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Methyliberine (99% Dynamine) the complete guide

EVO-pre-workouts or energy drinks

Methyliberine - Pre-Workouts Energy drinks


Supplement companies are constantly trying to re-invent the wheel with new products they promote to help with energy, focus, mood, pumps, etc.  The issue in today's society is that we are victims of a lot of things like pornography, video games, boredom, internet dating, apps, and social media.   We also all have a high-stress job, 3 cars, a big house, a boat, money, and a trophy wife/husband. All these things contribute to us having difficulty focusing and a hard time tapping into energy to make it through the day.   In this article, we will take a look at Methyliberine which can help you big time.

What is Methyliberine?

Methyliberine (as Dynamine™ 99%), also spelled Methylliberine, is considered a new age/modern neuro activating stimulant.  It is considered more powerful than TeaCrine not just because it is more potent, but also because it acts much faster.


Classified as a purine alkaloid, Methyliberine is great for lots of things especially boosting energy, increasing focus, and making you much happier.   It is found naturally in certain coffee species especially Coffea Arabica, along with beverages like yerba mate, cocoa, and tea.

I'm sure that you’re already aware that green tea is recognized by many as one of the healthiest drinks to consume due to its antioxidants and phytochemicals, which serve several purposes for improving general health. It’s such a potent elixir that it has even found its way into the cabinets of hardcore bodybuilders. They use green tea to help them get lean during their cutting cycle. Read More..

How Methyliberine works

The secret to how Methyliberine works is the effects it has on activating neurotransmitters such as dopamine receptors, thus increasing motivation.  Ever felt like not going to the gym?  Or not studying for a meeting or test?  This compound can help big time.  The reason is your brain will actually want to get up and go vs. it telling your body that it wants to sit like a couch potato in front of the tv.   Our brains will also want the body to actually be productive and energetic so you can get things done.


Chemical structure

Methyliberine is very close to TeaCrine but much better.  What differentiates the two is that researchers took away a methyl group on the 3-position of the TeaCrine molecule, then transferred it.  The end result is you end up with a much less hydrophilic compound, which will much more easily cheat the blood-brain barrier.  Another advantage is it becomes more lipid soluble for faster results.   And finally, it will also have effects as it is leaving your system because it touches serotonin, and GABA.  Those who take both compounds will notice that Methyliberine hits you a lot faster and stronger.

Dicaffeine Malate, also called Infinergy, was developed by a supplement research firm by combining roughly 75% caffeine with 25% malice acid by molecular weight. It is a compound that is stacked into supplement formulas due to its fitness and health benefits. We will take a closer look at this interesting supplement in this article and answer all your questions on it. Read More..


Did you know for every year you age you also lose a digit off your maximum heart rate?  When you take stimulants found especially in pre-workouts or energy drinks that supplement companies want you to get addicted to, they are loaded with caffeine, hence they will send your blood pressure and heart rate through the roof.  As we age we can't push as hard when we exercise because we hit our maximum heart rate much faster, add stimulants to the mix and you will only make yourself much weaker and slower.


Methyliberine - Cardazol

The cool thing about Methyliberine, which separates it from these horrible caffeine-rich products, is that it isn't actually a stimulant.  This means when you take it your blood pressure and heart rate won't become elevated.   You will be able to tap into focus and energy WITHOUT sacrificing endurance and strength in the process.

Other benefits

  • Weight loss: Methyliberine can also help with weight loss because it helps liberate fatty acids.
  • Energy:  One of the things Methyliberine does that we haven't discussed is its ability to block adenosine which is responsible for making us sleepy and tired. Your body will then signal the adrenal glands to produce more adrenaline, giving you long-lasting energy.
  • Endurance: Methyliberine can activate the beta 2-adrenergic cells to increase both oxygen utilization and bronchodilation.  This means you will be a beast whether you are in the gym, playing a sport, or doing endurance activities.

Methyliberine Dosage 100-200mg

Dosage when using solo

You want to take 100-200mgs of Methyliberine pre-workout if you are using it solo.   If you are using it as part of a stack, you can use half that dosage with great results.  It starts working within 30 minutes so take it a bit before your workouts.   Research has shown it hits a peak about 40 minutes after taking the dosage and slowly drops off over the course of 2-3 hours.

EVO-strength in the process

Methyliberine - Strength Stack

How to stack

There are some really cool ways to stack Methyliberine which you really need to take advantage of.

The simplest way to stack it is with plain old caffeine.  Now, remember how earlier we said caffeine hurts your heart rate and blood pressure?  Well, when you stack caffeine with Methyliberine you actually will more than offset those problems, plus you also will help with GABA (which caffeine suppresses).   In the end, they stack together super well.

EVO-faster results

Methyliberine with Tyrosine

Another stack we like is Methyliberine with Tyrosine.  Tyrosine acts as a precursor to dopamine so when we stack these two we get a nice boost in mood and focus.  It also helps relieve both mental and physical stress.

Cardazol is an army of supplements, all packed into 1 bottle, to give you a maximum punch. The individual ingredients are dosed at the perfect amount to work in synergy, so your can boost your results no matter the goals. Read More..

Where to find it

Methyliberine can be sold at hardcore supplement shops or certain online stores.  The best way to take it would be as part of a supplemental stack, which is why it makes a lot of sense to purchase an all in 1 product like Cardazol.  Cardazol has 100mgs per serving of Methyliberine (as Dynamine™ 99%), as well as two dozen additional ingredients which work in synergy to make you an animal in the gym.  You can purchase it at bannednutrition.com and find more information at evolutionary.org.


BUY Cardazol by BannedNutrition



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