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Stacking steroids Part 2

In part 1, I gave you a background on steroid esters, half lives, frontloading, and other ways of implementing cycling strategies to get the most out of them.   In part 2, you will read about the actual grouping of steroids.

Read Part 1 before you read Part 2 --  Part 1 Steroid Stacking: https://www.evolutionary.org/stacking-steroids-part-1/

different steroids

Grouping of steroids

Keep in mind certain compounds may have to be included in a group when on paper they may not appear that way.  A perfect example is Anadrol which should be grouped with wet compounds, but it is also a DHT derivative.  Or winstrol which on paper displays little androgenic properties, but in real life will send your lipids sky high.

Before I continue, keep in mind everyone is different and also our bodies change as we get older.  The generalizations below are samples from the majority of users and based on personal experience of myself and clients over the years.

Androgenic compounds

Androgenic ratio'd steroids come with aggressive side effects.  You may feel angrier, have more impatience, have more libido, get irritable easier.   You may feel exhausted on these steroids, and also your side effects will increase when you stack them together. Also, androgenic compounds will cause more heart strain the more you run them and the higher the dosages. For this reason, I never recommend you stack more than 2 androgenic steroids together, and in reality, you should be able to get away with only having 1 in your cycle.   Stacking an anabolic compound with an androgen is a good idea where you can avoid increasing side effects.

Types of Androgenic Compounds
Anadrol, Halotestin, Testosterone at doses exceeding 200mg a week, Dianabol at dosages of 20mg or more per day, Trenbolone, Superdrol, Winstrol at dosages of 25mg or more per day.

Anabolic compounds

Anabolic ratio'd steroids are mild.  They will not cause the aggression issues, they typically won't increase size and strength as fast, or as much, as androgenic steroids.   If you use one of these compounds you should stack in an androgen to give your cycle a kick.  Although nothing is mandatory, if you do not stack an androgen you will experience very mild side effects and you will be missing out on gains.

Types of Anabolic Compounds
Testosterone at 200mg or less (essentially TRT levels), Masteron, Nandrolones (Deca and NPP), Equipoise, Primobolan, Proviron, Turinabol.

DHT derivatives/dry compounds

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a sex steroid and androgen hormone.  This is what gives men our man-like features.  All in all 5% of testosterone based steroids will convert to DHT, so the more you use steroids the more DHT conversion will occur.   DHT will fry your head hair follicles, so when you use DHT derivatives you can expect head hair loss.  You can also expect an increase in libido (since it is a sex hormone), and possible enlarged prostate.   The good news is since they do not convert to estrogen you do not need to worry about any estrogen side effects.   For this reason, people will notice hardening and drying of the joints.   Therefore, it isn't a good idea to use 2 DHT derivatives in a cycle if you are worried about your joints or your head hair.

testosterone to 5dht

Types of DHT Compounds
Winstrol, Masteron, Anavar, Proviron.    Primobolan is also in this group on paper, but real world experiences do not support its inclusion as it does not display enough DHT side effects.  Anadrol is also a DHT derivative however it is not a dry compound.  It is actually in a group by itself, see below for explanation.

Dihydronandrolone compound

Dihydronandrolones (DHN) actually bind to DHT receptors in the body, meaning it causes your DHT levels to drop.  When this happens you may notice penis problems, this is where the term 'deca dick' comes into play and what causes it.
You must always stack a DHT derivative with this group.

Types of DHN Compounds
Nandrolones (Deca Durabolin and NPP).

Aromatizing compounds

When you use aromatizing compounds, they will convert to estrogen in the body.  This can cause estrogenic side effects like bloating/water retention, gyno (bitch tits), increase in blood pressure, insomnia, feeling tired.

You should always remember to run an aromatase inhibitor with this grouping.   I recommend never stacking more than 2 of these together (really 1 in your cycle should be all you need) and you should consider stacking in a DHT derivative or dry compound in this group.  Those that are extremely sensitive to estrogen should avoid these compounds altogether.

Types of Aromatizing Compounds

Testosterone, Dianabol, Nandrolone, Equipoise when used at 250mg a week or more.

Estrogen binding compound

Even though Anadrol is a DHT derivative, it actually attaches to various tissues in the body, so you will still have estrogen side effects.  This can be very tricky so use caution when using.

Types of Estrogen binding Compounds

Progestin based compounds

Trenbolone is not a DHT derivative and does not aromatize into estrogen.  However, it will cause an increase in prolactin when abused.   When you increase prolactin, it can cause lactation of the nipples.   It is wise to use an anti-prolactin drug with trenbolone such as caber or prami.

Types of Progestin based Compounds

Inflammatory Prostaglandin compound

Trenbolone is a special breed of steroid as it has yet another grouping to its own.   When you use Trenbolone, it will be more difficult to breathe due to the increase of PGF2A which is an inflammatory prostaglandin.  This is why guys who use tren struggle to breathe and are out of breath so fast, and people complain that their cardio is destroyed on this compound.  It is recommended you use an endurance compound with tren to help offset this.

Types of Inflammatory Prostaglandin Compounds


SARMS are selective androgen receptor modulators.  They do not aromatize, cause DHT side effects, or cause androgenic side effects.  SARM's are considered pure anabolic compounds, so it is a great idea to stack them with androgens so you add results without adding side effects.

Types of SARMS
Anabolicum (LGD), Ostarine (Ostabolic), Andarine (S4), Testolone (RAD140)

Endurance compounds

GW acts as a PPAR modulator and activate AMP-activated protein kinase and stimulate glucose uptake.   It also helps stimulate fatty acid oxidation.  SR9009 is a Rev-Erba ligand which binds to that protein and makes it more active.   It affects circadian rhythms, fat storing cells, and glucose metabolism.    They both work beautifully not just to burn body fat but also to help with endurance.  They stack well in any cycle, during PCT, or as stand-alone, but especially with trenbolone.

Types of  Endurance compounds
Cardarine (GW), Stenabolic (SR9009)

Growth hormone secretagogue

Nutrobal chemically signals for the pituitary gland to secret growth hormone, similar to GHRP's, but without the side effects.  It also boosts IGF-1 in the body.   This means it is great at boosting appetite, lean muscle mass, fat loss, and sleep.  It stacks very well on any cycle, during PCT, or as a stand alone.

Types of  Growth hormone secretagogue compounds
Nutrobal (MK677)

Aromatase inhibitors

These serve to disable the estrogen enzyme by binding to them.  This prevents estrogen increase.  Estrogen is an important hormone and crashing it is not wise, you need a proper balance of estrogen so never abuse AI's.  You should stack these AI's with aromatizing compounds, but adjust the dosage using blood work as a guide.

Types of Aromatase inhibitors
Aromasin, liquidex, arimidex, letrozole, arimistane

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