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Fasting – Day 7

Another great nights sleep! Woke up with no hunger at all.

Started the day off with a nice brisk walk. My energy is good, but I cannot exert myself or I will feel like I have nothing to tap into if that makes sense.

day 7 picture

Day 7 Picture

  • 8 am Just like yesterday, I took minerals, salt and hydrated. Ketones are at 40 this morning. I am in ketosis and have zero hunger.  The mere thought of food makes me feel sick. This is why when you come off of a fast you need to be careful what you do. Stomach looks lean and flat.
  • 9 am Bowel movement was very short and lighter than yesterday morning. It was almost nothing.
  • 11 am Again not feeling hungry but I am feeling the effects of dehydration. I have read that after the first-week dehydration becomes an issue, this will need to be mitigated by drinking more water. I filled up a lot of water containers this morning and am ready!
  • 12 pm Mouth feels dry and I feel thirsty. Drinking more water and it never seems to be enough! This is the most annoying part of day 7.
  • 2 pm Early afternoons seem to be the time of day where the hunger starts. Today the hunger kicked in harder than yesterday.
  • 4 pm Had a small bowel movement, very tiny.
  • 5 pm Hunger has hit me hard for whatever reason this afternoon! This is the hungriest I have felt since maybe day 3. My stomach is actually growling mad. It will be interesting to see how much I weigh tonight.
  • 6 pm Had a nice workout. When I keep my body and mind occupied the hunger goes away. If you plan on doing this make sure you keep your schedule full.
  • 7 pm Plan on relaxing the rest of the day, just watch some tv. I have lost 5-6 pounds in these 7 days which is not as much as most people will lose, but I am already quite lean.
  • 8 pm Hunger comes and goes. When I fill my stomach with water it goes away, but comes back. We will see what happens tomorrow.

I'm so ready to be done with my fast, but I am sticking with 10 days because I know I am hitting the green zone of health benefits as we get past a week.

I just want to end today's log by mentioning some facts about fasting.

Doctors mostly agree that a healthy human can go 2 months without food! That is a long time. Gandhi did 2 dozen water fasts during India's freedom movement, which was his nonviolent way to free India from British rule. His longest fast was 21 days and he was an older and much skinnier man than the normal joe living in today's modern world of overeating. The longest anyone has ever lived without food was a bit more than 10 weeks, that was a Irish political prisoner who died from it in 1920.

Let's take a look at some other records for the longest time without:

  1. Sleep: 11 days is the official record by a 17-year-old student doing a science fair, although some nonofficial records claim it has been longer.
  2. Water: A man was left in a cell without water by mistake for 18 days, but he was able to lick condensation off the walls of his cell. You can die within hours without water if you are outside in the heat.  Typically though, a human can go up to 3 days without water. If they are in a good environment it can be a few days longer than that but don't push your luck.
  3. Sunlight: We know that a man was kept locked in a dark chamber for 19 years by his cult and lived to tell the story.

*Read on - PART 8 of my fast...

Past parts of my fast:

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