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Trusted Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 87

Alarm bells are starting to ring , I believe ozpharm would send the packs I’m feeling an OpSec issue.
I hope he hasn’t exit scammed I like to think he wouldn’t do that to us but honestly I’d rather that than the other right now.
Ughhh I don’t need this stress

i think he exit scammed imo
Unlikely its an exit scam unless it was the forums decision to remove the posts. There would be no reason for Ozpharm to ask for the posts to be removed if exit scamming. They would want the posts up as long as possible to get as many orders as possible, then after a few weeks when people start complaining about not getting their gear they would make a post apologizing for delays and assure everyone that things are all good and they would get even more orders. They had an excellent rep on this forum, I cant remember ever seeing a post that was negative towards them except one where the guy thought his oil was underdosed but had no proof except for how he felt.

More likely theyve got a bit of unwanted attention and its a pretty risky business to be in. Youve got to remember that in Australia anabolics are classed in the same law category as heroin and other hard drugs and you sure as hell dont see those being sold openly on the clearnet.

Fingers crossed for OPL that things work out.

Couldn't agree more. Fingers crossed.
No exit scam,off forums for security reasons,not taking new customers,only long standing or existing customers,working on backlog of orders,been with ozpharm for over 3 years and have been in correspondence with him and Dr Oz to confirm these details,all the best fellas,have no reason to doubt his word at this point in time.
Shame theyre gone or having to watch their back. Theyve been here a fair while and Ive never seen anything but good things said about them
Hopefully its sorted soon. They only reason I havent ordered off is the couple of times Ive asked they havent had stock of what I wanted hahaha. To popular
Anyone trying to contact me on the Dr.oz threma account bare with me for some reason my account has been down an cannot receive or send messages for the past 48 hrs after updating android software.
First post here, friend recommended I check this forum out after BOP seemed to go down.

Recently scored Saxenda from my doctor. Will post the weight loss results as time progresses. Only been on it one day and my appetite has completely gone. Sorry if this isn't the right area to post. Prefer trying this stuff rather than clen. Get too shaky on that.
Hi guys, I’m new to this scene and I’m having a bit of trouble tracking down a supplier.

Obviously OzPharma would be the way to go based on what I’m reading but according to this thread they’re not taking on any new customers. I’m wary of going to any other suppliers based on warning and lack of information about their products.

Is there anything anyone can recommend for a newbie? I’ve got Threema if anyone isn’t comfortable answering here - YZS7DBAB
This forum still going? Was using BOP, but comments there seem only to be from sources, or moderator... Anyone know whether BOP (.com) is a scam?

Been using one of their sponsors, Rogue labs, but been getting strange sides from their dbol, and no increase I'm strength. Anyone used them?

Finally, Apex is on BOP too. Anyone got real experie ce fro. Them?

Thanks guys, we need to stick together here!
Can anyone verify the authenticity of Threema. I'm a little bit paranoid after that international sting where the cops came up with the app that they monitored everyone on. I've linked the article below:

My overseas supplier disappeared overnight. Have another one now, got exit scammed by ozgear. Prefer the risk of customs to be honest.
Threema is secure atm,unless anyone can say otherwise it's preferred contact for most

- - - Updated - - -

Yeah bro this forum is still current,apex anabolics is gtg,he has a recent post on Aussie section with all details,hit him up on threema bro
Agreed. Things have gotten abit quiet here since Oz has jumped off forum but it’s business as usual for them. Newcomers Apex and JerryWhite chemist have so far been solid contributors to the forum, just keep up with the latest and keep your wits about you, there’s always scammers looking to take advantage of people. Stay safe brothers
Can anyone provide experience with AGP LABS? Trying there primo. Purchased from a trusted source not on here. Plan to lab max at later date
Can anyone reach Ozphama? I’ve been his customer for years then I changed my phone and it took me ages till I could get my threema acc back but our chat history was gone 😔😔😔 was trying to contact him on both threema and wickr but no reply………I desperately need test e asap 😔😔😔😔
Can anyone reach Ozphama? I’ve been his customer for years then I changed my phone and it took me ages till I could get my threema acc back but our chat history was gone [emoji17][emoji17][emoji17] was trying to contact him on both threema and wickr but no reply………I desperately need test e asap [emoji17][emoji17][emoji17][emoji17]

Look back through this thread mate and you’ll see the updated details, if you can’t reach oz from there then reach out to one of the sales team listed
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