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Melvin Anthony Steroid Cycle


Melvin Anthony is a former IFBB pro bodybuilder from California. He had a tough childhood but found success in bodybuilding. In this article, we will go over his life, his highs, his lows, and his speculation on his steroid use. His peak stats were 5'7'' and 255 pounds with a 57" chest and 30" waist.

Early life

Anthony was born in 1973 in Sacramento, California, which is in the northern interior part of the state away from the glitz of Los Angeles. He grew up around drug addicts and gangs and found it hard to survive, with many of his friends ending up in jail or dead. Wanting to look like his crime-hardened older peers, he started to train with bodyweight exercises at first and built a nice physique by the time he was 15 years old.

He then met a man who took him under his wing and convinced him he had a gift for bodybuilding and encouraged him to dial in his diet and start training for real at a gym. One of his mentors around that time was John Brown, who also mentored other pro bodybuilders. Once he was in high school he was ahead of his peers and was able to excel at football. He turned that into a scholarship to play football in college.

After a football injury cut his career short, he went to weight training full time and set his sights on competing. In 1993, he got 3rd place at Musclemania and placed at various small competitions before taking a break for a few years.


After a break from the grind, he was ready to take things to the next level. After failing to get his pro card with a 2nd place showing at the 1998 NPC USA championships he was very upset. However, he refused to give up and the next year he won 1st place easily and got his pro card at the same competition.

Anthony would then compete throughout the 2000's finishing in the top 10 at Arnold Classic, Grand Prix all over Europe, and Night of Champions. His Mr. Olympia finishes were as follows:

  1. 2001: 11th
  2. 2003: 9th
  3. 2005: 7th
  4. 2006: 5th
  5. 2007: 6th
  6. 2008: 6th

Social Media

Anthony has a modest social media following but he seems to be keeping up with it even during and after his prison sentence. https://www.instagram.com/melvin_anthony_jr/?hl=en

Here is a video of Anthony posing, he is considered to have "The Prettiest Physique since Flex Wheeler"

Nutrition and Training

Anthony says that initially he believed in just fats and proteins and avoided carbs, but he changed his mind as he gained more experience and says he should have always eaten carbs too.

In terms of training, he isn't shy about doing a lot of trial and error and believes you have to try many things with weight training to find what works for you. For him, he likes keeping things around the 10 rep range and control the weights. He doesn't believe in training too heavy with low reps.


Starting in 2015, Anthony had a rough couple of years dealing with the law. He moved to Mississippi to take a job working at a hotel, and got caught driving under the influence and with methamphetamines along with firearm charges.

In 2017, Anthony was again busted for distribution of a controlled substance, which was thought to be ecstasy, and also for possession of a firearm post felony conviction. Since he had a criminal history, and Mississippi isn't a very forgiving state when it comes to drugs, this time he got nailed for a 10-year sentence. He has been released as of 2020, having served around 3 years, and says his sentence was marijuana and 'pill' related and he has paid his debt to society.

He has since been extremely upset with friends who talked badly behind his back and spreaded false rumors about his situation. He went on a very timid and scared Dave Palumbo’s show, and called out his haters and said the reason he got hammered so badly in court was he refused to snitch. Dave appeared to try his best not to step on egg shells during the interview.


Anthony grew up in a rough environment and likely had poor role models. He could not take advantage of his gift for bodybuilding and get involved with the wrong people and wrong business ideas. Anytime you mess with drugs and guns it is a recipe for disaster and hopefully, he has learned his lesson the hard way and can get his life turned around.

Steroid Cycle

Anthony says that steroid risks are due to the bodybuilder, and defends coaches who get their clients into trouble cause they aren't listening to them. At his peak, he was one of the best bodybuilders of his time. We can speculate on what he could have used during the late 2000s:

  1. 600mgs a week Testosterone
  2. anti estrogens
  3. 1500mgs a week Trenbolone
  4. 1200mgs Masteron
  5. 150mgs a day Anavar
  6. 125mgs a day Winstrol
  7. HGH 25IU’s per day
  8. Insulin 12IU’s per day
  9. diuretics
  10. DNP


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DISCLAIMER: The following article is for entertainment purposes, Melvin Anthony has not publicly admitted to using steroids and HGH as far as we are aware.  His cycle is not a fact and it's our views on what he used and what steroids he took. This is for information purposes only.

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