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P90X Training Program

p90x extreme home fitness

The P90X is a 90 day fitness program started by Tony Horton who is a trainer. This program consists of 12 workouts that use different techniques to achieve a lean toned body. The program uses things like cardio, plyometrics, ab work, martial arts and yoga, along with a nutrition plan, fitness guide to get you on the right track to achieving your goal. The P90X program is a fitness program that lasts for around 13 weeks. There are three types of basic routine types:

Classic - This routine forms the basic routines of the P90X workout. This routine does give you an option to do use free weights or resistance bands which you have to buy yourself. Three days of yoga or cardio is offered in this routine has well.

Doubles - This routine is similar to the classic routine but you can add cardio to this routine after 30 days. This routine gives you the option for extra cardio. How this routine is set up is like this. You do the regular workout program in the mornings and in the evenings you do the extra cardio. This routine is only for those you are serious and have a desire for some serious strength training.

Lean – This routine is for people who prefer more cardio then upper body workout. In this routine you are offered four days of cardio and yoga and two days of resistance bands.

Like all workout programs they all have their own routine schedule and they all set goal to the routines. P90X stands for Power 90 Extreme. This program is not a bodybuilding program. This program is designed to help you lose weight, tone up and give you that beach body look. The P90X is mixed between crosstraining and muscle confusion. The workouts that promote this concept will help keep the body from adapting to exercises and repeated motions. You want to try avoiding the plateaus that come with the same workouts over and over. Since muscles never adapt to the exercises, they will keep growing and strengthening throughout the 90-day program.

The program does call for a 6 days a week workout regiment. This program does require a combination of stretching, cardio, strength training, yoga and plyometrics which challenges your body to achieve maximum results. The program comes with 12 DVD’s and there is even additional information on their website.

In order to get the material that is on the DVD’s you have to purchase the program. There is no websites or anything else out there available to give you this information but by purchasing the DVD’s.

The P90X will utilize every muscle in the body. An hour a day is all it will take to start transforming your body into a beach body if you want to achieve maximum results. The best part about using the P90X is that you can use it in the comfort of your own home with small amount of space and limited training equipment. I have seen a few of my friends use this program in the gym in the early morning hours while I am doing cardio they are following the program and in the past 90 days they have been using this program they have shown some great results from it.

The program will adapt to any fitness level even if you have a disability. So Tony has it all covered. P90X does come with two books to use to get the result possible that you want to achieve. These books are a Workout Manual and a Nutritional Guide.

The nutritional guide will help make sure your eating properly through the 90 day program. This will also help you develop better eating habits.

The P90X is NOT designed to have you go out and eat pizza, fast food or other junk food and expect you to have a beach body. The P90X will develop in you better healthy eating habits.

Here is an overview of what you get on each DVD in the P90X Training Program.

  • P90X-1 Chest and Back – This routine focuses in on two upper body muscles to help build strength.
  • P90X-2 Plyometrics -This is a cardio and jumping routine to improve your performance.
  • P90X-3 Shoulders and Arms- A combination of curls, fly’s, and hardcore moves!
  • P90X-4 Stretch X – To help enhance your body with combinations of balance, flexibility, and strength.
  • P90X-5 Legs and back - Endless lunges and squats like you have ever experienced before.
  • P90X-6 Kenpo X - Intense punching and kicking moves while improving your endurance and balance.
  • P90X-7 Stretch - Helps to prevent injuries.
  • P90X-8 Core Synergistics - Condition your body while supporting and strengthening your core.
  • P90X-9 Chest, shoulders, and triceps. – Targets two upper body exercises for strength and definition.
  • P90X -10 Back and Biceps. - Toning and tightening your biceps.
  • P90X-11 Cardio X. - This low impact, fat burning routine.
  • P90X-12 Ab Ripper X - Start sculpting your physical performance.

Along with the 12 DVD’s above you will also receive additional information also.

  • 3 Phase Nutrition plan - To help boost your metabolism so that you can make it through your workouts while you’re burning fat and toning up and developing your beach body. P90X fitness guide - Packed full of information and tools to help you track your progress, and keep you motivated through the entire program.
  • How to Bring it video - Get an overview of the P90X program.
  • Online Support - You get a 24 hour support and have health experts to help answer any questions you may have while going through the program and also the 24 hour support team will even motivate you on days when you feel like you can’t push yourself.

If you work hard and stay and follow the instruction you will be successful from this workout program!

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