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Amentoflavone is a plant alkaloid that is found in such plants as Gingko biloba and St. John's Wort.  Furthermore, a 'moss like' plant called amentomax contains a large amount of amentoflavone, and it is sold commercially.  This substance is known as a mood enhancer, and its ability to activate the GABA-A receptor in the brain can give a strong sense of alertness and focus.  Additionally, amentoflavone can also increase serotonin production in the body, which is yet another positive aspect of this compound.

Interestingly, researchers have found that amentoflavone has many health benefits, and it gives a boost to fitness athletes as well, which we will discuss in this article.  Therefore, amentoflavone is a popularly used ingredient in several current fat burners and pre-workout supplements on the market.


Fig 1. Amentoflavone

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Additional benefits

Multiple studies were carried out by scientists, who were able to discover anti-inflammatory properties of amentoflavone, as well as its anti-viral properties and the ability to inhibit various types of cancers.  This is made possible by the fact that amentoflavone inhibits fatty acid synthase, stopping the growth of cancer cells and replication of some viruses.  Moreover, it also prevents the body from storing excess energy as fat and helps break down fat, a process known as lipolysis.

Bodybuilding uses

Aside from what was mentioned above, athletes use amentoflavone during their workouts because of its potent vasodilator abilities.  This causes greater blood flow and strength of muscle contractions, giving the user a nice 'pump' during their workout.  In fact, the pump was discussed by Arnold because he felt it made him feel fantastic, but it isn't just about how you feel.  In fact, the pump has the huge benefit of stimulating a greater mineral intake by muscle cells and blood flowing into the muscle that feeds it.  This is why it looks like your muscles actually grow while you experience 'the pump.'  However, there is a scientific explanation to why amentoflavone increases pumps so well - it is a very effective nitric oxide pump enhancer because it inhibits PDE, while blocking the metabolism of cAMP and cGMP.  As a result, your dilated veins allow blood flow more freely, giving you monster pumps.


The increase of minerals going into the muscle also has the ability to help lift heavier weight.  What's more, the mood enhancements of amentoflavone will keep the user engaged and focused to push through a brutal workout till the end.  Besides, the user will be able to ignore food cravings, so they can reduce calories and increase fat loss along with it.


We build muscle by breaking down our muscle fibers and repairing them, and in order to even get to the first step of our goals we need to train hard.  As a matter of fact, few people know that the muscle cells cannot contract without calcium.  Unfortunately, it is an essential element that we fail to get enough of, mostly due to poor diets.  Hence, the more calcium available at the muscle's disposal, the greater the force of the contraction.  Amentoflavone helps direct calcium right to the muscle cells, which is a weapon you should take advantage of.

Many pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, helping with pumps and focus.  Nonetheless, amentoflavone is far more effective, and to get similar results you would have to take a dangerous amount of caffeine, leading to a crash and ruining your sleep patterns.  Hence, amentoflavone is a good alternative to ordinary pre-workout supplements filled with caffeine.

Side effects

Amentoflavone is generally very safe.  Nevertheless, it may interact with certain medications, so you may want to consult with your doctor if you are taking other drugs.

How to dose

You can take up to 1000 milligrams (mgs) of amentoflavone anytime spread out during the day, but many athletes will take it before working out at 200-500mg in order to give them an extra boost, pumps, and focus during their workouts.


Amentoflavone can, and should, be stacked with other supplements.  For instance, a popular stack involves amino acids like L-carnitine to boost fat loss.  All in all, you can also stack it with such supplements as HCGenerate or Dspark.


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