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HRT/TRT series – Part 4

Why is it so difficult to get a script?

Doctors will sometimes be gun shy to approve someone for a script, especially for someone who is within the 'normal ranges,' or who is too young. However, it is interesting to note that the normal testosterone levels of about 350-850ng/dl is just a number, and there really isn't a set policy by medical experts or the FDA to determine what is normal for a male of X age.

What makes things even more complicated is the fact that some males can function just fine at the low end of the range, while others will be within range and still struggle. Yet, they feel so much better when they go on a testosterone cycle. For this reason, you might have a tough time convincing a doctor that you being at 350ng/dl is low enough to get an actual prescription, and you will really feel a lot better with 700ng/dl instead.




Before we go on, I wanted to clarify the difference between HRT and TRT. HRT is hormonal replacement therapy and TRT is testosterone replacement therapy. They practically mean the same thing, but TRT is mainly used for men. At the same time, HRT terminology is used for both women and men. This is purely a play in words, and the majority of males are on TRT with weekly testosterone replacement dosages of 100-200mgs of testosterone enanthate or cypionate.

Who needs a TRT prescription?

Those who find themselves involved in the above mentioned situation will seek ways to drop their testosterone levels artificially, just so they can go in and get blood work done showing a poor number and get approved for HRT. As funny as it may seem, some want that script just to make their spouse be okay with it. Furthermore, those who work in non-athletic careers that test for steroids will definitely want to have a script to prevent the risk of being fired. For instance, federal jobs, public sector jobs, and even pilots are some of the professions where you can be tested for anabolic steroid use, so you better have a script for it in case you fail these tests.

Ways of cheating an TRT doctor

The main problem you will run into if you attempt to manipulate your results is that a smart doctor can look at blood work and determine if you are on exogenous hormones. Lets say for example that if you run equipoise for 10 weeks, your testosterone levels will drop without EQ showing up in the drug test. However, your LH and FSH will also drop, and as a matter of fact, those will drop to near 0. This is quite an obvious indicator for a doctor, since even someone with low testosterone will not have their LH and FSH at almost 0, unless they are on exogenous hormones or have a severe HPTA malfunction. Hence, if you think it is as simple as being on certain anabolics and then trying to trick your doctor, then that probably won't work on a specialist. After all, primary doctors are different, as they do not study in depth how hormones affect blood work.

Still though, there are a couple ways you can accomplish your goal here, but they borderline on crazy.

  • You can run a crazy cycle and shut yourself down hard. Then, run no post cycle therapy (PCT), and visit your doctor in about 6-8 weeks after your last injection. In such case your LH and FSH will have rebounded enough to give the appearance that you are just some poor soul who has HPTA issues, and your T levels will still be low since you ran no PCT, and you haven't given yourself enough time to recover. This is probably the smartest way to do it.
  • The other way to do this is foolish, but some people do it anyway. They will get poor sleep, eat like crap, stress themselves out, over-train, and drink alcohol the one or two weeks leading up to their blood work at the doctors. This hell week or two will most certainly drive their testosterone levels down to a level of someone who is on the bottom end of the range. Lets say that by following these guidelines a person with 400ng/dl would drop down to 300 or less. Additionally, you can try to get tested later in the day, as your testosterone levels are highest in the morning. Finally, drink lots of alcohol the night before and don't sleep at all. This will help you go into your blood test like you were half dead and you will probably get half dead results.

Testosterone alternatives in HRT

Testosterone blends

Few people realize this, but hormone replacement therapy doesn't just have to be with testosterone. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that in the United States it is standard to use either enanthate or cypionate testosterone, injected about once a week. However, in Eastern Europe they actually use Omnadren - a blend of four different testosterone esters: 30 milligrams (mg) of propionate, 60mg of phenylpropionate, 60mg of isocaproate, and 100mg of a very long ester called decanoate. Basically, it is a copy of the better known Sustanon 250.

The idea behind the four esters is that you inject a larger dose, and do so less often. This means you can inject such blend once every 2 weeks, as one ester picks up after another. Oddly enough, you hear on forums people say that sustanon should be injected 2 or 3 times per week for best results, but that isn't how it was designed to be ran. In fact, sustanon was actually designed all along for TRT - it just never caught on.


Interestingly, there are more options other than the different forms of testosterone and its blends. For instance, trenbolone was briefly legal as a purely bodybuilding drug called Parabolan before it got banned, just to be brought back for its use in cattle. Today it is not produced at all by pharmaceutical companies, so only UGL's take care of the manufacturing of this steroid. However, you can use trenbolone for HRT at a dose of 50-75mg per week. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of trenbolone for HRT is that it is suppressive to the immune system, and it will negatively affect stomach flora. Therefore, if you choose trenbolone for HRT, you must also use a good probiotic, and run support supplements like n2guard to improve your immune system.


Another widespread choice for HRT is primobolan. In fact, AIDS patients around the world use primobolan year round because of its low side effects, health benefits (such as improved immune health), and its ability to prevent muscle wasting without aromatizing into estrogen. I would run primobolan at a similar dose as you would with testosterone. The negative part with primo for HRT is that it does not carry any androgenic punch to it, so your libido will probably take a hit on a long term.


Finally, due to their selective properties, such SARMS as Testolone (RAD140) and Anabolicum (LGD) were designed to replace testosterone for HRT. Specifically, their ability to do the job of preventing muscle wasting without causing any side effects, such as estrogen issues. Nonetheless, the challenge with using SARMS is finding real SARMS to use, since much of what is sold out there is fake or underdosed. Therefore, you need to use reliable sources to get these compounds, and I feel Sarms1.com is a good option for real SARMS. I've used them many times.

Possible complications on HRT

Using testosterone for your HRT comes with drawbacks. Those who are in poor health can end up in worse shape due to water retention and the domino effect of sides related to excessive estrogen levels. What's more, heart health can take a beating, and this is the very reason why some doctors are wary of prescribing testosterone to people in poor heart health. In fact, I have seen in recent years commercials by attorney's, who are encouraging patients to sue doctors who give them testosterone scripts when they already have heart complications. Hence, it is important to run your TRT correctly, since too much testosterone can cause a host of androgenic side effects too. Among those are aggressiveness, head hair loss, acne, and high blood pressure.

Making the most out of your prescription

To make the most out of your prescription, I recommend 1 hour a day of exercise at the minimum. Unfortunately, many people are lucky enough to get on HRT, and do not even take advantage of their now normal hormone levels because they continue making poor lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking, eating improper food, and not exercising enough. Hence, I ask these individuals - why go on TRT if you are not going to care about your body's health in the first place?

All you need to do is make sure to get a workout program in place and stay honest and consistent with it. The same goes for your diet - try to reduce dairy, sugars, processed foods, and tons of meat products. Instead, increase your fruits, veggies, and lean meats like fish and eggs. Furthermore, work on reducing stress by applying the relaxation techniques mentioned in the previous article series.

Finally, if you work at changing your lifestyle, then getting on TRT can turn your life around. We have read many stories of guys who have said they are no longer tired all the time, and can actually workout in order to make progress, have a normal libido, and can get a good nights sleep for a change.


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