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Fasting – Day 4

Last night I slept very HARD. I woke up about 3 times to pee and made sure to hydrate each time. Woke up this morning at around 6 to pee and felt dehydrated and had difficulty falling back asleep. I feel tired from not enough sleep, but at the same time, I feel very energetic if that makes sense. My stomach feels empty, but I am not hungry. The thought of food makes me sick and I am deep into ketosis. I did not test my morning urine for ketones as that tends to be not the most accurate. I will test again next pee and report.

My plan today is to avoid the heat and the sun as much as possible, but I need to keep my mind occupied and not get bored. Running errands, gym, taking a walk, and perhaps swimming is going to be my plan. Also doing some work on the computer. I may do a yoga class as well.

day 4 picture

Day 4 Picture

  • 7 am Took minerals, salt and hydrated. Still feel dehydrated which is normal. I'm curious to see what my urine ketones show.
  • 8 am Ketones in urine showing up at 40. I am in deep ketosis now. You cannot get into deep ketosis on a 'keto diet' this quickly or this strongly, this is the way to do it.  My tongue has white film, will scrape it off. No signs of body acne yet.
  • 9 am Very small bowel movement
  • 10 am Smell from my armpits makes me ill, frequent cold showers are important. Detox is in full mode.
  • 11 am Not hungry at all, but dehydrated. Need to drink more water, very important. Constant drinking is needed on the 4th day as your body is struggling to hold water.
  • 12 pm Energy levels are very strong.
  • 1 pm Seems like things went downhill after spending some time outside walking in the very hot summer heat. I feel as though dehydration is my biggest enemy, I felt a big nauseous until I got home and hydrated.
  • 3 pm Staying hydrated and feel good. Ketone urine test was at 15 on the dot. I look very lean and ripped in the mirror, this is keeping me motivated to keep going. I've thought about Mexican food, craving a taco for some reason. I did go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant about a week ago so that might be why. Fasting will actually trigger past emotions and physical things like past injuries you may have gotten years ago.
  • 5 pm I'm finishing up my 4th day and I am considering extending my fast to 7 days.
  • 7 pm Relaxing now. I am going to listen to some nice music and watch tv the rest of the evening until bed. My energy level is high, my hunger is moderate to low, and I am fighting dehydration.
  • 8 pm Final urine ketone test was 15+. Hopefully tonight I am able to sleep as good as I did last night.

For those of you wondering I am down about 4 pounds in 4 days on this water fast. I have not cared about weight loss as much as fat loss from my pictures. I will monitor my body weight as I finish up this fast. For those of you who weigh a lot more than me and who carry a lot more water and fat, you can expect to lose 1.5 and maybe even 2 pounds a day doing a water fast.

I also wanted to finish this day 4 update with my thoughts on how modern medicine screws up when it comes to diet and health. An example of this is doctors telling those with Crohn's disease or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) to avoid fiber and eat just processed foods and meat. This may help you in the short term, but long term it is making you worse! What you really should consider is a water fast to give your digestive system a much-needed break. Imagine how your digestive system has been running nonstop for your entire life, it ONLY gets a break while you sleep at night assuming you are not a mid night snacker. If you actually shut down your digestive system and give it a break it has been proven to help with both IBS and Crohn's. Then once you come out of your fast eat a more natural and whole foods diet.

Fasting has been implemented for thousands of years and it is the only way to cleanse, do not buy into the scam of cleaners or liquid cleanses. You must SHUT your digestive system down to allow your body to truly cleanse itself out. We also know that eating organic and avoiding inflammatory foods like bread, grains, gluten (which is found in much more than just bread) and meats that are not grass fed or hormone free helps solve these inflammatory issues, the simple reason for this is you avoid pesticides.

As someone who grew up with major stomach issues and a long list of ER visits, fasting has fixed my issue and I completely believe it will do the same for you if you do it correctly and the way I have outlined in this log so far.

*Read on - PART 5 of my fast...

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