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Fasting – Day 9

Okay, last night I woke up twice to pee, I slept hard again but not as hard as the previous two nights. Woke up with a very light amount of hunger, but I am not hungry enough where I need to eat something like I normally would. I am curious to see if I feel good again this morning and then start getting hungry as the day goes on to where it is tough in the afternoon, then in the evenings I feel fine again. We will see.

  • 7 am Bowel movement was light, as usual, in the morning. Looking at myself in the mirror and WOW I am really leaned up. I will weigh myself today to give you guys an update but wouldn't surprise me if I am down another 1-2 pounds from 2 days ago. For someone as lean as I am already that is a lot of weight.
day 9 fast weight

Day 9 - weight

  • 8 am My ketones in my urine are at 15-20 area. I did not test it first couple urine samples, waited till the 3rd to give things a chance to piss out.
  • 9 am Taking my usual minerals and hydrating as much as I can. I did a light 1-mile walk and felt great.
  • 11 am Scraped white film off my tongue like yesterday, I will take a picture of my tongue tonight once the white film comes back. I'm sure with all that crap on my tongue my breath doesn't smell the best, probably a good idea to avoid getting too close to people while on a water fast.
day 9 fast tongue

Day 9 - Tongue pic

  • 2 pm Hunger isn't too bad today at all. I would say it is better than the last 2 days for sure.
  • 4 pm Went to the gym and had a pretty good workout and did some stretching. I weighed in around 6-7 pounds under what I started. The weight loss has accelerated more in the 2nd half of the fast after a slow start.
  • 6 pm Came home and had to use the toilet, but it was a lot of cramping and my bowel movement was like dirt coming out. Not solid nor liquid, but like small specs of dirt. Very odd, maybe it is my body detoxing? Or maybe these are the minerals. I took 2 charcoals to calm things down.
  • 8 pm Overall not a tough day at all like the past 2 days. I kept things together, the hardest thing was the very odd bowel movement I had in the afternoon where barely anything came out but it felt rough.

Tomorrow will be the final day!! Coming off a water fast is a wonderful opportunity to train your body and be fresh again.

My plan to come off my water fast is I am going to end it with a good workout and then take final pictures for you all to see. My first meal will be grass fed beef bone broth, a very high-quality one. If you can make your own that is best, but in my case, I will buy a very good brand from my health food store. I will heat it up on the stovetop and drink it. The reason bone broth is so good coming off a fast is the collagen properties for health and injuries. It will help with gut health and help absorb nutrients down the road too.

day 9 fast pics body

Day 9 Fast - body pic

Bone broth has several things. 1. Glycine: Helps the body build new cells. 2. Glutamine: Amino acid that helps with gut health because it helps replenish gut flora. A really good addition to bone broth if you make it yourself or buy it is adding apple cider vinegar. This will help increase mineral uptake, which is going to be deficient from no food for so long.

I will also consume good fats. This is because they can be utilized very fast, which is why in keto diets you see recommendations to always add good fats to your meals. The reason for this is I want to train my body to use up fats for energy from here on out. Breaking your fast with fats is very smart for this reason for preventing fat gains from coming back. So I'm going to be using avocado, nuts, almond butter, seeds, and MCT oil. Then my next meal will be eggs with guacamole and nuts.

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