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Wall Street is using HGH

....Wall Street Pros are Using HGH to Regain Youth and Make Fortunes....

Human growth hormone is often associated with bodybuilders, athletes, and older people who want to reverse aging. This drug is not, however, commonly linked to top-level executives and professionals.

This is why you might be surprised to know that many Wall Street pros are using HGH to give themselves more energy, stay young, and remain at the top of their games. Let's continue discussing why Wall Street loves HGH, and the people who are using it to excel in New York’s competitive business environment.


HGH and Business

HGH Gives Professionals the Edge in Business....

One of HGH's biggest benefits is helping people recover from injuries. Studies show that this drug speeds up the healing process for everything from torn ligaments to bone fractures (1)(2).

Cass Almendral, 56, who owns a consulting business called WallStreet Business Solutions Corp, has used HGH to heal his aging body. And he told the NY Post that the drug not only helps him with arthritis, but also gives him a more-youthful appearance (3).

“I had issues with arthritis—I could hardly walk at one point,” said the New Yorker. “With hormones, [the arthritis] just started to disappear. My hair got thicker, and my skin got smoother and shiny.”

In addition to improving his health and looking younger, Almendral also has more energy. This has been crucial in helping him keep up with other high-powered New York execs.

“Imagine if you could have the experience and the wealth of a 50-year-old and the energy of a 20-year-old,” he said. “Instead of winding [my business] down and trying to maintain, I’m growing [it] again.”

Frank, who didn't share his last name for professional reasons, is another Wall Streeter who's benefiting from HGH usage. The co-founder of a New York tech company said that running the startup drained his energy. He didn't even know about HGH until meeting with Dr. Lionel Bissoon regarding restoring his energy levels.

“When I went to see Dr. Bissoon [six years ago], I was worn down—I was having panic attacks, I wasn’t sleeping well,” Frank said. “I was putting the work in, and the quality of my work wasn’t as sharp as I needed it to be.”

Not long after using the drug, Frank began feeling more energetic and better able to handle the heavy workload of a startup. His wife also noticed his newly formed six-pack.


Alfonso is a New York real estate agent who teaches fitness classes in his spare time. He's noticed an improvement in both disciplines after using HGH.

“If I’m leading a [fitness] group, I have to look good,” the 37-year-old said.

“If you’re a trainer, you better look like a trainer. The same pressure applies for real estate. It’s all the way you look, and that’s why I invest in myself.”

Recession of 2008

Wall Street's HGH Obsession Arose form 2008 Recession....

Dr. Bissoon, an anti-aging physician who's served many Wall Streeters from his Central Park office, noticed a larger demand for HGH after the 2008 Financial Crisis. And he believes that much of it has to do with people wanting to increase their job performance.

“Before [2008], it was a small amount of people doing it, but then people started worrying about their jobs,” he said.


Some question whether prescribing HGH to professionals who aren't deficient is ethical. This includes Jason Baker, an assistant professor of medicine and endocrinologist at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

“The population that’s looking for it is very upwardly mobile, people who want to burn the candle at both ends and have no detriment from that [low growth hormone]," said Baker.

“If there’s a true deficiency in growth hormone, people can benefit from [taking HGH]. But true deficiency is rare—about 1 in 100,000.”

As long as people can prove they have low enough growth hormone, they can get HGH without a "true deficiency. And it's likely that Wall Street pros will continue seeking this treatment if it gives them an edge in their field.

Expensive HGH

Clinical HGH Treatments are Expensive....

One almost needs to be a successful Wall Street businessman to afford clinical HGH treatment. The costs can be astronomically high for the average person.

Bissoon begins with an hour-and-a-half consultation with patients, which costs $650. He then orders a $2,000 test if he believes that a patient may have low growth hormone. Bissoon doesn't take insurance either, meaning these are out-of-pocket costs to the consumer.

Therefore, those who aren't high-powered Wall Street executives may need to go a different route. Luckily, you can order real HGH kits from online retailers like Juvetrope. This helps you skip an expensive consultation that's not covered by insurance. Furthermore, you can be sure that Juvetrope is 100% authentic—just like the doctor-prescribed drugs—because it comes with lab-testing certification.



juvepharma.com - Juvetrope supplier....

If you have a demanding profession that's sucking the life from you, then take a cue from the professionals discussed here. You can use HGH to give yourself more energy and improve your overall health.


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