

Do brands matter?

There are thousands of stories you can read on steroid forums about people who have run cutting cycles and ended up gaining fat, getting bloated, and even getting gynecomastia. So what happened here?

Purchasing steroids online can be a very good experience, but it also can be a disaster. The brand you choose can make the difference between getting no results, and transforming your body. It is important to always choose the best steroid brands when you are choosing cutting anabolic steroids, or you can easily end up with fake products.

A common example is sources putting Deca Durabolin or Testosterone in amps and vials and then labelling them the cutting steroids you thought you were purchasing. Why does this happen? The short answer is greed and laziness. Sources produce steroids with the intent of selling them for a nice profit to their customers, but many sources out there are too greedy and lazy to test their products. So even if they think they are selling you Primobolan, they are actually selling you Deca Durabolin which is a much cheaper steroid.

Make sure you find a brand that is vetted, approved, and legitimate where the people making the products are actual scientists and not some guy in a shack in the woods who could not care less about your health. Choose the wrong brand and who knows what you are putting in your body, you could not only end up injecting fake steroids but also end up with nasty infections and other major health problems.

The two brands we recommend are Geneza Pharma and Dragon Pharma because they are the best of the best.

dragon pharma

Which injectable steroids are best for cutting?


*Winstrol: Winstrol is a unique injectable because it is also found in oral form. The cool thing about Winstrol is that it will give you that amazing cosmetic look and flushes that excess water out. It also helps you retain muscle mass while you are shredding down. Winstrol comes in amps and vials and you only need to use 50mg a day. We like the injectable version of Winstrol because it is water-based and you get crystallization into the muscle so it gets into the system fast.


*Masteron: Masteron comes in Propionate form historically, but over the past 10-15 years the more high-end underground labs started coming out with the Enanthate ester. The propionate ester is much shorter, of course, so it requires you to inject at least every other day, while the Enanthate you can get away with once or twice a week. Masteron doesn't do much on its own except harden you up, but when you use it in a stack it does a great job of binding to SHBG which makes the other steroids you use better, while also hardening up your muscles. It is a must use in the pro bodybuilding world, and the side effects are extremely low even though it is a DHT derivative. Dosages can range from 200mg up to over 1000mgs per week.


Masteron (Drostanolone) is a unique anabolic steroid because of the way it is derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is altered by the addition of a methyl group at the carbon 2 position. This structural change is what makes masteron anabolic, and what makes it function the way it does.
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*Helios from Dragon Pharma: This is a mix between clenbuterol and Yohimbe and comes in a 10ML vial and 5.8mg/ml. The dosages can be started at around 1ml per day. Now we usually don't recommend this product for the average guy trying to lose weight, rather it is for the serious lifter who is looking to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Remember men store fat typically around their bellies and even if you are super lean it can be hard to get rid of that excess. This product is perfect for those who want to shred up hard and have a stage-ready body.


*Primobolan from Dragon Pharma: Real Primobolan is very hard to find because it is faked almost all the time due to its expensive price tag. However, if you buy it from Dragon Pharma you know you are getting the real stuff. The cool thing about this steroid is the side effects are extremely low so you don't even feel like you are on anything, but the long term results over a 12-week cycle are apparent. If someone hasn't seen you over those 3 months, they will compliment how much weight and fat you have lost, even though you have gained weight during that time! Dosages can range from 400mg a week to over 1200mg a week for advanced users.


*Human Growth Hormone: Human Growth Hormone is extremely expensive and people who get it from clinics sometimes end up paying 5-10X what they should pay. Thankfully, you can find high quality via known brands which are Dragon Pharma Dragon-Tropin. You should never buy it from any random source because it is usually faked. It is usually injected via sub-Q instead of intra-muscular. It works incredibly well for fat loss but takes time, so expect to use it for at least 4-6 months. Dosage can range from as low as 1IU per day to over 12IU's for professionals.


Human growth hormone (also known as hgh, somatropin, nutrobal, nutropin) is a peptide hormone which stimulates growth on the cellular level. It is a protein which has endocrine functions in living animals and is synthesized in cells from amino acids.
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*Trenbolone from Geneza Pharma: Trenbolone is the king of all steroids, it is a must use at some point because it increases strength, libido, and aggression. It is very androgenic and anabolic in the body. We never recommend eating unhealthy on any steroid, but some people who use Trenbolone and still eat bad report they still lose fat and shred up using it. People who post up pictures on social media or who are competing and hitting a peak in size along with being ripped usually use Trenbolone to get them peaking. In other words, Tren gives you the best physique of your life. We recommend using between 200mg-400mg a week for an average user, although pro bodybuilders use it at much higher dosages exceeding 800mgs in some instances.


Using bitcoins



You should never use a credit card to buy steroids or walk into places like Western Union or Moneygram to send funds to some guy overseas (that is so the 1990's). We are well into the 2020s and it is time for people to learn about bitcoins and how to use them for steroids.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that you can trade and all legitimate sources today accept it due to its safety and ease of use. You simply exchange your money into bitcoin then you can send it instantly to your source and get a confirmation number.

Today your privacy is #1 and bitcoins will help keep your privacy secure from the comfort of your computer.


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