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SynephrineSynephrine is an alkaloid that occurs naturally in very small amounts in humans and plants but is also made synthetically for placement in some adregenic drugs. The biggest supplier of supplemented Synephrine in the world is the Citrus Aurantium which is native to south east Asia. What is an alkaloid? An alkaloid is a basic organic compound containing at least one nitrogen atom. There are several notorious alkaloids we can all think of right off the top of our head like nicotine and morphine, but by the same token there are alkaloids that are beneficial such as caffeine, quinine, and synephrine. Typically we see synephrine paired with caffeine in formula's created for fat burning, but in order for us to capture that fat burning potential of synephrine in a non-stimulant formula like N2Slin we have left the caffeine out.

Some people believe that Synephrine functions like the popular fat burning drug ephedra through its stimulation of the metabolism but since it is not a stimulant like ephedra the negative side effects such as racing heart, anxiety, and even death is not a concern with Synephrine. In study done by the Department of Animal Studies at the University of Rutgers in New Jersey rats were fed a high fat diet and then given Synephrine extracted from a citrus fruit and the fat added by the diet was significantly reduced in the process.

synephrine chemical structures

Fig 1. Syneprine (Related) Chemical Structure

There are a few other ways that Synephrine functions to make the body healthier and improve aesthetically. Synephrine works in the body and stimulates the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine through alpha and beta recepters. Epenipherine is a hormone and a neurotransmitter which controls some very important functions in the body. You may have heard of the fight or flight response in living things and this is one of the most important hormones that determines this for us and through this function has a key role in the release of adrenaline. This will cause users to have a higher metabolism and energy level without harmful effects on the cardiovascular system. Norepenipherine is also a hormone and neurotransmitter and is also an important part of the fight or flight response. Recently, it has been discovered the norepinpherine is very closely related to dopamine and plays a very important role in focusing.

Synephrine is the best of both worlds. A substance that works to burn fat like all the most notable fat burning stimulants without the unwanted side effects. Add that to the fact that it stimulants adrenaline and focus and becomes one of the most diverse and useful supplements in bodybuilding today. It can make you a beast in the gym and more more ripped outside of it


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Rick Vallejo is an industry veteran. Over 25 years of experience in the bodybuilding industry. He's worked with 1000s of guys setting up their personal training routines, diets and regiments. He has prepped multiple bodybuilders for national and regional shows. In addition, he worked with multiple MMA stars to get them ready for fights. ....with all that, Rick is a supplement designer and holds amazing knowledge of herbal products. He is also advanced with testosterone replacement therapy TRT and HRT.

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