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Orgasteron (chemical name norethandrolone) is the oral version of nandrolone, which is most commonly known in the bodybuilding world as deca durabolin or nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP). Of course, deca durabolin is the injectable version of nandrolone with the long acting decanoate ester, whilst due to its lighter phenylpropionate ester NPP is the shorter acting version of deca.

Orgasteron has considerable anabolic effects and reduced androgenic effects, making it a great addition to an existing steroid cycle because of its mild properties. In fact, just like all nandrolones, it is popularly used to boost appetite. What's more, deca durabolin is a well known anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) that helps prevent muscle wasting in HIV patients.

Compared to oral forms of testosterone, orgasteron is about five times more anabolic, while being much less androgenic. It does, however, have a lot of progestational activity. Therefore, norethandrolone does not only hit the estrogen receptors in the body, but it also interacts with the progesterone receptors. This can give benefits in helping with joint pain temporarily, but it can also cause unwanted side effects, which we will discuss below.

norethandrolone chemical structure

Fig 1. Norethandrolone chemical structure

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Orgasteron was developed in the 1950's for progestin replacement therapy in tablet form. It is no longer commercially available as a prescription medication, but a few underground labs still produce it.


Orgasteron users should be aware of the progestational risk involved when using this compound. Therefore, a very reliable aromatase inhibitor (AI) needs to be used, such as aromasin or letrozole. Moreover, it is recommended to keep on hand some prolactin inhibitors (cabergoline or pramipexole).

Interestingly, it is famous for its muscle tissue building processes and the ability to prevent catabolism. However, few people know that it also increases IGF-1 around muscle tissues. Furthermore, like all AAS, it boosts red blood cell count (RBC), shuttles in nutrients into the muscles, and helps improve recovery after workouts. These are just some of the benefits of orgasteron, and for more information on all the positive effects of this steroid you can see our deca durabolin article.

Side effects

Since norethandrolone is an oral form of nandrolone, it is a c17-alpha-alkylated (17AA) drug. Consequently, unlike its injectable big brother deca durabolin, orgasteron will strain the liver. Hence, if you have existing liver issues, this should be something to take into account when planning a cycle with this steroid. This steroid should never be stacked with other harsh orals, such as halodrol or anadrol, as this can quickly cause jaundice symptoms. Moreover, it is highly recommended to take liver protecting supplements when using any oral steroids, including this one, and one of the best supplements is N2Guard. It will cleanse the liver and give a complete protection to the organs of the athlete.

Unfortunately, as a result of its progestin effects, orgasteron will stimulate the progesterone receptors, which in combination with the estrogen activation can cause gyno-like issues. This is especially a problem when orgasteron is stacked with testosterone, as it increases estrogenic activity even further. Therefore, as already stated, an AI needs to be used.

The dreaded "deca dick" is also a risk, and this is actually caused by norethandrolone's ability to swamp dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is the sex hormone that gives men penises, so logically, when this hormone is suppressed in the body, it can have negative consequences on one's libido. Nonetheless, this problem can be easily avoided by stacking a DHT derivative compound with orgasteron.

Other side effects include the usual issues with increased blood pressure, cholesterol strain, and other lipid strain. It is important to outline that if estrogenic activity is not contained, a domino effect of such issues as insomnia and water retention can occur as well. Hence, estrogen levels must be controlled as strictly as possible.

User results

Users report fast increases in mass and strength when taking orgasteron, but not as fast as other oral compounds like halo or anadrol (which are also more harsh in terms of side effects).

Moreover, it is also often reported that orgasteron can temporarily help with joint issues. However, it is not recommended to use any nandrolone based steroid to deal with joint related problems, as this can cause even more long term complications after you stop using the compound.

Half life

The half life of norethandrolone is approximately 14 hours. For a better understanding of just how fast acting is orgasteron, we can compare its half life with deca durabolin, which has a whopping 14 day half life.

As you can imagine, the major difference is that it is much easier and faster to recover after a cycle with the oral version, instead of the injectable, as it will be out of the system much faster, allowing the HPTA to begin recovery sooner.


Orgasteron is still produced by overseas UG labs in 2.5, 5 and 10 milligrams (mg) tablets. It is suggested for men to run orgasteron at 10-30mg per day during 6-8 weeks at most. Thanks to its speedy action, it is a good idea to use orgasteron as a kickstart to a cycle. Women can use it as well, but they need to be aware of some androgenic risks, and their dosages should not exceed 5mg per day for 4 weeks or less.

I recommend stacking norethandrolone with such DHT derivative as masteron, winstrol, or proviron (which is liver safe).

Other names

Orgasteron (norethandrolone) is known in other countries as Orgaseone, matdonal, lutenin methalutin, and by its generic names methylnandrolone and methlnortestosterone.


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