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Phosphatidyl Serine, or PS for short, is a phospholipid membrane component chemical which plays a vital role in cell cycle signaling within the body. It can be found in foods such as bovine brain, certain fish, pig organs, and soybeans.

phosphatidyl serine

Phosphatidyl Serine Chemical Structure

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In 2003, the FDA gave qualified health claim status to Phosphatidyl Serine. It has since grown in popularity for anti-aging and sports nutrition.

How it works

PS works as a chemical with widespread functions in the body, and most important, is its ability to maintain cellular function, especially in the brain. Essentially, think of it as a concentration aid.


Phosphatidyl Serine is a potent performance enhancing compound and will do several things to benefit the athlete.

Improves endocrine response to exercise stress, and blunts cortisol. During exercise, your cortisol levels will rise. Cortisol is a nasty hormone released during any type of stress, or when you have low blood sugar. Unfortunately, cortisol will eat away at your hard earned muscle, so PS will suppress cortisol, and it will improve your endocrine response.

According to the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, they found that Phosphatidyl will help balance hormones. In addition, it will halt the physiological deterioration that accompanies over training and over stretching. You will be able to go even harder in the gym, without worrying about over stressing your body.

Another study that was done on young athletes, directly ahead of a competition, showed that phosphatidyl serine enhanced mood during mental stress, and helped athletes focus, by increasing the stress resistance. This can help you push harder in the gym, and focus better during your sets.

When off a steroid cycle, a bodybuilder is most vulnerable to all of the above problem, as they do not get the benefits of extra hormones in their system. This means that PS is perfect for use during the 'bridge' time, in between steroid cycles, to help avoid catabolism, which will eat away at hard earned muscle.

Summary of Benefits

  • Decrease Cortisol
  • Slow down aging process
  • Increase mental concentration
  • Increase quality of training sessions

Side Effects

You should never exceed 300mg a day, which will run the risk of minor side effects, such as stomach upset or insomnia. When taken at a correct dosage, side effects are not a worry, and phosphatidyl is considered safe in studies, even when taken up to 6 months straight.

Other benefits

There are many health benefits of phosphatidyl aside from things that benefit the athlete directly. The main benefit is tied in with anti-aging, including age related mental decline, and Alzheimer's disease. In addition, there is evidence that it helps with ADHD, and depression as well, but more studies need to be done.


Phosphatidyl should be used as part of a supplemental stack for maximum benefit to the athlete. A supplement called Bridge contains a whopping 75mg per serving, so 1-2 servings per day is plenty to get benefits. Also, Bridge contains 9 other ingredients which all work together in synergy to help you bridge between cycles.


Phosphatidyl is an amazing chemical that all athletes should get more of, and it should be supplemented with daily to get maximum benefits. You will prevent catabolism between cycles, get anti-aging benefits, and have better workouts when supplementing PS.


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