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    how much sarms goes with creatine?

    Bigtime supplement guy. 22Yrs young. 70kg. 5.7feet tall If you were to run sarms how much would you use with creatine? I’m doing 5g of creatine a day post workout with a shake would it be in my best interest to run the sarms at 20mgs RAD140 and 25mgs GW cardarine along with that supplement...
  2. S

    Creatine and Sinus Infections: My Personal Experience

    I had been using creatine as part of my fitness routine for quite some time and had never experienced any issues with it. However, at two separate instances, I began to experience symptoms that closely resembled a sinus infection. These symptoms included: Congested nose Headaches, particularly...
  3. C

    choosing between ostazol and cardazol

    I’m looking to use something that has some creatine in it and also other supplements the boost my workouts I’ve tried different supplements and I usually lose energy on them or my heart rate speeds up can you recommend a supplement that with fit exactly what I’m looking for?
  4. B

    Secrets to using creatine

    I’ve used creatine off and on, for the past year with limited success. I don’t really see a big difference in my strength and I definitely don’t see a difference in my muscle. Maybe I’m not running it right? Or maybe that I should be training differently while on it. Are there any secrets to how...
  5. L

    Pure creatine raw?

    do you recommend I buy creatine and raw form online in bulk where I can just mix it in my drink or do you recommend I get creatine that's already premixed with flavoring and all that kind of stuff to kind of make it mix easier in my drink? I'm going to buy a shaker cup so that won't be a problem...
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    Not enough creatine talk

    Notice there isn't very much creatine talk on here but this is supposed to be the best supplement you can put in your body right? now my question is can I use a full 5g a day year-round or should I cycle on and off from it and do two and a half grams for a couple months and then up the dose from...
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    Giving up on pct and just cruising

    Hello everyone. I’m Derek and I’m 5’9’’ and 175 pounds with 12% body fat. I’m 25 years old I'm not a particular fan of doing post-cycle therapy. I've done it a few times and it just is not comfortable for me and I don't feel good doing it I'm going to do a cruise instead for at least 9 to 12...
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    When you run steroids without a pct?

    So I'm a little scared and nervous I'm 23 years old and I ran my first steroid cycle which was 500 mg of testosterone and 1,000 mg of trenbolone. my gym dealer who is also my best friend growing up help me with the stack I should have known not to trust him. now I'm hearing about pct...
  9. T

    Morning coffee supplement add ons

    Does anyone else on here and anything to their morning coffee? I like to add a pinch of salt, some sugar, some creatine, and some whey protein powder. if you have never tried java protein powder with coffee it adds some spice to it I wonder if doing this will also help me build more muscle?
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    Sarmstack Cycle

    Hi everyone Im 28 and doing my first sarms cycle. i wanted to makee a post on but it says ,,You have insufficient privileges to post threads here'' so im posting here now. evolutionary and isarms forums look the same so i think it doesnt realy matter. My goal is jsut to bulk up...
  11. N

    Can I use ephedra based fat burner

    I wanna know can I have ephedra based fat burner during mini pct?
  12. J

    HCG Source

    Hey guys, Been using oz for a while with no issues but they are currently out of stock of HCG, where’s the next best source?
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    Is my pct good?

    Initially my coach planned my cycle for 8 weeks but then I need to do an drug test for my employer so I’m stopping my cycle I have take winstrol and anavar for 3 weeks For pct my coach suggested me nolvadex 20mg for 3 weeks with Testosterone booster , liver organ support and nitric oxide...
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    Is my pct correct?

    Initially my cycle is planned for 8 weeks that’s included injectables . For 3 weeks oral : winstrol and anavar starting with low dosage but I need to stop my cycle here because I need to provide an drug test for my employer For pct I’m thinking Nolvadex and a good testosterone booster and...
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    4 week gap cycle vs. PCT

    Don’t flame me for this but i am coming off a 12 week cycle of test, primo and anavar But don’t have my pct products yet. I just ordered them and by the time it gets to me it will likely be about 4 weeks since my last pin of test. While I wait for it to arrive is there a supplement that I can...
  16. K

    My anavar and winstrol oral cycle log

    As asked I’m posting the log for my 4 week cycle Dosage of winstrol and anavar : Week 1 : 20mg/20mg Week 2 : 30mg/30mg Week 3 : 40mg/40mg Week 4 : 40mg/40mg I’m also using liver support supplement Currently I’m on 1900 Calories P:166g/C:118g/F:84g Calories changes...
  17. L

    Mixing creatine with coffee or water?

    I would like to make my creatine dosage the most effective possible if you have to choose between mixing it with coffee or mixing it with water which one would you pick and why? I'm currently mixing it with water and it doesn't really taste that good to me. I know if I get flavored creatine...
  18. H

    Best creatine and multi to take

    I'm looking for a supplement that combines both a multivitamin and creatine in the same ingredients I'm hoping that if I take them like that I can get some good results Also looking for something cheap because I am a college student and cannot afford anything that is too expensive. looking to...
  19. J

    Headaches from creatine?

    this is going to be a post that I make about side effects from certain supplements a buddy of mine hook me up with a tub of creatine and he said I should take it every day. I've been taking five grams a day along with a protein shake. my main concern has been headaches I'm not sure if it's...
  20. N

    Supplements like creatine?

    I had a question about supplements like creatine and why they were so cheap versus other supplements that were more expensive than are out there seems like you can buy a month's worth of creatine for like 20 or $30 but then other supplements you have to spend over $100 for. what am I missing on...
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