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Cycling Steroids

This is part 5 of my “Becoming a Bodybuilder” Series of articles, see the other parts here:

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When I first started this journey four years ago, I was clueless. I had no idea of what I was getting into. Naturally, my interest in bodybuilding caused me to wonder what will it take to get to the top. As a result, like most people, I quickly went beyond the interest of basic supplementation, and ventured into the world of performance enhancing drugs (PED). Now, looking back, I see how wrong my original approach was. However, this is what I did and how I got where I am today, so there is no point in regretting the past.

Prohormone use

As with most athletes, my gateway to this life was the local nutrition store, where I was one of the unfortunate few that caught the tail end of prohormone use fashion. In the beginning, I started with some ridiculous concoction called Tribol-60. Thereafter, I ran two other compounds that were certainly no better. These cycles were followed up by the typical worthless post cycle therapy they sold along with it. At the time, I was quite happy with my gains, and it was not till later when I discovered how stupid this was, and how wrong I was going about it all.

steroids prohormones

Steroids vs. Prohormones

First Steroid Experience

Soon after my experience with prohormones, my best friend and I were determined do anabolic steroids. Sadly, we thought that our first cycle was going to be awesome, but it did not turn out that way. We decided to use Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone Acetate for our first cycle, which lasted approximately 9 weeks. Unfortunately, we had a terrible dosing protocol and a complete lack of knowledge on what we were doing. As I continuously researched and learned more each and every day, I realized that it was best to chalk this one up as a mistake and carry on. Hence, I took a decent break from this point out, and did not cycle again for another year.

New beginning with Steroids

At the end of the year I ended up moving out on my own to a completely new location. Here I started a new life, found new friends and this is when things really got crazy. I met a few competitors from the NPC and IFBB, who took me under their wing. In turn, they introduced me to coaches and various connections in the industry. Most importantly, they showed me the correct way to cycle and PCT, and explained the importance of protecting my body on cycle as well.

Thanks to all of this insider knowledge, I was able to run cycle after cycle, and I was making some excellent gains. Interestingly, I loved picking up heavy weight, so my focus was more in the powerlifting world at this time. However, I still craved that bodybuilder appearance.

New life and new goals

This all continued for the remaining period of time up until this last year, when a lot of changes took place in my personal life. I had once again moved to a new location, this time to an entirely different state, and I left everything behind. No friends, no family, no connections of any kind other than my girlfriend. I joined the Evolutionary.org community at this time, it was approximately November of 2014, which is when I took a break from the heavy cycling. This preparation for my next show was going to be pretty much an 18 week effort.

The ultimate pre-contest cycle

I started my bulk using 700 milligrams (mgs) of Sustanon 250 and 400mgs of Deca Durabolin. As a kick starter for this cycle I used 1mg of oral Methyltrienolone for the first three weeks. Additionally, I ended the last two weeks of the cycle on 500mcg of oral Methyltrienolone. At approximately the tenth week, I transitioned into 600mgs of Trenbolone Enanthate and lowered my Sustanon dosage to 400mgs. As a matter of fact, I have just recently made my final transition in the cycle from Trenbolone Enanthate to the Acetate form, and I will continue to use 600mgs of Trenbolone Acetate and 400mgs of Sustanon up until my show, gradually dropping my testosterone as the final date approaches. Furthermore, I have also made a final addition of this cycle of 60mgs of Anavar together with 20mg of oral Winstrol.

This has been a bear of a cycle. However, this is hands down the most effective cycle I have ever ran. I am the type that does not always necessarily go with the grain, so I do what works for me and do what produces the results I desire. Hence, I have also been running 75mgs of Proviron each day for the entire cycle, and I have never felt better on cycle. Since there are so many things to consider when creating a cycle, no matter what your goal may be, it took a lot of time to plan and customize this special regimen I created.

Ancillary Compounds and Diet

As always, it is important to stay protected on cycle. In fact, it is absolutely mandatory to run N2Guard along with the necessary aromatase inhibitors (AI) and supports. I am hoping to avoid substances like Clenbuterol, Albuterol and T3 at all costs because I do not really believe in the need to use of those drugs.

In my opinion, diet is everything, and you can do a lot with a well planned diet. I do have all of the possible ancillaries on hand, but yet again, I would like to refrain from using them unless it is absolutely necessary.

Not everyone has to agree with my methods, but you need to do what produces the best result for you. I have done my research and have conducted the necessary trial and error to be able to determine what does, and what does not work for me. This is the wonderful thing about bodybuilding - each and every competitor is unique. In this sport the most important part is to stay healthy and consider the long term complications.

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