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Oral Steroid Dangers

Health and longevity is the most important aspect of life in general. Without our health, we have nothing but constant concern and worry. We are not able to perform at optimal levels or truly enjoy life as it should be. Ensuring safety and health in all that we do should always be a priority.

There are several benefits to steroid use, but these can quickly turn into detriments if safety and precaution is not addressed first. When steroids are used, the main concern is the side effects. Understanding the side effects that are possible and how to address them is integral to being able to use steroids effectively.

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A very disturbing pattern is often seen with oral steroid use. Many users do not address or understand the side effects associated with oral steroid use. They are often overlooked and several issues develop both internally and externally before a user realizes what has happened. There are several concerns that need to be addressed when using a methylated oral steroids to ensure protection and preservation of health. Understanding what the possible side effects are and how to properly address them is integral before starting oral steroids.

The Causes of Steroid Methylation

Any ingested substance that is swallowed and eventually processed through the gastrointestinal tract must pass through the liver before ultimately entering the bloodstream. The problem with anabolic steroids is that they are easily metabolized and broken down by the liver. This process leaves a minimal amount that can actually survive liver metabolism. Eventually, it was discovered that by modifying the chemical structure of these steroids by adding a methyl, or alkyl group, to the 17th carbon would allow it to become far more resistant to this metabolism. The chemical bonding of a methyl group onto the 17th carbon is known as 17-alpha alkylation. When an anabolic steroid becomes C17-alpha alkylated, it allows an anabolic steroid to become orally active and bioavailable. If this did not occur, the likelihood of survival after entering the liver would be very low. The problem with methylation and 17-alpha alkylation is that there is a significant increase in liver toxicity.

methyl testosterone

Fig 1. Methyl Testosterone

Oral Steroid Side Effects

The majority of oral steroids present the issue of hepatotoxicity, better known as liver toxicity. They also cause problems with cholesterol, blood pressure, lipid profiles, kidneys and other vital organs – though this is true for all steroids not just orals. Remember, these are the likely problems that can and will occur without proper protection.

Implementing N2Guard

After seeing and understanding the dangers of oral steroids, the question you should ask is: “How do I protect myself?” The answer to this question is simple, use N2Guard during your cycle and you will ensure full and complete protection. N2Guard is an “all-in-one” cycle support supplement that offers complete protection against all of the side effects associated with oral steroid use. N2Guard contains countless benefits and protection agents. Here is a list of benefits obtained with use:

  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Liver Protection
  • Kidney Protection
  • Heart Protection
  • Organ Protection
  • Cholesterol Control
  • Anti-Water Retention
  • Ergogenic Adaptogens
  • Antioxidant and Cell Repair
  • Receptor Up-regulation
  • Complete RDA of Vitamins and Minerals

Enhances and protects these major organs: Circulatory System, Excretory System, Immune System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Reproductive System, Skeletal System, and Digestive System.

Some of the most prevalent worries that one can have when they are “ON” is their blood pressure, liver and lipids. These are all taken care of when using N2Guard. Another wonderful benefit is lowering bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol and also removing excess water bloating. In addition, N2Guard contains additional components that prevent excessive oxidation (anti-oxidant), as well as preventing receptor down regulation. On top of this, it contains a full RDA multivitamin panel, making it a year-round commodity.


The dangers of oral steroid use are prevalent and should never be taken lightly. The damage that is possible without full protection offers many reason for concern. We are blessed to have the protection offered by N2Guard to ensure full protection from all the negative side effects. Only one serving a day of N2GUARD offers all of these benefits.

n2guard needtobuildmuscle

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