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spiked protein?


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Is there such a thing as spiked protein? I am a tested athlete and Have been reading blackstone labs spiked their supplements on some forums true or not I'm scared that even protein can be spiked. NOt sure how possible it is but to get more business companies can spike like I would be booted from the team for doping scared here.
spiking it with PH"s? if they did that the FDA would pull it off their shelf and recall it.
Protein is so cheap to produce, and is supposed to offer such mild effects, that nobody bothers with spiking it - it is just pointless. Have no worries, and use your protein.
The protein spiking you are referring to is when supplement companies add in cheap amino acids (such as glycine) into their protein shakes to increase the nitrogen content. For example, a 30g spiked protein shake might contain only 20g of whey protein, along with 10g of glycine. They do this because when you test the nitrogen content of the protein powder, it still comes up the same as if it was a pure whey protein.

NO protein powder is going to be spiked with pro-hormones or steroids.

The supplement industry is very shady. It is very important to stick with companies you trust. A good quality protein powder should not be cheap. The cost of raw ingredients are high and the product is expensive to ship. I recommend wheytobuildmuscle from It tastes incredible and the company is run by a stand up individual I trust.
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