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N2BM Products in India

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India is a large and populous nation in South Asia. It has a rich history and culture along with an incredible amount of ethnicities, religions, and languages. Although India has a culture deeply rooted in ancient traditions, they’re a modern country that loves American pop culture and just American things in general. The latter includes the desire to become ripped and muscular, even if it means using steroids.
India has modernized incredibly within the past 60 years. Per capita income has gone from $65 to $1,500 thanks to the growth of the middle class, while the literacy rate has skyrocketed from just 15% to almost 80%. These trends, along with fast internet access and a rapidly expanding and diversifying economy, have led to an exploding interest in bodybuilding. Indians are finding pages like Evolutionary.org and EliteFitness.com and using the same knowledge American bros use in their steroid cycles back home, while ordering N2BM.com products to help keep their bodies safe from the ravages of steroid use.

Indian bodybuilding

Few would’ve guessed that bodybuilding would become so popular in India in such a short time. The truth is bodybuilding and fitness are huge across the country now. Many underground labs are now producing and importing anabolic steroids to try and keep up with the demand.
There are several guys/companies making millions of dollars selling steroids locally in India. Word has it that since steroids aren’t criminalized, Indians can send their final products for testing at mainstream laboratories, making for some really clean steroids even at the underground level. This situation is in stark contrast to the US-based underground labs that can’t ever send away their final products for testing at real laboratories because of criminalization.
All of these new steroid users are also concerned about safety and keeping healthy until old age. So, N2BM products are the obvious choice for steroid users from any part of the world. The guys over at N2BM tell me that they’re now shipping packages to India daily, and most of the orders are for N2Generate and N2Guard—the two most-popular Cycle Support and Post-Cycle Therapy products. India has an affinity for steroids just like the US does, so the demand for health products that can be used with steroids is growing.

India has some big bros with incredible genetics that look like muscular beasts. Recently, a new publication came out with a list of their top 10 Indian bodybuilders. Although this list is debatable, the top 3 are:

*Raj Mani - A former Air Force serviceman nicknamed “The Indian Hulk.” He has been destroying competitions for almost 20 years and was named Mr. Asia in 2009.

*Sangram Chougule - A 5'8" 110-kilo beast, he was Mr. Universe at the WBPF World Championship in 2012 and 2014 and is a 6X Mr. India. He also acts and has become a household name in India.

*Prashant Sulunkhe - He has cleaned up competitions in the past few years, including being Mr. India and winning the Mumbai Shree and Jeria Classic.

Normal Joes in India

Indians are very concerned about staying healthy. They invented yoga, practice extremely healthy eating habits, and commonly fast in many of their cultures and religions. Indians don’t have to be professional bodybuilders to still love and participate in the sport. Normal gym rats in India are among the most intelligent and educated (English is considered a first language to many), so they search for the best supplements out there and find N2BM products along with forums like Evolutionary.org and Elitefitness.com.
Since Indians know how to search for the world’s best on-cycle and off-cycle support supplements, they see how great N2BM products are from word of mouth and also from reading the ingredients. Because the US and India have a good trade relationship, it’s quite easy for mail to travel between the two countries. That said, packages that N2BM ships to Indian customers never take more than a week to arrive in the country. From there, the customer gets a call from the local post office to pick up their package. The process is so easy and the delivery rate is so close to 100% that India has quickly become a huge buyer of N2BM Nutrition products in the last few years.

N2bm information

N2bm is a small supplement company that was started over a decade ago out of the need for good health supplements that would work for steroid users. Since then, N2BM has grown into a well-known brand that sells on Amazon and N2BM.com. Bodybuilders and gym rats alike who use anabolic steroids depend on these products for on-cycle support and post-cycle therapy to hold on to their gains after the steroid cycle is over. There are also products you can use as a natural lifter to boost your strength, muscle, and libido.

Among the best-selling products include:

N2guard: On or off-cycle organ defender that serves as a multivitamin as well. Indians concerned with their liver are buying N2Guard at the first signs of liver problems and are happy that it gets delivered so quickly.

N2generate: Great for libido, preventing erection issues, and for post-cycle therapy. It also can be used as a strong natural testosterone booster, which helps strength and muscle growth. Indians are also concerned about their virility and performance in bed, so N2Generate is one of the most-requested products by buyers in this country. It just works for everyone that uses it.

N2Generate ES: Contains what N2Generate classic has, but with more ingredients and more dosage. This is a much stronger product that’s perfect for older guys and/or those who’ve abused steroids for too many years.

N2Slin: A great nutrition partitioner and fat blocker, this product should be used 30 minutes before each meal. It will ensure most of the calories that you eat build muscle and not fat.

N2Shampoo: Helps keep your head hair stronger and healthier, no matter how high your dosage of steroid gets.

N2Jointrx: Great for joints and repair and to keep your ligaments strong during Winstrol cycles. It also provides added help if you’re using Ostarine to rebuild your joints after an injury.

N2Sleep: Take before bed to sleep harder and faster. You awake feeling rested and refreshed after a couple hours of sleep.

YohimFlame: A topical fat burner that you use on the skin in the areas where you’re trying to reduce the look of cellulite.

T-3 PCT: Great for your thyroid gland to help make sure that you’re producing optimal levels of thyroid hormones.

Ancient Strength: A blend of three creatines that should be used by anyone on or off steroids. Creatine has been featured in over 500 studies worldwide and remains one of the most-used performance-enhancement compounds in the world.

Krill-TS: Essential omega's in every capsule that come from a marine source, so you get the quality lipids that your body needs.

3D Multi: A great multivitamin for the bodybuilder who pushes their body to the limit.

Bridge: Take between cycles or as a standalone to hold gains. This is the product you should be using while you’re off steroids.

Shipping to India?

N2BM products are completely legal and natural, and Indian customs never holds them back. Furthermore, they always arrive at their destination. Shipping to India is a breeze, and it takes approximately 7 days. N2BM sends products directly with a 100% success rate guaranteed. When packages arrive in town, you simply pick them up from your local post office. The post office will call your cell phone number, so just make sure to provide N2BM with your phone number at the time of order so they can put this number on your package.
N2BM is so popular in India that the owner has been working on getting a local retailer within the country to provide 2-day shipping. When this happens, we will update this article with the links to said retailer. Even so, as mentioned above, N2BM still prides itself on speedy and trusted delivery in 7 days.

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You can read more about N2BM by checking out the forums at Evolutionary.org and Elitefitness.com.

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