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Test stack Rx Facts

What is Test stack Rx No. 17?
Test stack Rx No. 17 is a testosterone boosting supplement that is over the counter.  The product is designed to increase the natural production of testosterone within the body - not replace your testosterone (like anabolic steroids).  Test stack Rx No.17 is non suppressive; therefore, this supplement will allow your hormonal system to create testosterone on its own.  This is good news, since increasing testosterone without suppressing your HPTA means more strength and muscle, less fat, higher libido, and better performance in the bedroom.

teststackrx17 bottle

Fig 1. Test Stack RX N17 Bottle (Source: Vimeo)

Table of Contents


There are 12 ingredients that make up Test stack Rx, but since the formula is protected (proprietary), we do not exactly know how much of each ingredient makes up the proprietary formula.  In fact, it is only known that every serving (3 capsules) is 2125 milligrams (mgs) total, and each bottle contains 30 servings.  The following are the ingredients found in this product:

  1. Cnidium Monnieri:  This is a testosterone accelerator and pro-erectile agent that works by increasing nitric oxide production.  Thus, it works very quickly to help you get, and keep, an erection before sex.
  2. Ligusticum:  This herb has been used in Asia for many years as an aphrodisiac and reproductive organ tonic.  Studies show that it increases blood flow, which leads to harder erections.  What's more, it helps with your muscle building by suppressing cortisol and adrenaline, which are stress hormones.
  3. Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 35% piperazine:  This plant has been shown to increase testosterone and nitric oxide.  Hence, it will give you muscle pumps in the gym, and blood flow in the bedroom.
  4. Shilajit:  Used by the Soviets in the Olympics, this compound aids in absorption of nutrients.  Interestingly, animals on top of a mountain (high altitude) were eating this compound by mistake, and they were growing bigger and stronger, which is how shilajit was discovered.
  5. 3,4, Divanillyltetrahydrofuran:  This element will bind to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), increasing free testosterone, which is the kind of testosterone that matters the most.
  6. Paeonia lactiflora:  This herb does 3 things: it treats impotence, increases stamina, and helps cleanse out the liver.
  7. Fadogia Agrestis:  One of the best known supplements that will boost LH (luteinizing hormone) and testosterone naturally without suppression. This herb is also used in HCGenerate, where the label gives a full 1,000mg of this ingredient.  In the Test Stack formula is not clearly known how much fadogia is in each serving.
  8. Desmodium gangeticum 10:1:   This compound is great for those who work hard in the gym, as it will aid in recovery, support the nervous system, reduce inflammation, and raise testosterone.
  9. Avenacosides A&B:  This yet another compound that will help lower SHBG, which will cause a rise in free testosterone levels.
  10. Chlorophytum Borivilianum:  This plant has saponins that will boost immunity and the hormonal system.  Moreover, it will naturally cause a rise in testosterone and a drop in estrogen.
  11. ProLensis Bulbine Natalensis:  Studies have shown this compound to raise testosterone levels up to 347%.  Though, this depends on the dose.
  12. Catuaba P.E. 4:1 Extract:  A testosterone booster and aphrodisiac found in Central America.  It has also been shown to boost recovery and the immune system.

How to use

There are different ways to use Test Stack.  You can run Test stack RX at any time by itself or stacked with other natural testosterone boosters, and in both cases it will work fine.  Simply take 3 caps per day for a boost in testosterone, strength, muscle, and vitality.

Yes, females can use Test stack Rx too.  However, herbal supplements like this have never been that popular among women.  Maybe all testosterone booster require the user to have testicles, which can be stimulated and females obviously lack those.

Side effects

Test stack Rx is non suppressive, and is safe to take year round.  Though, the dosages of this supplement are not clear, so buyers beware.

Sprinkling and Scams

In the supplement industry, there is a concept called “sprinkling.”  It's a well known technique of supplement manufacturers to conceal the amounts of each ingredient using so-called proprietary formulas.  For example, Fadogia Agrestis and Fenugreek are expensive herbs, but if you add them to a “proprietary” formula, you can use very little and make your supplement sound good.  Therefore, instead of the suggested 800-1000mgs of Fadogia or Fenugreek, you can put in 200mgs and still make the claim that the ingredients are present.

Test Stack RX 17 falls into the proprietary-blend category, where the ingredients are not listed and hidden from the consumer.  While it's up to you what you want to buy, I wouldn't suggest buying any proprietary mixes when there are plenty of alternatives on the market that clearly list their ingredients.  After all, if the product is as good as they claim, why are they hiding the ingredients? Makes you think...

teststackrx17 ingredients

Fig 2. Test Stack Rx Proprietary Blend (Source: bodybuilding.com)

Alternatives to Test Stack RX

Members of Evolutionary.org endorse HCGenerate for testosterone boosting and cycle support.  This is not a secret, as we promote the best products for our evo family.  HCGenerate gives you a full 1,000mgs of Fadogia Agrestis and 1,000mgs of Fenugreek, along with Tongkat Ali and high quality Tribulus.  All of the milligrams of each ingredient are stated on the label, clearly without being hidden.

Many of our members report great results from HCGenerate use (check reviews below), and some bodybuilders even report using it alongside their pharma bought Clomid for post-cycle therapy.
Read more about HCGenerate here:   What is HCGenerate?

HCGenerate ES
Do you need a product for testosterone boosting that is extra strong?  You need to read about HCGenerate Extra Strength (HCGenerate ES), this is a 7th generation testosterone booster that has seen widespread use by steroid abusers and IFBB Pros all over the world, read about it here:  HCGenerate ES?

HCGenerate Reviews

  • “Loved hcgen guys, got my balls working fast and really made my old lady happy....” - Peter, NC USA
  • “I had problems with recovering during PCT, and when you guys suggested hcgenerate I was skeptical at first.  But after adding it to my pct, my bloodwork came back perfect and I was recovered in 4 weeks.” - James, CA USA
  • “...who would have thought id use something natty? but i gave it a shot and used hcgenerate es during last 4 weeks of my deca and test cycle and pct, my recovery time post cycle went from 8 weeks to 5 weeks and i felt a lot better...” - Cliff, TX USA
  • “had testicular atrophy during cycle balls shrank to peanuts almost, was hella embarrassing! Used hcgenerate for 4 weeks and balls were right back in action – hung like a champ!!!! thanks brothers” - Scott, NY USA
  • “i tried other gnc test boosters wasted like $300 bucks rip off damn no results, tried hcgenerate and had results within weeks night and day from this gnc crap, love n2bm :)” - Justin, FL USA
  • “2 words about hcgen: big balls!!! AWESOME SUPP!!!” - Anonymous, Canada


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DISCLAIMER: The article above our opinion of Test Stack RX 17.  This article is for information and entertainment purposes only.  There is no proof Test Stack RX 17 doesn't work or is a scam.  All information expressed is per 1st amendment rights, this article is in compliance with all legal articles of free speech.


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