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fat loss

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    Best fat loss drug?

    Hey guys, My name is Max, I'm 26 Been training for the past 8 years I used to be pretty lean for the first couple of years, very focused on the diet and consistent but always had a bit of extra fat. I used to be 184cm for 80-85kg with apparent abs I'm now around 100kg, strong but got way...
  2. V

    Fat loss with sr9009?

    Which stack would work best including sr9009? My choices are sr9009 + ostarine mk2866 Or sr9009 + s4/andarine I'm eating three meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner and I'm also eating in a caloric deficit. I would like to lose as much body fat as possible. I'm currently 20% body fat and I am 6...
  3. Q

    Best single oral cycle

    I'm 40 years old and I do CrossFit and I do weight training. I also do some yoga as well take some classes here and there would like to get bigger and stronger. I'm 6'1 and I weigh around 193 pounds with some pudge around my waist My friend hooked me up with winny, but not sure that would be...
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    Increased focus supplements

    what are the best supplements if I want to increase my focus. right now I get brain fog during the day. I used to not have this issue and I'm getting plenty of sleep at night so I'm not sure what is going on. I would like to take something that can help give me some energy during the day
  5. C

    Losing fat supplements

    aside from fasting and aside from improving my diet what are some supplements that I can take to help boost my fat loss journey ahead of where i should be? I'm currently 340 lb and I'm looking to get my life back together. I think if I lost about 90 lbs I would be perfect
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    fat loss supplements to use

    what is the best fat loss supplement that you recommend on here I'm 5 ft 10 in and I weigh 280 lb. I need to lose about 50 lb and I will be good again I prefer something that isn't expensive and something that I can keep buying month after month and is safe to use your round
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    Help!!! Diet and workout, supplements

    25 %fat 205lbs 70in/5ft 10 inches I would also ask if someone is interested in being a mentor/coach for me. I know there is usually a cost to this bit need someone that really understands the body as a whole. Background: 2 years recovery from leg and back injury, out of the gym mainly except...
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    Fat loss cycle sarms

    I'm 47 years old 6 ft 1 in 275 lb 26% body fat I'm looking to drop back into the teens I kind of let myself go the last couple years . Reading a lot about sarms being good for fat loss Thinking of using gw cardarine 20mg a day what else can I stack with it though for best results and how long...
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    CJC-1295 for fat loss

    I’m 6’2” and 300 pounds, I have already lost 25 pounds so far just by eating better and exercising. Looking to lose another 25 pounds but my losses have stalled. I was reading about CJC-1295 for fat loss and they said it was good for that and also better lipid health and sleep too. Seems too...
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    Cabergoline, Salbutamol and Ketotifen available now

    [WARNING SWOLEBAY IS FULL OF SCAMMERS - MANY MEMBERS ARE COMPLAINING - STAY AWAY] I have Carbers, Salbutamol and Ketotifen available on my e-store if anyone is keen.
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    Best diet question

    Curious what people think the quickest way to get lean/lower bf% as far as diet goes
  12. H

    Cutting cycle - DNP, Cardarine & Yohimbine HCL

    Hi all, I have been thinking about running a quite dramatic cutting cycle. - I have done a tonne of research on DNP as well as having my own personal experiences using it with my highest dose being 400mg per day for as long as a month, which for me was very tolerable when it came to the...
  13. C

    Test Cycle for Fat loss?

    I'm looking to drop some fat which isnt easy being 41 and working at a sedentary desk job. The plan is to devote 2 months to super strict dieting and exercise routine with weights and cardio and then possibly going on cycle if not sooner. My last cycle was in my 20's. Not sure what my body...
  14. M

    Sarms + anavar female cycle

    I'm looking to cut and lose fat while maintaining my muscle and possibly building more. Stats: 5' 7" Weight 148 Already have a great muscle base and a 6 pack. Deadlift 370+, Clean 275, Squat 300 Train competitive CrossFit 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week. On recovery days either long jog, long...
  15. J

    Help ! 1st Cycle.Test E ,Var,T3 ,Clen for Fat Loss

    Hi Folks , Thanks for the great job u guys are doing helping newbies .I need some help This is my first cycle .Please suggest me what I am doing right/wrong. Goal : To lose fat & cut down on belly size.Lean mass is fine but that is not the goal.Goal is just to look good and not like a...
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    Need stack advice for non steroid testosterone/fat loss

    I was looking at Testolone (RAD140) and it has good reviews, I'm 38 y/o 6'2" 247 lbs former basketball athlete looking to get lean and and somewhat muscular again. I'm not sure that anabolics are for me but I am interested in natural solutions. Please help me with stack suggestions to get me...
  17. L

    SARMs Better Alternative to Cardarine

    am wondering if there is another SARM that is better at fat loss than cardarine? i have been reading about SR-9009, S4, LDG-4033
  18. L

    Cytomel T3 and Albuterol

    Been doing some research on the different cycles for the combination of the 2. I just recd some T3 and plan to incorporate it with the Albuterol tabs. I saw 1 post on web about a 2 day on - 2 day off cycle but cant find it. When I take Albuterol for the 2 weeks on - 2 weeks off, the 2 weeks...
  19. W


    Hey everyone, So I recently started my first cycle of GW and OSt. Prob adding S4 next cycle. Looking to add FRAG 176-191 soon to cut. I know there are other stuff out there but I had amazing results from it before. I had a bad reaction to frag when I bought from a site last time so looking for a...
  20. M

    Ventipulmin - Clen Pump (CANADA)

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Ventipulmin Clenbuterol Pump from I've seen great reviews about their Northern Phama and Teragon Labs clen, but not much on the vet grade ventipulmin. Any one here? Thanks!
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