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5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a metabolite of the amino acid L-tryptophan. You might have heard of tryptophan from the Thanksgiving myth that ‘eating turkey makes you tired.’ Although it’s true that turkey and salmon contain tryptophan, it’s in a very tiny amount and not enough to cause side effects.

Today, the nutritional industry extracts 5HTP from an African plant. You also have small amounts of it in your system, because it’s produced in our bodies as well. Although our bodies can make this compound, and it’s readily found in food, the pharmaceutical and homeopathic industry have isolated 5-hydroxytryptophan. This allows 5HTP to be used in a variety of health supplements and homeopathic treatments.

The reason to supplement your diet with something that your body already produces is to get mega doses of this compound, thus augmenting its effects. This is like how bodybuilders inject additional testosterone to gain muscle mass. Our bodies already make small amounts of testosterone, but a mega dose amplifies the results.

The same principle applies to 5HTP. Your body makes it already, but large amounts offer the feeling of being calm, relaxed, and satiated. This is a major reason why so many steroid users use exogenous 5HTP to help improve sleep and mood during a cycle.

Supplement formulators have used 5HTP mainly as a sleep aid and feel-good additive to nootropic formulas and “night time” bodybuilding formulas. More recent findings have shown that 5HTP can curb appetite and cravings. This is why some of the more-sophisticated fat burners on the market use 5HTP along with strong stimulants. Using 5HTP dosages of 5-50mg, one can expect the relaxation and calming effects. When stacking in a fat burner that contains stimulants like in N2Burn, the dosage goes up to the 100mg-200mg range to help you counteract the stims.

The synergy of 5HTP with stimulant ingredients in a fat burner is two-fold. The 5HTP’s calming effects will help soothe any feelings of “jitters” a user might have from the stims in the formula, and 5HTP’s effects on the brain will help curb appetite. Therefore, you have a product that provides energy without anxiety and is very effective at curbing appetite. When experimenting with dosage we found, the 100mg to 200mg dosage range is where the appetite suppression effects are at their fullest.

5htp chemical structure

5HTP chemical structure

How Does It Work?

5HTP is profiled as an immediate serotonin precursor, because it immediately converts to this brain neurotransmitter.

As mentioned before, 5-hydroxytryptophan causes a boost in serotonin. If you’ve read prior articles on serotonin, you already know that it’s a regulator of mood and happiness. It also controls temperature regulation, muscular function, and sleep.

Many of those bros who suffer from mental issues, like mood swings, depression, insomnia, and anxiety, have issues with serotonin.

5HTP users have reported that one effect of supplementing with this compound is weight loss and getting leaner overall. Some of the more-sophisticated fat-burning formulas in the supplement industry add 5HTP into the mix with stimulants and fat burners. The fat burner most popular among steroid users during their cutting cycle is called “N2Burn,” which contains 5HTP(5-hydroxytryptophan), along with Ephedra, Yohimbe, Garcinia Cambogia, Caffeine, Eria Jarensis and a few other ingredients.

n2burn bottle

N2Burn Bottle

This is the big reason why many report that N2Burn is such a great appetite suppressant and energy booster. N2Burn users also report that it doesn’t cause anxiety or weird jitters, the way other fat burners make bros feel when they don’t contain a calming agent like 5HTP or maybe a high dosage of L-Theanine.

5HTP’s calming effects are so profound that many “sleep aid” formulas on the market use this ingredient, along with Valerian Root, Melatonin, and other night time compounds to help users sleep. The idea isn’t that 5HTP makes you sleepy, but that it curbs anxiety, so you can be calm and free of thoughts that would otherwise keep you anxious and “up” late. A sleep time formula like N2Sleep is the best way to take 5HTP before bed, because the dosage is just right, and it has other compounds work in synergy to enhance its effects.


What about the Fat Loss Benefits?

We all want to be leaner. But it’s hard in today's society, where many are overworked, under-exercised, and overfed. Add it all up, and we simply take in too many calories and don't burn enough with our busy lives. 5HTP will help you indirectly lose weight, and here’s how:

5-hydroxytryptophan will help you eat less by making you feel fuller, faster. Most overweight people eat food to make them happier and to boost mood. You probably know someone who buys a tub of ice cream and eats the entire thing after a tough day at work while watching their favorite show. The idea is that instead of eating the entire tub of ice cream, you’ll feel full after eating a few bites. This means fewer calories going in.

5htp caps

A study by the International Journal of Obesity found that 5HTP helped obese people lose weight over a 2-week period when supplementing daily. The group that lost weight didn’t change their overall eating habits; they merely ate less because they didn't feel as hungry.

This makes 5-hydroxytryptophan a stim-free fat-loss weapon that’s perfect for those who want to do intermittent fasting, but who struggle with appetite. Not only is it free of stimulant effects, but it also has a calming effect that can curb the bad anxiety from strong stimulants. This allows you to gain the full benefits of clean energy from a strong fat-burning herb like Ephedra or Yohimbe, without feeling anxious and uneasy throughout the day.

Can You Take 5HTP with Steroids?

Yes, you can. It’s well documented that many steroids can cause insomnia and/or sleep apnea. Many bros already use 5HTP to help them fall asleep faster at night, especially on cycles with harsh androgens like Trenbolone, Dianabol, or high dosages of Testosterone.

There are no additional concerns with toxicity or other problems when taking this compound with steroids; if anything, it should help out quite a lot.

Side Effects

More is not better with 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). But if you run it at a proper dosage, you shouldn’t have side effects. Those that abuse it at sky-high dosages, such as 1,000mg or more, run the risk of nausea, upset stomach, and gas.


For fat burning, 5HTP dosage should be 100-300mg a day, used in conjunction with other fat-burning ingredients to create a synergy. For sleep, you can just use it in a sleep formula like N2Sleep to help you get calm before bed and have deep, restful sleep during the night.

n2burn banner

Where to Buy and How to Use

5HTP can be found in N2burn. N2burn contains 100mg per serving along with 9 additional ingredients. This big dosage should be plenty to help you feel real calm, even while other potent fat burners are flowing through your system and incinerating fat storages.

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The best way to run N2burn is 1-2 capsules in the morning with a quarter gallon of water (36oz).

In the afternoon, you have the option of taking an additional 1-2 capsules with water on an empty stomach.

Your tolerance to N2burn will dictate the dosage. Some users will only want to use 1 cap per day, while others can go as high as 4 to 6 caps. For those of you taking Clenbuterol, here’s a great fat-burning protocol for you to follow: Take Clen for 2 weeks; come off the Clen and take N2Burn for 2 weeks; come off and then start the Clenbuterol again for 2 weeks.

Many know that Clenbuterol’s fat-burning effects only last for the first two weeks; after that, it stops burning fat. You must get off the Clenbuterol to clear your receptors. And during that time, you can jump on N2Burn to continue burning fat, while you wait for your receptors to clear so that you can utilize the Clenbuterol again. This is the way most bros do it during cutting cycles.

For night time, just take 1-3 capsules of N2Sleep about 30 minutes before you’re due to go to sleep and turn all the lights off. Relax, and have a good night. It’s a great compound to help you fall asleep and is the first step in a good night’s rest.


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