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Fasting – Day 6

Great nights sleep! I woke up once at 3 am to pee and hydrate. I slept so hard that I was up at 6:30 am feeling refreshed and not tired. This has been by far the best I have felt not just during the fast, but in many years. I feel light, stress-free, and balanced.

I did a nice 1-mile walk this morning and had a lot of energy to use up.

day 6 picture

Day 6 Picture

  • 8 am Took minerals, salt and hydrated. Ketones are at 40 this morning. I am in ketosis and have zero hunger. I'm not even sure I have the appetite to eat even if I was breaking my fast today.
  • 9 am Bowel movement was light and very very fast. A fast bowel movement is a sign of health, those that have a hard time going or go only a few times a week have major issues going in their stomachs. Prolonged fasting has been shown to cure this and I am seeing the effects.
  • 11 am Like yesterday, no hunger at all this time of the day. Staying busy and keeping my mind off of food.
  • 12 pm I've noticed for the first time some acne on the side of my body, large red acne. Might do a salt swim tonight to help clear it out. I am including a picture of this as part of today's log.
day 6 picture and acne

Day 6 Acne

  • 2 pm Ketones are at 15-40.
  • 3 pm It is an amazing luxury to not have to revolve life around eating. It also saves my wallet money too.
  • 4 pm Went to work out. Did pushing lifts, abs, and calves today. No problem with energy at all.
  • 6 pm Plan on going to the beach and doing some swimming to cool off and also to help with body acne.
  • 8 pm Still no hunger issues, I feel energetic but if I push myself too much I don't have the ability to put things in 5th gear if that makes sense.
  • 9 pm Diarrhea has hit, took 2 charcoals. The body is probably trying to detox again. This is the 3rd time I have had diarrhea during the fast. The last 2 times I attributed it perhaps to dehydration, but this time I was fully hydrated.

I made a final decision that I would continue the fast for 10 days total. I originally planned on 5 days, then changed it to 7 days. But the past 2 days have been the best days so I see no reason why I shouldn't push to 10 days total. For maximum health benefits a fast of 14-21 days is best, but 10 days is very good.

See my upcoming log to learn how I plan on breaking my fast for maximum benefits.

*Read on - PART 7 of my fast...

Past parts of my fast:

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