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Approved Log Testosterone Masteron Cycle Log - Growing Phase

oh I did get relief personally from deca
but then when I stopped taking it my injuries came back more
even if it helps you still have to rest
the more you play with the injury the more you inflame it
i can tell you npp from para pharma is on point
I've had many clients use it and it helped their joints
Privleged to have Alpha allow me to use his products. Will do my best to leave honest feedback.

Introduction -
17 years training, large part natural, now enhanced but never have used much. Just enough to get the jib done. My focus has been on coaching but I'll be spending more time on focusing on my physique for the next 12 months now that time managementis better. Came off a fat loss phase to give me some run way into this growing phases and was using 175mg test/20mg mast. Pics will be provided once I get my phone back from being fixed. They're about 4 weeks old and I'm slightly leaner now then in the photos. Training has been on maintenance volume for more than a year, 4-6 sets a week per bodypart so im going to be sensitive to training for sure. Training will be titrated up slowly, dont want an injury out the gate. Calories atm are about 2500. Food will be moving up each week to a peak load according to scales weight. Androgen load will begin at 285mg/week and titrated up when needed. Starting at 225mg test and 60mg Masteron and 20mg pre workout on my weaker body part, legs to drive a little more tissue accrual on those days. Why so low? Because I've never needed much according to my needs. I'm a coach, not a good bodybuilder. Other drugs at work are Telmisartan (year round as it should be regardless of blood pressure), metformin 500mg, 8IU of humalog split into pre and post with the appropriate amount of carbs. No AI used as I can't justify the side effects. Androgens will be manipulated for androgen to estrogen ratio, want e2 to be as high as I can tolerate for the extra help growing as it's hypertrophic pathway is well worth using. Don't need an AI messing that up for me. None of my clients use them ever.

Goals - add tissue, stay healthy and keep connective tissue in good order. Time frame will be probably be about 6 months of use before I pull back into a short fatloss phase and go again into a push assuming blood work is looking good. The dose will be titrated up depending on how progress goes. The log here will be 4 months however I'll be going much longer than that and if anyone wants it continued, I shall.

Concerns - Have a herniated disk in lower back, sciatica pain daily, rotator cuff injury and torn subscap from baoting accident from years back. Training legs and back is difficult to say the least....very limited to exercises for chest, legs and back as you'll see in the log but I promise you I'll push for progress regardless and be an example of a broken dude getting it done. Will have my own coach along the way where required (I need it for my own adherence)

Training will be provided weekly along with diet, PEDs and whatever changes come along.

Will be starting on the 18th of June and will be doing a weekly dump rather than daily however I'll still engage daily where possible. Thanks for you consideration.
Why would you use masteron during a growing phase? Why not deca, EQ or Primo? Even DHB would be of more benefit.
I would go with equipoise personally
it's a very versatile steroid in mild
Interesting feedback here and will make for good conversation. First off my choice of masteron is really because all AAS acrete protien at about the same rate. Apart from Bill Llewellyn and other bros, not sure where the idea came from otherwise. Sure there may 5% difference. For example the community parrots the phrases tren is 5X more anabolic. We've never ever seen that happen in reality....nott even 2X. In fact the evidence says it's about as anabolic and less androgenic than testosterone hence why our grandmothers were prescribed it for oesteo under the name Parabolan. Bill Llewellyn said some stuff and it stuck i guess. If it were true, that means a man who made 10lb gain from 400mg off testosterone over a 15 week period could gain 50lbs off the equivalent dose of's never happened.....not even 2X...1.1X the amount sure, won't ague that. Sure maybe 1mg of tren yields more anabolic activity than 1mg of testosterone but once we're at working dose, the gap closes up significantly. Same for any other AAS. Also Masteron was patented by its manufacturer, Syntex, as a growth promoter in cattle to compete with trenbolone in the Agricultural market. Why would Syntex spend millions on a competitive medical and agricultural drug that didnt work? They wouldnt. And in the order of efficacy and safety, it goes testosterone, primobolan and than masteron. So im going with masteron. That's my thought out rationale.

Next, compound selection for myself and clients is based on safety profile. We all have a 20 week plan but not a 20 year plan. We don't start this and say "I'll stop when I'm 48", we keep going until we're forced to stop via cardiac, renal or neuro injury. I'd rather be doing this for life and that means a life long PED exposure plan. That brings me to EQ....shown to be directly renal toxic. We all battle elevated blood pressure because of size and lifestyle and therefore put kidneys under stress....I'm not going to add to it with a compound which barely brings anything more to the table and brings extra risk. If my clients insist on using it AFTER we've gone through the evidence of toxicity, then I'm happy to let them. I'd rather have them informed. Nandrolone/synthetic progestins are a fine choice but seem to be the more neuro toxic....hence the anxiety, paranoia, aggression, mood swings, vivid dreams, depression & homoerotic thoughts from straight men using these...of course genetics play into ALL of the above stuff. Nandrolone is great though and has its place in the off season with great collagen synthesis and joint comfort as shown by the literature and obviously adds to tissue growth. Just wouldnt live on it. Situational only. If primobolan was Dorians staple along with testosterone and 150 tren in prep, I'm sure mast is fine. But we will see from my progress if it is indeed just a cosmetic drug or just as good for growth promotion.
I'll attach a study or 2 explaining my stance as it's not just observational evidence which counts but clinical too.

"In LABC, which exhibits a testosterone-dependent androgenic

response, the effects of Sub Cutaneous Trenbolone treatment was

nearly identical to that of Sub Cutaneous Testosterone. However,

n tissues containing 5AR-reductase such as the VP, the effect of

Trenbolone was much less than that seen with Testosterone"

see below attachment

We know tren and other progestins are exert strong influence on the brain. Many have heard that but they dont understand how strong a Progestin it is. Its this that causes most of Trenbolones Problems from Brain Health to Sweats
to Homoerotic Motivation ie Gay Fantasies. Thus is on top of neuro toxicity it carries.


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