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You Can Get the Muscle Building Benefits of Insulin…


WIth N2SlinX

Insulin is one hell of a powerful hormone. In fact, it’s the single most important hormone for putting on lean mass.  Now, you can mimic the incredible benefits of insulin with N2SlinX

Nature’s Muscle Builder

Insulin works by shuttling glucose into the muscles,  filling them with nutrients.  In the process, the muscles also enlarge beyond their normal size.  That is why the bodybuilders of the 21st Century are far more massive than the guys who came before them.  Every pro today uses insulin. They must,  if they want to  have the size to match the competition.

There’s only one problem – using insulin is extremely dangerous!

Insulin has serious consequence. It’s even been the cause of death among several bodybuilders.  Insulin can cause weakness to the point of passing out, and if the dosage is too high and you don’t have enough glucose already in your bloodstream it can lead to falling into a coma.

You DO NOT want to mess around with insulin!

But now, there is a safe alternative that delivers all of the benefits yet it’s 100% drug free. It’s N2SlinX and it works like insulin by forcing glucose into muscle and burning up what’s left over so that  it is not stored as fat. Instead, glucose goes  directly into the bloodstream, flooding your muscles and making them fuller. Then when you train, the pumps are amazing!

If you use N2SlinX  you’ll know why so many guys are willing to take the risk of using insulin. But with N2SlinX you won’t have to worry about overdosing.  When used as directed,  N2SlinX will never  make blood sugar levels dangerously low. It’ll simply make the most of what you have and put all those energy units to good use!

How it Works

When we eat, we release insulin to  control how quickly glucose is utilized, though most of it  is stored for later use . So unless you burn up those calories they’re likely to turn to fat.  Naturally simple sugars and starchy carbs are the type that provide the quickest energy and are the quickest to get stored but  ALL food breaks down to glucose in one way another.  It must, because we need glucose for brain function . That’s why it’s natural to feel woozy when one is hypoglycemic.  In the case of diabetics, their pancreas can not process enough insulin to do the job and blood sugar levels get too high. That’s why they need to take insulin to help move that sugar along.  And in the case of bodybuilders, being able to secrete extra insulin is a huge advantage because it puts the body in a far more productive state for growing. And burns fat in the process.

This is exactly what N2SlinX  does!  Fills the muscles with glucose so that they get bigger while preventing fat storage!  N2SlinX will give you the ability to produce more of your own insulin. That means more energy, fuller muscles, and less stored fat!!!

No needles, no messing with your pancreas,  and  no chance of taking too much or two little.   Just pop a couple of pills a few minutes before each meal and let N2SlinX do the rest!

Fuller muscles.  Lean gains.  Better pumps. More energy.  Crazy vascularity. Aall  without worry!

So if you want to know what it’s like to get bigger than ever without the bloat of taking in too many calories, then N2SlinX is what you’re looking for.
Start using N2SlinX  and you’ll be  on your way to a bigger, better, leaner body that you can’t get from any other supplement.  Order today!

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