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T-3 PCT Cycles

T-3 PCT is a very inexpensive and potent supplement sold by N2BM. It has ingredients that will naturally increase thyroid output, boost metabolism, prevent fatigue, and suppress cortisol. In this article, you will find out the best ways to implement this product to increase fat loss and boost energy.


Why You Need PCT After Cytomel?

Cytomel (Liothyronine/T3) is a synthetic form of our natural thyroid hormone. It's prescribed to those suffering from hypothyroidism, which is when a person fails to produce enough thyroid hormone.

This drug is also used in bodybuilding to help people increase metabolism so they can more easily burn stored calories and keep off fat.

Once you get on this drug, it's very difficult to come off because the compound will suppress your own body's production of thyroid hormone. Going further, coming off can result in rapid weight gain and lethargy. Some people´s doctors may decide that they need to take T3 for life because of health reasons and so they have no choice, but Bodybuilders on cutting cycles should go a safer route.

If you google all the horror stories of those Bodybuilders who've used Cytomel (T3), you'll read about how they ran it for weeks or months, came off, then gained everything back. In some instances, they gain more fat on top of that.

They'll then go back on the drug, and it'll be a roller coaster of fat loss when on, and fat gain when off.

Both these scenarios are where T-3 PCT comes into play. Instead of tapering off your Cytomel (T3) cold turkey and struggling, you can use this amazing T-3 PCT supplement to give you a soft landing. In turn, you keep fat off and keep your energy up. Again, if your doctor says you need to take Cytomel then don´t look here as this supplement was not designed for you. Bodybuilders on cutting cycles using Cytomel to cut fat, you bros should be taking T-3 PCT during and after you cutting cycle.

If you've abused Cytomel (T3), you'll want to use T-3 PCT for half as long as you were on the Cytomel (T3). For example, if you took Cytomel (T3) for 3 months, you would use the T-3 PCT for 1.5 months. This would be your post-cycle therapy (PCT) coming off the thyroid drug.

cytomel bottle

And since T-3 PCT is so affordable, you don't have to fear breaking your wallet either. Simply dose T-3 PCT at 2-3 caps per day, in the morning either fasted or with a healthy meal.

Using T-3 PCT Solo

T-3 PCT is powerful enough to use by itself to boost fat burning, metabolism, and energy. You would normally have to take all the ingredients separately, which would cost hundreds of dollars. These ingredients include kelp, other seaweed, amino acids, minerals, B12, thyroid-boosting roots and plant powders.


Users have reported great results, using this supplement at 2 capsules per day with a meal, while maintaining a healthy diet and staying active.


Run it for 12 weeks solo, take a 4-week break, and then run it again for 12 weeks. Since it's completely natural, you don't have to worry about damaging your thyroid.

N2slin with T-3 PCT cutting stack

I always recommend using N2slin daily. N2slin is not only a fantastic job at nutrient partitioning, but it also prevents fat storage after a meal.

t3pct and n2slin

It increases insulin sensitivity at the cellular level. When we eat a meal, especially carbs, our insulin spikes and our bodies go into storage mode to hang onto fat. This is just the way nature intended, so we can use those fat stores later on during a famine.

N2slin contains ingredients to block this fat storing process for a couple of hours and, at the same time, increases muscle building effects of insulin via nutrient partitioning. This makes it a great product to stack with your T-3 PCT and/or Clenbuterol cycle.

Use N2slin at 2-3 caps, 30 minutes before you eat your 3 largest meals of the day, or use 1-2 cap 30 minutes before your 4-6 meals/snacks of the day, along with 2 caps of T-3 PCT with your largest morning meal of the day.

Cheat meals high in carbs, over 150 grams of carbs take 3-6 capsules of N2Slin 30 mins before you eat.

So take T-3 PCT once per day in the morning 2-3 capsules, and N2Slin through the day about 30 mins before each meal. Easy enough.

Using T-3 PCT with Steroids

Many people use steroids to burn fat. However, steroids are neither fat burners nor are they catabolic, so most people are be disappointed when they attempt to use them for that purpose. In cutting cycles steroids are used to help you keep your muscle gains while you cut body fat with your cardio activity and strict diet.


T-3 PCT works very well in a cutting steroid stack. A simple cutting cycle example would be:


Run this while you're in a caloric deficit, and watch the fat melt off while maintaining your strength and muscle. The N2Burn is important to help you curb appetite and maintain energy while cutting calories and you will also burn calories faster on it via thermogenesis.

Using T-3 PCT with DNP

DNP is a very harsh chemical product that's used by very aggressive Bodybuilders looking to burn fat quickly. It works by raising body temperature and metabolic rate to the point where you will induce proton leakage from the mitochondria. Your body is forced to use more energy to do simple tasks like walking. Extremely effective but it can potentially kill you and some people have already died on it.

The side effects are extremely brutal on DNP. One that many people aren't aware of is that DNP will send your metabolism to a screeching halt. This is why many DNP users complain about gaining all their fat back quicker than they lost it when coming off.

You'll not only get way better results stacking DNP with T-3 PCT, but you also stand a far better chance of keeping your fat off after use.


DNP is very dangerous. But if you insist on using it, a simple cycle would be:

  • DNP 250mg a day for 5 days, and 400mg a day for the next 5 days.
  • T-3 PCT should be used at 2 caps per day for those 10 days, and an additional 20-40 days after.

Using T-3 PCT with SARMS

SARMS and PPAR drugs Cardarine (GW-501516) and Stenabolic (SR9009) are great at burning fat. Adding T-3 PCT to your SARMS stack will take fat-burning to another level while building lean muscle mass. A very simple stack would look like this:

sarms tiger

If you are just taking SARMS for fat loss then you will benefit from adding a strong stimulant like either N2Burn or Clenbuterol. N2Burn will help burb appetite, maintain energy and burn extra calories via thermogenesis (it makes you hot).


T-3 PCT is a very versatile and safe supplement that will boost fat loss in almost any situation. You can use it solo, or you can take it in conjunction with other compounds as outlined above. You only need 2-3 capsules once per day in the morning, it is very inexpensive and will multiply the results from your cutting protocol. You should pick it up today bro.


T3 PCT - optimizes your thyroid functionality naturally


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