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Calcium is an essential mineral that helps build strong bones, and helps blood clot up after injury, helps muscles work better, and helps nerves send messages.   Our bodies hold almost all our calcium in our bones and teeth, which is lost throughout the day via our skin, hair, sweat, urine, feces, and nails .  All this lost calcium we need to supplement back into our system.

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Since we lose so much calcium all day, those that fail to get the calcium back via food and supplementation end up losing it from their bones.   The American diet is actually deficient in many minerals and calcium because of the dependence on processed junk foods.  Also, the introduction of acidic drinks make matters worse, as they will leach calcium out further.

The other mistake people make is that they don't get Vitamin D with their calcium.  To absorb calcium properly, you need vitamin D.  So make sure you're getting enough sun and eating foods rich in vitamin D.

Foods that have the most calcium

Many inexperienced doctors will point to dairy as being the best sources of calcium, but if this was the case there wouldn't be so many Americans breaking bones and dealing with osteoporosis, as milk is drank at a high level.  The truth is dairy and other acidic foods should be avoided in those who are calcium deficient because it will make matters worse.

The best foods for calcium are green leafy vegetables, which also contain many other vitamins and minerals.  Broccoli, cabbage, kale, okra, and beans are the best green choices.  Non-green choices such as almonds, sardines, and fortified tofu are good as well.  You should also include calcium in your supplemental stack.


  • Bone health:  This is the one benefit everyone talks about with regards to calcium.  Our bones are very metabolically active, so they are broken down and built constantly.  Those who are athletes have to get enough calcium to make sure we are restoring calcium back into our bodies to replenish the storage; otherwise, if you fail to do this then you will end up injured.
  • Alkalinity:  This is the one western doctors hate to hear, but it is true.  When your body becomes too acidic due to poor diet and stress, you will leach minerals more than normal.  Calcium helps balance this acid/alkaline ratio.  So make sure you are eating calcium and mineral rich foods, and avoid acidic drinks and foods.   This is why individuals who switch to a more alkaline diet reverse many health problems, and those who are on an acidic diet are always sick and tired.
  • Nerve and muscle function:  Low calcium levels will prevent muscle cell contraction because muscles depend on calcium to enter cells and shuttle sodium in and out.  For this reason, if an athlete has ample calcium and other minerals, their performance will be superior to those who do not.  This also will prevent additional non-bone related injuries and speed up recovery.

Side effects

Calcium is safe to take, but like with all minerals do not overdose.   Do not exceed 2500mgs per day.

As you get older, the need for calcium actually goes up as bones get weaker.  Adults should be getting 1000-1200mgs per day total.  Most of that should be via a healthy diet rich in green vegetables, and a portion should include supplements as a backup.

Where to find

N2joint RX contains 250mgs of Calcium per serving, plus dozens of additional ingredients, to make it one of the most potent joint support supplement on the market.  I use it daily as a mineral/calcium supplement.


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