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Piper Nigrum

Piper nigrum, or black pepper, is the most-used spice in American food and maybe in the world. Black Pepper has a long history of being used by mankind. Archeological evidence puts humans utilizing this spice as far back as 2,000 B.C, meaning at least 4,000 years of use. In fact, piper nigrum has been used to enhance the taste of foods, help preserve meats, and even serve as a medicinal spice for the sick.

Pepper is obtained from the plant kingdom, and it specifically comes from the Piperaceae plant, where it’s produced from the dried fruits of the plant. The dried fruit is crushed to make pepper powder, which is easier to sprinkle on foods and to taste. In some countries, we call this “cracking pepper,” because its inner flavors are released when the dried fruit is cracked open.

piper nigrum

Absorption and Digestion

Aside from just being tasty, Piper nigrum has been shown to increase absorption of minerals, vitamins, herbs, and supplements. This explains why it has been part of the human diet for so long.

Piper nigrum helps you get more functional nutrition out of the foods you eat. It also increases absorption of nutrients by stimulating digestive enzymes of the pancreas, reducing food transit time, and enhancing digestive capacity.

Piper nigrum’s impressive qualities as a food additive, and its effects as an enhanced nutrient absorption, aren’t just limited to foods. Black pepper has also been used to enhance absorption of medicinal supplements and other beneficial compounds.

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Today, Piper nigrum is a very important part of many supplement formulas, because it helps you get the most bang for your buck by increasing the absorption rate of the active ingredients in your supplements – some of which can be quite expensive and rare.

You can find Piper Nigrum is just about any kind of supplement, from Testosterone Boosters to Fat Burners like N2Burn, and even in protein products. Piper Nigrum is used in small amounts between 5-20mg to help enhance absorption of the main active ingredients in the supplement formula.

Health Benefits

Because of our familiarity with Piper nigrum as “Black Pepper,” we often overlook its medicinal qualities. But a closer look reveals that Piper nigrum has some really good health benefits that you should know about.

It can:

  1. Treat skin diseases like psoriasis.
  2. Help with kidney stones.
  3. Help with gas and heartburn.
  4. Make the nervous system stronger.
  5. Serve as a natural and safe diuretic.
  6. Help lungs.

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In fact, an Indian study shows that it reduces free fatty acids, triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Weight Loss

Piper nigrum has weight loss benefits too!

A Japanese study showed that after 4 weeks, mice had reductions in body fat accumulation. The way it does this is by regulating the activity of PPAR and suppressing its activity, which prevents new fat-cell formation. This means that it can prevent fat gain in the body by inducing anti-adiposity effects.

Also, Piper nigrum has been shown to influence lipid metabolism. This is because it’s a thermogenic food that raises your body temperature after consumed. The heat means that there’s a speeding up of your metabolic rate, so you will burn calories quicker, making it easier to shed body fat.

Another study shows that Piper nigrum is effective at preventing induced oxidative stress from a high-fat diet. This means you can be looser with your diet without paying the price.

Overall, you can expect to boost metabolism, ease your stomach, decrease appetite, and absorb your supplements better when adding Piper nigrum to your supplement intake.

Dosage and Where to Buy

Piper nigrum doesn’t have to be used at heavy dosages to be effective. Users take between 5-20mg per serving for maximum effectiveness. You could just take Pepper extract by itself, but it won’t yield significant results for a Bodybuilder all on its own. Instead, you should use it to enhance the absorption of other active ingredients, which are meant to help you towards a goal.

If you’re looking for a great Testosterone booster that contains Piper Nigrum, then you should give HCGenerate ES a try, it has very powerful compounds for boosting testosterone and added Piper Nigrum for absorption of these active ingredients.

If you’re looking to burn massive amounts of fat, then you should use N2Burn. This is a complete fat-burning formula and one of the very few that still contains Ephedra. N2Burn uses the power of Piper Nigrum in its formula to deliver all its key fat-burning ingredients right to your system.

For fat loss, the best way to run N2burn is 1-2 capsules in the morning with a quarter gallon of water (36oz).

n2burnIn the afternoon, you have the option of taking an additional 1-2 capsules with water on an empty stomach.

Your tolerance to N2burn will dictate the dosage. Some users will want to use only 1 cap per day, while others can go as high as 4-6 caps. You can buy N2burn at N2bm.com.

For Post-Cycle therapy and general Testosterone Boosting, you can use HCGenerate ES (N2Generate ES), and you can read about that product by clicking the links below.


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