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HRT/TRT series – Part 3

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Before reading Part 3, read part 1 of HRT/TRT series: https://www.evolutionary.org/trt-hrt-part1

Before reading Part 3, read part 2 of HRT/TRT series: https://www.evolutionary.org/trt-hrt-part2

Now that you have exhausted all your options, and you are ready to be on hormone replacement for the long term, you have two options – either go the legal route with a script or go with self HRT.


Self HRT Problems

When choosing this route keep in mind that it might be a problem if you travel a lot. Just imagine how bad it will look if customs authorities will find vials of testosterone with needles/syringes in the bags of a young and healthy male getting on a plane, and he can't produce a script for them. Admit it – the situation looks nothing like that with an old lady who carries on insulin with her needles.

Furthermore, don't forget that sooner or later there may come a day where you live with a spouse who will not be comfortable if you are keeping illegal steroids in the house without a prescription. Yes, I know it sounds dumb, but that script in your possession gives your spouse the peace of mind she needs, and some people are just strict when it comes to that sort of things. Therefore, self-prescribed HRT may not be the best option for you, but it might have to be something you do temporarily until you are able to secure a script.

What do you need for self HRT

If this is the route you will be going, then it is important for you to secure a good source for your gear. You can do that easily by going to evolutionary.org/forums, where you can find a lot of approved sources. Regarding the exact compounds to use on HRT, you will want to pick one of the two most common choices - testosterone enanthate or sustanon. The next thing you will need is a way to get your blood work done. Luckily, you can do that without going to a doctor - as stated before in this series, you can check in our forums to see in detail how it can be done. And finally, you will need needles and syringes, which are quite easy to get because it is legal to buy them in the USA online, and in some states even in pharmacies (although in pharmacies they are more pricey). For HRT purposes, I recommend you to get 25G needles and 3CC syringes.

How self HRT is done

You can inject 150-200 milligrams (mg) of testosterone enanthate per week, and then adjust your dosage as needed based on your blood work. Ideally, you want to get yourself somewhere between 600 and 900ng/dl. With HRT more is not always better, so you should not be too high, as this will strain your heart. Moreover, I recommend you to take aromasin with your TRT, starting with a dosage of 12.5mg twice a week. Yet again, your blood work will determine how you should adjust your aromasin dose. In spite of being a female hormone, you still need proper levels of estrogen, so it should not be too low or too high.

What is especially good about aromasin is that it is a suicide aromatase inhibitor, which will prevent estrogen levels from going too high after stopping its usage. It is a very important aspect because estrogen rebounds can cause such side effects as bloat/water retention, gynecomastia and low libido.

Cost of self TRT

If you do self TRT, a 10ML vial of testosterone on the black market costs anywhere from $50 to $90, and it will last you for about 10 weeks if injected at 200mg a week. Remember, vials are typically from 200mg/ml to 250mg/ml.

Getting Doctor prescribed TRT

The nice thing about getting on doctor prescribed TRT is that you will have the luxury of getting a prescription for your steroids. This means you are free to take them anywhere, and you won't have to deal with a nagging spouse at home – as you are being monitored by a doctor.

When you first visit a doctor, he will refer you to an endocrinologist or urologist, which is where they will run blood work to confirm your low testosterone levels. However, if the doctor says no, do not give up. Seek more opinions, and eventually you will find a doctor that is more liberal about TRT.

Compounds used on doctor prescribed HRT

Some doctors will want to begin by putting you on topicals, such as androgel or testim. This choice is mostly explained by the fact that these products do not require injections. Nonetheless, the problem with these products is that they can cause rashes, uneven hormone levels, and can rub off or rub on your spouse at home. Besides, it is less convenient to use them daily, especially compared to a simple injection once a week. Hence, if your doctor wants to put you on the topicals, politely decline, and tell them you want injections because you are worried about it getting on your spouse, or you have very sensitive skin and the samples you tried before gave you a rash. If the doctor still does not go with what you want, then try more doctors.

As an alternative, there are also TRT clinics that you can try as well. However, they tend to be more pricey than just getting a simple script from a doctor.

Cost of doctor prescribed HRT

If you go through a doctor in the USA you are looking at similar prices as the black market. Most pharmacies will charge from $90-$120 for a 10ML vial. If you are going to run 200mg a week and its 200mg/ml, that will last you 10 weeks exactly. Therefore, over the course of the year you are spending well under $5-700 total - that is pretty much a car payment for most of us, or a fraction of what you pay in monthly rent/mortgage payment.

Additionally, a doctor visit out of pocket will cost you anywhere from $100 to $150, and the initial visit might be more expensive because you may have to shop for doctors who fit your needs. This is an investment that is definitely worth it. Of course, some insurance plans do cover TRT, and even if they do so only partially, the TRT becomes quite inexpensive.

A doctor will typically write you a script for 6 months, and once you are established, he will only require you to come back once or twice a year. If your doctor wants to see you more often, he is just trying to make more money from you, like a dentist who tells you that you need 3 root canals, when you really have nothing wrong.

Therefore, as it has been mentioned above, it is essential for you to find a doctor who fits your needs. Too many people will shop around for the best deal on a car or clothes, but why won't they put in the effort to find the right doctor?

In our next article as part of this series we will get into ways to cheat your blood work, how to get the most out of your HRT, and much more.

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