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Bloods after PCT


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Before some of you read this I want to be clear that if you decide to give input don't just throw in some bro science answer, something you've heard from some guy, or copy paste some bs you found somewhere.

***I'd like those that give the input to have actual first hand experience.***

Just recently finished a cycle and am 2 weeks into the 5 week PCT. I want to have bloods done afterward to ensure everything is back to normal. I was debating about having it done a week or two after. In the best case scenario I could have bloods done right after and then another time a few weeks later.

My question is when do you guys recommend having the bloods done to make sure that when I have it done everything has stabilized to avoid the case where they may have been back to normal by the end of the PCT but then dropped afterward.

Could I get a little input, what do you guys think?

first off what are you running for pct?

serm's can take a solid 3 weeks to even leave your system so if you run bloods during this time then you won't get accurate results

that's not a bro science answer.. that is factual. look up the half lives of SERM's and X that by 4-5 and that tells you how long it stays in your system
I have personally always waited between 4 to 6 weeks after I finish PCT to do my Post-Cycle-Bloodwork.......................... JP
Did you do a Pre-Cycle Bloodwork for a Baseline to compare your Post Cycle to.
If not, you not going to have an Accurate Picture.
Wait 4-6 weeks after you finish your pct in order to get blood work done to establish what your baselines levels are at. Most serms (nolvadex and Clomid) and sarms (such as ostarine) used in a pct take 2-3 weeks to clear out of your body. I always air on the side of caution and wait an extra week or two and then get blood work done.

Remember that all the literature data done on haft lives is done with rodents. The numbers will be slightly different in humans and will vary slightly person to person based on how efficiently your body detoxifies and removes compounds.
The minimum time you'd have to wait is two weeks. However, for a more precise number we would need to know the compounds you are running for the PCT, as different agents have different half lifes. Therefore, 2 weeks is the minimum, but with some compounds you may need to wait a bit more.
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