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Best Bulking Cycles for Winter with Geneza


Welcome to another episode of Evolutionary Underground. In episode #30, Steve and Mobster go over the best bulking cycles for winter with Geneza Pharma.  Whether you are a skinny guy or huge, this is the episode to pay attention to if you want to put on some bulk this winter.  The guys will talk about several different steroid stacks they like for this purpose and they also talk about how to train and diet as well.

Geneza Pharma information

Steve says that in America there is a major drug epidemic and crime in rural areas and people will produce recreational drugs out in the middle of nowhere out of trailers.  Once those operations cease they will switch to producing anabolic steroids which are extremely low quality.  These steroids can give you life-threatening infections, contain chemicals and heavy metals, and ruin your cycles. They are almost always either underdosed or overdosed, and rarely contain the actual steroids you are expecting.  These are the steroids that end up at your local gym, being sold by trainers and even gym owners under the table.

Steve says that Geneza Pharma is extremely high-quality gear which he has used many times.  Not just a great brand he says, but also very fair prices as well and ease of access.  Their products are made in a legitimate lab facility by actual professionals and are up to the same standards as the pharmacy-grade gear you get from a pharmacy.  In fact, our forum members have said their doctors have told them that Geneza Pharma gear is as good as the gear they were writing prescriptions for.

Finally, Mobster says that with Geneza Pharma you can expect proper gear that is free of crystallization or post-injection pain.  They know what they are doing and never sell a product that isn't already highly tested with certificates of analysis. This is why they have been around for 15 years and are trusted by the top steroid resellers in the world.

Bulking and doing it during winter

Mobster says that the majority of bodybuilding competitions run into late September when it is warmer and more people are out.  This is one of the reasons guys like to cut during the summer ahead of competitions and then bulk up during winter when they are wearing heavier sweaters/jackets.  Back in his day, bodybuilders would bulk up during winter 20-25 pounds. Today, this still occurs but it's much more subtle and more like 10-15 pounds only.  You also have to consider the holidays when big meals are traditional.  The bottom line is winter is the best time of the year to bulk. You won't be showing off your abs cause you will be covered up due to the cold weather.  Mobster also says it's more natural to put on more mass during the winter according to nature.

Steve takes this discussion from a different perspective.  He says that growing up he was always that skinny and fast kid who had a very weak upper body.  In 3rd grade, he couldn't even climb a rope in PE class, that is how weak and skinny he was.  Once he became a teenager and started to workout he started to build more strength and size.  That insecurity led to him wanting to bulk in his late 20s to get bigger and stronger.

In terms of bulking, Steve says that putting on BMI (body mass index) will include not just muscle mass, but also fat and water weight too.  Since our muscles are mostly made up of water, it is important to remember this when it comes to bulking.  Certain steroids are great at water retention, so they tend to be the first picks when it comes to bulking if you want to move the scale.


Best Geneza Pharma orals and injectables/stack ideas

Steve starts the segment with his favorite old-school bulking stack of all time which he used to bulk up 20 pounds himself.   Using GP Dbol as a kickstart at 25mgs a day for 4 weeks, while stacking in Nandrolone (either GP NPP or GP Deca), along with GP Testosterone.  Geneza Pharma has many types of Testosterone options including GP Sust270, Test E400, Test blends, Test Cyp, Test E, or Test Prop. Steve says if you go with NPP, which is shorter ester nandrolone, then logically it would make sense to keep the cycle 10 weeks or less and stack in a shorter ester Testosterone option.  On the flip side, if you go with the Deca nandrolone option, then you can run one of the longer ester testosterone options.

The bottom line when it comes to either nandrolone option, a dose of 300-400mgs a week is ample.  With Testosterone, you will want to run anywhere from 100-500mgs a week.

Expect major appetite increases with this stack, so Steve says be prepared to double your grocery bills. Also, expect major body mass increases and rapid weight gain. It is important to manage these changes by monitoring your blood pressure and other lipids, along with taking an AI such as GP Aromasin to help with excess water retention.

Mobster also loves Sustanon and Deca together but doesn't like T400 due to PIP and its high concentration.  He says that deca can be great for the joints, but that benefit is temporary so never over-train or lift too heavy of a weight.  He has run this stack many times and has put on anywhere from 10-20 pounds each time, as well as increased his strength on all his major lifts.

Mobster loves dbol solo as well when he is in the mood for doing a shorter cycle that doesn't involve an injectable.  In this case, he will pick either the GP Dbol 10mg option or the GP Dbol 50mg option.  The cycle can be run from 3 weeks up to 6 weeks and you can be flexible on dosing up to 50mgs a day.

Mobster also suggests anadrol if you want another oral option.  GP Anadrol50 is an amazing oral steroid that is capable of putting on globs of mass in a short time.  He has put on 15 pounds using Anadrol in just 5 weeks before and says the appetite increase was also amazing.

Steve finishes out this segment by discussing a stack not many people know about that is great for bulking. Tren and Equipoise are both excellent for bulking together in a stack.  GP has different Tren options including blends, GP Tren Ace and GP Tren E.  Their Equipoise option is excellent and is called GP Bold 300, with each ML being a full 300mgs making it very easy to inject.   Steve says that Tren is an amazing bulker and he has put on 5-10 pounds very rapidly on it.  The secret to Tren is that it is a potent anabolic compound that is great at nutrient partitioning, so you can take full advantage of the foods you are eating.   A dosage of 200-300mgs a week is all you need, and you can add on the EQ at 100 more per week than what you choose for your Tren dosage.

Training and Diet for Bulking

The guys finish off the podcast with some diet and training tips.

*Friendly carbs- Steve says that there are lots of good carbs out there including fruit, sweet potatoes, brown rice, raw oats, and vegetables that you should be taking advantage of during a bulk.

*Steve says you should be eating healthy and nutritious foods even while bulking.  Our bodies don't want junk or fake food to grow, they want healthy food!   The same goes for what we drink, our bodies want water, not all these junky drinks.

*Stressing and training your muscles with your workouts is how you force growth.

*Compound lifts with proper form are your friend.

*Mobster recommends breakfast and not just have coffee in the morning.


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