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  1. Abolone

    Acess to Broderick Chavez member content?

    Hi all hope your all well was just wonder if anyone has access to his membership content and if it's beneficial? Or if anyone has undertaken his courses? Please share I know he's a absolute wizard when it comes to PED and working with strength athletes.. Possibly the best in the world...
  2. G

    PED Test on OzPharmLabs Tren-E and Valhalla Anabolics Test-E

    Bought some discounted vials of Test-E from Valhalla Anabolics (vendor OzGear) and Tren-E from OzPharmLabs (vendor expressau) on Abacus Market (DarkNet). I was disappointed to see the OzPharmLabs Trenbolonate Enanthate show up as Trenbolone Acetate - at least the potency seems to be ok, perhaps...
  3. T

    Does this cycle sound good?

    Thinking of running this for my next cycle: Mass stack blended vial of test e (300mg) deca (200mg) and rad140. Have Arimidex on hand. Any thoughts?
  4. T

    Stop taking dbol halfway through

    Was wondering if I could stop taking dbol halfway through the cycle (week 3) and start test p at 100 mg a week? Also taking test e at 500 mg a week and currently in week 3 as well.
  5. R

    Being patient on sarms

    Right now i am 140 pounds, i started out 118 pounds a year ago. Been very patient gaining mass. I’m 5’5’’ and 21 years old and skinny I'm starting to get some development in my chest and shoulders finally. I've always been one of those guys with bird chest that people would laugh at the pool...
  6. JimAbs43 479 Everything about Steroid Cycles for women and new PED users. 479 Everything about Steroid Cycles for women and new PED users.
  7. B

    How soon to start var?

    Hey guys You’ve all been so helpful and informative, honestly I couldn’t thank you guys enough for the replies So considering my sides with primo I discontinued use immediately and it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve taken it. I’ve been waiting to get it out of my system. But I’ve only gotten a...
  8. B

    Grand Opening VPS LABS (March 10% Off Sale)

    VPS Labs is a laboratory located in the south west region of the United States. VPS is providing the leading innovations in SARMS technology with new suspension methods with better tasting SARMS. VPS is focusing on providing the highest quality SARMS on the market. They offer free domestic...
  9. N

    Substitute pro hormones for oral aaa on cycle

    This is my first post here so if I f up don’t bash me. So I’m male 29 years old, 182lbs, 5ft 9, and between 14-15% bf but leaning closer to 15 currently. I have run two cycles before so this will make #3. I’m going to be running a long Test C and EQ, at 400mg of Test a weeks and 600mg of...
  10. D

    Starting SR9009 Dosage Recommendations? Cycle length?

    I'm 5'11, 19, 180lbs with Endomorph body type I was looking to lose fat and increase endurance, cardio and gain muscle without the side effects of things like testosterone boosters so I went with SR9009 this is what im buying - and I'll be dissolving it in Propylene Glycol I was wondering if...
  11. D

    SARMS & PED testing?? Cardarine and Andarine

    Hi, hoping for some knowledge and advice here - I have looked through other threads but not been able to find the answer to my questions, so sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I am just coming to the end of my first 8 week cycle of Andarine(50mg/day) and Cardarine(15mg/day). I wondered...
  12. S

    Jiu-Jitsu Player looking into SARMs, (currently b/w weight divs and am moving up)

    So I've always been an extremely hard gainer, not for lack of trying I promise you. I tried all the off the shelf supplements, changed my diets, hired personal trainers, olympic lift specialists, but the fact remained my gains in strength weren't nearly close to the work I was putting in. As a...
  13. G

    Weight loss and Endurance fitness in 5 weeks?

    First post, but have been reading a shitload the last 2 weeks. Some serious knowledge spread out here...I'd appreciate your help. I'm a 50yo, 5'11", 218lbs, bf% (guess from past measures)25%. I've never cycled or used any PED's until now. I just started Cardarine 5 days ago to prepare for a...
  14. Beastly

    The mind boggling super anti-oxidant/liver protectant/PED properties of C60...

    C60, aka BuckminsterFullerene, aka Liposomal Fullerene is a soccer ball shaped molecule containing 60 Carbon atoms(hence its name C60) that displays some mind boggling properties and has life extending, anti-oxidant, PED and liver protectant effects, unlike any other substance ever studied...
  15. B

    Mk-2866 Osta Log!

    Hey guys, This is my first PED cycle! My rats are super excited for gains! Mk-2866 (ostarine) from SARMs1 Running 8 weeks x 25mg ED in the morning (0.5ml) (cycle may be cut short due to overseas travel, hopefully not, will see how we go) May be getting HCGen to run during, and will hopefully...
  16. P

    HGH Virgin

    Hello All, Thanks for viewing this post. I'm a 45 yr old male. I suffer from hypothyroidism and have a bitch of a time losing weight. I do workout about 4-5 times a week and it consists of a mix of Crossfit and HIT training. I currently weigh 205lbs. A friend of mine suggested I try HGH and gave...
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