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Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 84

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Don’t not buy from
He is scammer, he never send out sales messages.
He already dropped prices on all products and he got everything in stock which is weird and unbelievable. He got 12,000 sus/test amps from
India as showing on his website, Lockdown in india..
All Flights/ post everything shutdown,Nice way to rob people fuck you cunt.
Don’t not order, i had Recently personal experience with him, he sent same message to everyone that your parcel lost by Auspost and i will reship.
If any of you don’t believe then put your money in drain and see what happens
Fuck that’s shit to hear, previously used him and no dramas. Ozshop is the only guy I’ll trust now
Gday Brothers,
Just wondering if anyone has ever used peptides from Pheonix-Gen research before? Good reviews?... I always use OZ, and the best quality and service. Just chasing peptides atm... that he doesnt have. If any other domestic companies plz sing out.
Thanks in advance.
Not sure but the site is legit and quality products. Lost count of the orders I’ve done over the years. Very fast delivery also
what's the best masteron going around atm? so far the best I have ever had was Sparta labs mast P and E. (which is on but not from approved source here)
Not open for further replies.
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