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Natural Sucks – Testosterone does matter

If you believe that you can build a great physique by eating right and training naturally, while you neglect the fact that your Testosterone levels are low, then you better think again. This article will explain why you are wasting your time in the gym training and killing your morale dieting, while not making much progress. It is all because you neglected to think about the one key factor that truly affects the way you look, your Testosterone Levels. This will help you learn why Testosterone deficiencies are keeping you from achieving the physique you want, and what you can do about it without using needles.

testosterone chemical structure

Fig 1. Testosterone Chemical Structure

You’ve seen all the ads from the con artists that promise you a natural training and diet program that is meant to give you Steroid-Cycle-like effects. There’s always some promise of gaining a ripped, muscular body by this newcomers secretive diet methods or this special hi-tech routine or that new exercise gadget. There is also the supplements that claim to change your appearance and whole life virtually overnight, and that is all a bunch of lies. Then there are the diets – the paleo, Atkins, anabolic, metabolic, food combination, blood type formulation, organic, neo-vegan, no fructose, gluten free. These are all a waste of your time. Yeah, some of these methods and products are better than others, but they all miss on the really important factors concerning altering one’s physical appearance and performance. One of the most important factors is your hormones -- especially testosterone. When it comes to building size, getting leaner and harder, being stronger and having more endurance, testosterone is king and the more testosterone the better. There is no scientific data out there that can point to men dying from their testosterone levels being too high. On the other hand the pain, suffering and embarrassment that low testosterone levels can cause, are facts of life that many men in the modernized world live with today.

How Low Can your Testosterone levels Get?

You don’t have to be clinical low in testosterone to feel the effects, or should we say NOT feel the effects. If you’re on the low side of the healthy range (between 300 and 1000ngs) you’ll most likely constantly struggling making progress, even with the best workout or the strictest diet. When testosterone is high you can actually get away with a sloppier diet and less exercise. Sucks, doesn't it? But that’s the reality for the guys who were genetically predisposed from birth to have higher testosterone levels. These guys tend to look ripped all throughout their years even without much effort put into dieting and training. It is the additional testosterone in their blood that helps to take care of keeping body fat levels low as well as strength and endurance at it's peak.

We Are What We Are -- And what We’ve Become

Testosterone levels are determined mostly by genetics. Just as some people are taller than others, some men have more testosterone than others. There’s also the “bio-availability” aspect of testosterone. In other words, how much our body converts the hormone to impart its effects. That too, is genetic for the most part and there are also other factors.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Stress, overworking yourself, and lack of sleep are all factors in having a lower Testosterone level than even your genetics allow. Some diets such as a diet low in eggs and red meat can also lower testosterone. Of course, after the age of 35 or so, Testosterone begins to decline at about 2% a year, which means that by age 65 testosterone output is almost non-existent. Some doctors will say this is a normal part of aging, but most aging bodybuilders would say, “Noway!”

Believe it or not a our testosterone levels are affected quite a bit by our environment and our day to day life. Even something liek having children will automatically lower your testosterone. This is a cruel trick played on us by nature that causes our testosterone levels to drop when we have children in order to help keep us more faithful to our mate and more able to form life-long bonds with one female, thus ensuring offspring with both parents and more chances of survival. This is just one of nature's ways of ensuring perpetuation of a species.

Stress levels are contributing factors to low testosterone levels. Some men who report trouble sleeping and other stress related disorders are at higher risk of developing a case of low testosterone levels. Your body makes a lot more Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone when you get plenty of restful sleep on a consistent basis.

Wait…It Gets Worse

In 2012, the average Testosterone level of men from 25 to 35 is 15% lower than it was back when such tests were first conducted in the early 1960’s. That may be due to environmental pollutants, however air and water pollution have actually improved since then. So what is it? Some experts think it’s the emasculation of American society. They call it the “Oprah” effect. For years, male behavior has been condemned as foolish, aggressive, selfish, rude and intolerant – every negative aspect of male behavior has been blamed on an over abundance of Testosterone. Men have been conditioned to get in touch with their feminine side, become more sensitive and dismiss the “alpha male” role as stupidly macho and egotistical. There’s even a term that’s become a part of the vocabulary – Testosterone poisoning – as to suggest that it’s the cause of all that’s bad about men. The term originated from an off handed comment by actor Alan Alda whose character of Hawkeye Pierce in the 70’s sitcom M.A.S.H was the epitome of the peace loving , anti aggression male feminist. Alda was quoted as saying: "Everyone knows that Testosterone, the so-called male hormone, is found in both men and women. What is not so well known, is that men have an overdose... Until recently it has been thought that the level of Testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from Testosterone poisoning.”

This is the type of thinking that has led far too may people to see testosterone as an evil hormone and this type of thinking has worked. Men have started losing that edge that makes them men and ironically, women started wondering where all the real men have gone.

The trend continues to this day. In an article from the New York Times on Sept 11, 2013 Gina Kolata makes the incredible irresponsible remark that aging men need more estrogen, not testosterone and that Testosterone injections require a huge needle into the abdomen. Since she’s a woman and speaking negatively about a male hormone, obviously she is not questioned, even though the information is blatantly and irresponsibly erroneous. Here is a link to her article.

Is There Hope?

Luckily, things have started making a bit of a turn around. Men are regaining their masculinity and discovering ways to boost their natural testosterone. Drugs like Viagra and Cialis are making older men rediscover the joys of an abundant sex life, and Testosterone therapy stacked with these medications causes the benefit of added desire along with the libido. The use of steroids is becoming commonplace among athletes and nobody is dropping dead. Some day perhaps they’ll be legal once again but and necessarily for health issues but strictly for the cosmetic effects. Where money is to be made, doors open. Interestingly enough, Testosterone replacement for older men has gone from being touted as an impending disaster to the American Medical Association recognizing bodybuilding experts have known for some time. Testosterone not only makes muscle, it also creates a sense of well-being, a strong libido, and helps in the prevention of heart disease. In fact, some doctors are now prescribing Testosterone instead of anti-depressant drugs. It makes sense. If a man feels stronger, hornier and looks better, he’s a lot less likely to be depressed! Today you can see TV commercials for Testosterone replacement. Suddenly, if it’s on TV, it’s not so bad. Of course, the replacement is in the use of a gel because the mainstream public fears the notion of injections and its connotation with “drug use.” However, injections are safer, easier, less time consuming and more cost effective. The trend with Testosterone application has recently switched to an under arm gel, which makes sense since topical solutions can be transferred to anyone who comes in contact with it. If you rub it on your chest and your 4-year-old daughter touches it she could be getting a massive dose of testosterone into her blood stream! We predict that once people become more knowledgeable on proper injection, it won’t seem quite as frightening. For those who want to increase Testosterone levels without injections, using a gel like RS-Transaderm or an oral active like PhytoSERM-347 is a great way to go.

There is a lot to feel good about when it comes to Testosterone. Plus, there are a few natural substances that have shown very positive in younger men to boost natural Testosterone levels as high as possible, like Fadogia Agrestis and Bulbine Natalensis, DHEA and even Pregnolone. However there is still the genetic limitation that we all have. So don’t let anyone tell you can have the results of someone with a Testosterone level of 1000 if all you have is 300. It just isn't gonna happen, not unless you increase your own levels to match those of the guy with a level of 1,000. Instead of buying into the hype, it’s time to become educated on the real secret to youth, longevity and muscular development. It’s the big “T”. That’s what you really want. And it’s what you really need to make progress towards a better body.

Here is a short guide on how Testosterone is best utilized to improve aesthetics and performance:

Optimizing natural Testosterone levels for bodybuilding

As we covered in the pages above, Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the body that is responsible for a lot of factors that will affect how you look, feel, and perform. When levels of Testosterone in the body are low, it will negatively impact the way you look and feel in ways like losing muscle mass and gaining fat, along with depression and a complete disinterest in sex along with a lack of the needed erections to perform. We can all agree that maintaining adequate Testosterone levels are crucial and important for bodybuilders that are looking to achieve their biggest, strongest, and leanest physique. If you have healthy Testosterone levels it will help have the energy and drive to push through your tough and intense workouts, which are necessary to break through plateaus, and make gains.

How Testosterone affects Building muscle:

Building muscle mass is highly dependent on adequate Testosterone levels. Without enough Testosterone in the body, building muscle is very difficult to almost impossible at times. Men with higher levels of Testosterone will build more muscle than those with lower levels, even with the same diet and training, which means Testosterone is directly proportionate to muscle gain. It also stimulates protein synthesis and promotes nitrogen retention within the muscle. That is why ensuring optimal Testosterone levels is so important. If you are looking to gain size, the higher your levels the more you will gain. Adding or “stacking” other anabolic substances along with the Testosterone will undoubtedly increase the good effects of your testosterone. Taking a products containing Fadogia Agrestis like PhytoSerm-347 will ensure that you maintain an appropriate testicular size even while injecting Testosterone, or to at least increase natural production levels on guys who are natural.

Fadogia Aggrestis plant

Fig 2. Fadogia Aggrestis plant

Losing body fat:

Optimal Testosterone levels are also essential in losing body fat, you just can't lose body fat while your Testosterone is low. As a matter of fact, most men will actually see their Testosterone levels drop every day in front of the mirror. A good marker is muscle to fat ratios and how they change, as body fat is gained, Testosterone levels are plummeting. Even though diet and nutrition are the most important factors in fat loss, when Testosterone falls below normal levels fat loss becomes more difficult and can even become nearly impossible to burn fat during a workout, instead of fat, muscle is catabolized or broken down. Those with lower natural Testosterone levels can have higher estrogen levels, and normally carry more fat mass than those with levels in the normal to high range. In order to achieve that ripped and shredded look you are after, your Testosterone to estrogen ratio had better be in balance for the best results or you will be fighting an uphill battle.


When Testosterone levels are low, your energy levels will go with it. It becomes tougher to be motivated or have the drive to do the things you normally do. Lethargy can become a major problem on a regular basis, and your performance in and out of the gym will suffer because of it. If you bring your Testosterone levels to a higher level it will give you a big boost in energy all day long, and you will have the push to get through those workouts and leave you with an aggressive Alpha-male feeling ready to destroy the iron every time you set foot in the weight room.


Another huge benefit to having healthy Testosterone levels is its ability to help you recover from tough workouts. When Testosterone is at a higher level you will repair muscle faster and have reduced soreness compared to suboptimal test levels. That makes it easier to complete a great workout while ensuring proper recovery time before the next time you complete that same workout. Another big important factor in recovery is sleep, and having healthy test levels will help you get a better nights sleep as well.


A nice little added bonus to elevated Testosterone in the body is an increase in sex drive. It will give you more frequent and stronger erections, and an overall more pleasurable experience, having higher levels of Testosterone can have you feeling like a teenager all over again.


The great thing about having testosterone in a healthy or elevated state is the effect it has on your mood and feeling. It will make you feel great, give you more confidence, and make you more likely to be happy. When Testosterone is low, depression comes, and guys will end up feeling terrible because of low testosterone. Testosterone is a major game changer in how you handle everything on a daily basis. Everything you do in life will be more enjoyable because you will feel better all around when you have good testosterone levels.

There are many ways Testosterone benefits the bodybuilder aiming to achieve his goals. It affects every facet of his lifestyle. Everything from his training, body composition, performance, recovery, and to how he feels through the whole day is affected by his testosterone levels. Making sure testosterone is right where you want it, can be the difference between success and failure.

About RLS and our products.

We are convinced that Testosterone DOES matter, we don't try to cheat the customers into thinking we have some super special compound that “works just like Testosterone” or that it “gives results like Testosterone” that would all be a complete lie and you should distrust any company that tries to sell you products that way. The reality is that Testosterone is quite perfect the way it is, it does not need to be altered or changed to give you incredible results. We have based our company and product mix around the goal of helping guys increase their testosterone levels, and lower their estrogen levels, to create an anabolic environment where your body is primed for building muscle and also burning stored body fat for energy on a daily basis. Our approach is pretty simple really, we provide great products that increase Testosterone levels to heights which you never could have naturally and let Testosterone itself build huge muscle mass and burn body fat. We don't claim super compounds that will work as good as Testosterone, we just cut through the lies of the supplement industry and increase your Testosterone levels far beyond a natural athlete and bring you into the realm of the chemically enhanced. Yes training and dieting do matter, as a matter of fact some of the articles we will be sending you soon are all about diet and training. But let's not kid ourselves, diet and training alone will keep you right where your genetic limits begin, it will keep you just fat enough to stave off starvation and under-muscled so you don't spend too many calories. It is only by increasing Testosterone that your body will get the message to strengthen the muscles for the fight and burn body fat for energy.

We have only made two products towards these goals:



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