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Dennis James Steroid Cycle


Dennis James

Dennis James is a professional bodybuilder who has accomplished a lot in his career and is still very much active in bodybuilding circles. He has spoken about steroid use, and he is not afraid to speak his mind on today's bodybuilding. In this article, I will take a look at his career, life, and speculate on what his steroid cycle looked like.

Dennis James bodybuilder

Early life and working his way up

Dennis James was born in Germany in May of 1966, to an American father stationed in Germany via the military, and a German mother. He was active as a teenager and got serious about bodybuilding at 18 years old.

His first major competitions were the NABBA Mr. Universe where he would finish 4th in 1993, 2nd in 1994, and 1st in 1995 in his division. James was not done and in 1997 got 4th at the NPC Nationals Heavyweight division and then a year later won the NPC USA Championships.

Big competitions in the 2000s

He also competed in IFBB Arnold Classic, Grand Prix's across Europe, and Ironman Pro's, placing in the top 5 in many of them over the next decade.

big competitions

He boasted stats of 5'8'' and 265 pounds and was close to 300 pounds during the offseason.
His Mr. Olympia finishes were also impressive where he finished:
11th in 2000, 7th in 2001, 10th in 2002
4th in 2003, 8th in 2004, 6th in 2005
9th in 2006, 14th in 2009, 11th in 2010

His run throughout the 2000s was legendary, especially considering he competed at a high level into his mid to late '40s. Oddly enough before his last Mr. Olympia in 2010, he said he had lied about his age in his past.


James is best buds with Big Ramy (Mr. Olympia champion) and they are also training buddies. He is known for keeping his training simple and came up with something called the “Dennis the Menace Time under Tension” approach. This is up to 20 seconds of weight lifting using the full range of motion then lowering it back down. He believes this is safer and prevents preventable injuries. He follows a 5 day split with 2 rest days per week and likes the 20 rep range for his sets.

Dennis james mr o prep

A funny story about him was when he was living in Thailand he would pay people $100 to follow him around in the gym and be his assistant picking up weights and that sort of thing.


James also believes in keeping nutrition simple and when you have his genetics that is a smart idea. He sticks to bodybuilding foods and eats 5-6X per day. Protein sourced from chicken and steak, carbs from potatoes and rice, and vegetables like broccoli and spinach are his go-to foods.


How much protein you need to build muscle has nothing to do with how much protein you are able to absorb. Over 90% of the protein you eat does not get absorbed! Some will provide nourishment and be used for the function necessity like sustaining life, then the rest will be eliminated as waste Read more

Social Media

Dennis James has a strong social media following due to his frequent appearances doing various interviews online. His Instagram boasts a whopping 1.2M followers https://www.instagram.com/bigdjames/?hl=en


He promotes a clothing line called gorillawear, a supplement line called enhanced, and posts lots of pictures and interviews/podcasts on his social media.


Dennis James is still very active in bodybuilding but not as a competitor, but as a commentator and has a lot of opinions, and isn't afraid to share them. Over the past year, he has said that Phil Heath gets too much hate among his peers which he doesn't get understand and believes it is due to Phil's personality. His opinion is you don't have to like someone's personality to still respect them.

Another opinion he has is Hadi Choopan's placing at last year's Olympia. His feeling is he should have won 2nd place.


His belief is he got short-changed due to his traveling issues having to show up late and prep in a short amount of time. Choopan finished in 4th place, behind Phill Heath and Brandon Curry, but James said that on Saturday Hadi blew them both away.

hadi choopan

Finally, his opinion on steroids is he believes the health concerns are overblown and he doesn't think steroids are the direct reason for bodybuilders dropping dead so young. More on this later.


It is good to have a former pro of his stature still being an ambassador to bodybuilding. Many former top-level guys turn their backs on pro bodybuilding and you never hear from them again, so it is good to have guys like James around to lend his insight. Whether you agree or disagree with his views on steroids and health, it is still good to discuss in the first place.

Steroid use

As mentioned James takes a very apathetic approach to blame steroids for bodybuilder deaths. He feels like anabolic steroids aren't the major cause.

To be that huge takes incredible genetics, diet, training, and of course steroids. Even in his 50's he is still a huge guy. Let's speculate on what he used during his incredible run in the 2000s.

    • 15IU's per day HGH
    • 12Iu's per day insulin

Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by beta cells in the pancreas. It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats; in addition, it stores fat to be used for energy later. When you eat, your blood sugar increases, which causes insulin to be released. Read more

  • Trenbolone Acetate 1200mg a week
  • Winstrol 150mg a day
  • Testosterone Propionate 1000mgs a week
  • Masteron Propionate 1500mg per week
  • Anavar 150mg per day

Anavar (Oxandrolone) was originally created by a Doctor Raphael Pappo under the trademarked name Oxandrin, who worked for Searle laboratories. He created Anavar around 1964 for the treatment of multiple disease including muscle wasting.  At that point, anabolic steroids were almost unheard of on the market, and he was part of the founders of the 1st few oral steroids to hit the bodybuilding scene.  Later on, Searle was purchased by Pfizer and anavar was discontinued. Read more

  • Clenbuterol and DNP for fast fat loss
  • Diuretics


Forums on our forums? read on:

im using hgh for the 1st time,you people advise me to take 4iu daily divided into 2 doses,how many clicks or mg or ml are equal to 4iu or the recommended dose? Read more...

It's awesome bro. I'm an hour from my next dose and I really can't wait. Great sleep, raging morning wood like you were 16 again, and morning pumps. Just make sure you give yourself 8hrs - and you'll be waking up refreshed before your alarm goes off. Read more...

Hi Jack, what peptides do you like to simulate natural pulse? I've used GHRP-2, Hexarelin and my Fav Ipamorelin. I did CJC-dac at 5 mg/week but did not like as much, since it generates a bleed is not optimal for simulating natural pulses. Read more..

Hey guys just want some input on this. I have access to OTC diuretics as well as Lasix. Never used them but I'm wanting to come in just a little bit dryer this time. Read more..

Big Ramy is one of my favorites and I KNOW he will be the Mr.Olympia before too long, and will be untouchable so long as he figures how to keep his conditioning top notch and stays consistent after that. Read more..


DISCLAIMER: The following article is for entertainment purposes, Dennis James has not publicly admitted to using steroids and HGH as far as we are aware.  His cycle is not a fact and it's our views on what he used and what steroids he took. This is for information purposes only.

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