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Fasting – Day 3

Day 3 - Very difficult night.....

Last night was very difficult. I had a very tough time falling asleep. I woke up at night dehydrated, probably a total of 3-4 times had to pee. Did not sleep much, only around 6 hours at most. Woke up this morning a little wobbly, took minerals, vitamins, salt, and hydrated. Feel much better now. My body is obviously going into ketosis.

  • 7 am I had a bowel movement which was small.
  • 8 am Tested my urine ketones and they were between 15 and 40. I am now in ketosis and the fat burning will really take off now. It will be interesting to see the transition into day 4.  My tongue has white film, will scrape it off. No signs of body acne yet.
end of day 3 pictures of tongue

End of Day 3 - Tongue Picture

  • 9 am I tested urine and ketones are at 15. Sometimes when you test early in the morning you are dehydrated so you will get a higher reading. In this case testing again after hydrating well shows that I am in ketosis officially. Now the fun will start!
  • 10 am Noticing a weird smell today like something died. Smelled my arm pit and YUCK! The body detoxes via the arm pits so it is awful. Going to apply deodorant ASAP. My body is detoxing and in ketosis too. The health benefits are only just starting.  Some may argue that I shouldn't use deodorant at all, just let my armpits detox. I will do this as much as possible and shower often. But at the same time if I am getting sick from my own smell I need to at least do something about it. So I will use SOME deodorant.
  • 12 pm Don't care about food. Totally over it. Had a fantastic workout at the gym and unlimited energy. Didn't want to leave but didn't want to push my body.
  • 1 pm Had a very bad bout of diarrhea. I am speculating that it has to do with post workout being dehydrated. It could also simply be the body detoxing. I took 2 charcoals and no problems since.
  • 3 pm Rehydrated and feel great, rolling nicely. Keeping the mind occupied. Feel great, cannot wait till tomorrow and tempted to extend my fast past 5 days.
  • 5:30 pm Feeling good, I do find myself watching tv and seeing food and craving it, but when I think about actually eating it I lose my appetite. Tomorrow my digestive system will be pretty much shut down so my hunger cravings will continue to crater.
  • 7 pm Walked a mile and had a ton of energy. I am being extra careful though.
  • 8 pm Final ketone urine test is showing 15+. I am ketosis.
end of day 3 ketone urine test

End of Day 3 - Ketone Urine Test

As I finish day 3 you will notice in the pictures my stomach looks much leaner and flat. This is because our stomach is a muscle, and when we eat food frequently it will expand as it expects to get fed often. When we fast, whether it is intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting as I am doing here, our stomachs tighten up. This is also why stomach vacuuming helps.

end of day 3 pictures

End of Day 3 - Fast

Another thing that happens on day 3 is that I am in ketosis as evidenced by my hunger going away and ketones showing up in my urine.

And finally, on day 3 your bodies white blood cells start dying out in large numbers. Now, this might seem scary, and ignorant people will think this means you become weak. But the reality is our bodies are smart and will create newer and stronger white blood cells! This means your immune system gets a huge boost and cancer cells get attacked. I actually feel very strong right now.

*Read on - PART 4 of my fast...

Past parts of my fast:

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