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Fasting – Day 8

Overnight is actually the easiest part of fasting this go around for me. I sleep HARD! I peed before bed, woke up once to pee and hydrate in the middle of the night, and then woke up around [6:30]-7am this morning. It has been a similar pattern the past few nights.

day 8 picture

Day 8 Picture

  • 7 am Just like yesterday, I took minerals, salt and hydrated. Ketones are at 40 this morning. I am in ketosis and have zero hunger.  Like yesterday, I feel sick if I think about food. Otherwise, I feel great.
  • 8 am My ketones in my urine are at 15-40.
  • 9 am Bowel movement was light again.
  • 11 am Scraped white film off my tongue, this is something I am doing twice a day. Really nasty stuff.
  • 12 pm Ketones are at 40. I am starting to feel the hunger again. Mornings are the easiest, afternoons suck! Got to keep the mind busy or you will drive yourself crazy.
  • 2 pm Again, today the hunger kicked in harder than yesterday.
  • 4 pm No bowel movement during the afternoon.
  • 6 pm Hunger is very tough today, but when I drink a lot it goes way back down.
  • 7 pm I went for a nice walk, felt good.
  • 8 pm Overall a tough day, feeling the hunger big time but as you can tell by my picture from today I look leaner than any of the days. Will weigh myself tomorrow and see how much I am down.

Today I went to the grocery store (a very poor one in the inner city) and just walked around and observed the eating habits of people and smelled food. I noticed a pattern that was troubling that it seemed like these working class and poor people ate really bad because the foods they had access to were very calorie dense. Foods like cereal, flour based food, fatty meats, dairy products, and sugary food. This type of food is causing a spike in cancer, obesity, and heart ailments in our society today and I do not see any way to reverse this because these foods are not expensive to buy.

Prolonged fasting has taught me that eating healthy when I come off my fast is paramount to my success in fitness and also my mental well being. There are ways to eat healthily and still not shrink your wallet if you follow our forum on evolutionary.org and listen to our podcasts we talk about this a lot. If you really want to reverse your health it is truly up to the individual.

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Steve Smi (Also known as Steve Smith), has over 12 years of experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. He's the co-Host of the popular Evolutionary Radio Podcast - over 500,000 listens! He has been a personal trainer and writer for the last 10 years with over 1000 articles written. He's been a moderator on forums for over 10 years. Steve holds the following certifications and records: NASM Personal Trainer NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Florida Local Powerlifting champion Top writer for 2019 Fitness rated

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