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Training while on Testosterone Gel


rs-transadermAnyone who has ever done a real hardcore cycle of RS-Transaderm knows its the most badass topical testosterone enhancer on the market today. RS Transaderm is the testosterone booster for the people out there who are looking for real results. RS Transaderm is so anabolic and effective it can help any user cut unwanted pounds or help pack on size during a bulking cycle. Yes, it really is that good. I'm here to tell you the most effective way to do both and provide you with some training tips to get the most benefit out of your training when using our potent product.


This section is for the guys out there trying to add some pounds and most importantly strength using RS-Transaderm. First off, even though it is somewhat counter-intuitive, when you are trying to add pounds to your frame you should be minimalizing the movements you are making in the gym. No one is telling you that you can't bust your ass, but calories are your friend here and you need to hold onto them if you are going to be adding weight. So where are am I going here? For starters, try to limit your gym sessions to 3-4 days per week and make sure you are hammering the big compound “bang for your buck lifts”. We're talking about squat, deadlift, bench press, overheard press, and for those of you daring enough, the Olympic lifts. From there it would serve you best to work in the lower rep ranges in your exercises, we're talking about the 4-6 and 6-8 rep ranges. Beyond the reps and sets you are going to want to increase your periods of rest between your sets, up into the 2-3 minute range. Cardio should be kept to an absolute minimum, if you feel like you have to do it try and control yourself and not push yourself to the limit with a puke inducing interval sessions.

After reading that you're probably thinking I gave you the perfect recipe for a boring workout and a new gut. If you're thinking that, stop, you're underestimating the anabolic potential of the bottle you are holding in your hand. RS-Transaderm is simply too potent and effective of a testosterone booster to have its users packing on useless fat, this program will have you packing on pounds of new muscle and poundages to all of your major lifts. Here is a sample workout I would use for this faction of RS-Transaderm believers.


Squat 5x4-6

This is almost universally agreed upon as the best exercise you can do builds the whole body but is best for building your quads and hamstrings.

Romanian Deadlift 5x4-6

Also known as Straight Legged Deadlift this exercise is known to build the whole leg with emphasis on the hamstrings.

Leg Extension 5x6-8

Single joint exercise emphasizing quad growth.

Leg Curl 5x6-8

Single joint exercise emphasizing hamstring growth.

Calve Raises 3x10

Leg exercise emphasizing the lower leg.

Crunches 3x20

You can only be as strong as your core, this exercise helps your abs.


Bench Press 5x4-6

Compound movement focusing on the chest but also builds the shoulders and triceps.

Overhead Barbell Military 5x6-8

Compound movement with a shoulder emphasis, also hits the triceps.

Incline Dumbbell Press 3x6-8

Compound movement focusing on the upper chest but also develops shoulders and triceps.

Dumbbell Fly 3x6-8

Compound movement that emphasizes inner chest development.

Lateral Raise 3x6-8

Single joint exercise that develops the outermost head of the deltoids

Crunches 3x20

Hitting the core again to make it as strong as possible.


Deadlift 5x4-6

Hitting the whole body here with is what could be the best pound for pound lift out there, emphasis on the back and hamstrings.

Dumbbell Row 5x4-6

Compound movement focusing on the back, also hits rear delts.

Lat Pulldown 5x6-8

Compound back exercise with an emphasis on the Lats.

Close Grip Cable Row 5x6-8

Compound back exercise that makes sure to hit your middle back

Calves 3x20

Hitting the calves again to build the lower legs

Crunches 3x20

Emphasizing core exercises to build the compound exercises

Back Extension

We added these to make sure we balance out the core.


It would be criminal to ignore the other part of RS-Transaderms users, those of you that using it for its ability to boost testosterone and torch body fat. On this program we are going to use much of the advantages of the other end of the training spectrum. Here, we use higher reps in the 8-10 and 10-12 rep range to create somewhat of a cardio effect out of our lifting sessions, as well as the added cardio to get rid of those unwanted pounds. The rest period here should be shortened to as low as 30 seconds in between sets and up to 2 minutes in order to keep the heart rate up and the body burning calories throughout the entire workout. To be clear, we shouldn't underestimate our weight capacity in these rep ranges, you should operating at your 10 rep max if you are doing 10 reps. Don't go through the motions if you want results, burning fat is no easy task. Also, to best utilize our fat burning potential, we will be using supersets or a set of an exercise followed by a set of another exercise with little to no rest between the two. This will keep us from sitting down in between sets and letting time get away from us. Also,you should be in the gym 4-5 times a week depending on your availability but keep in mind the more time you spend in the gym the more results you will see.

Time should also be left at the end of these workouts for cardio at least 3 days per week for at least 15 minutes per session. The equipment is not overly important, whatever is comfortable and won't intimidate or bore you is best. In the beginning of starting this training program, steady-state or continuous pace cardio can be used but, keep in mind the most effective way to burn fat is with interval training. In other words, sprinting for 30 seconds (on any piece of cardio equipment) followed by 1 minute of a jog or a lighter pace and repeating for the duration of your cardio session. Here is a sample of how I go about a fat burning cycle of RS-Transaderm


Squats 3x8-10

Compound exercise that hits every part of the leg and torches body fat.

Leg Extension 3x10-12


Bodyweight Squat 3x10-12

Superset that emphasizes quad development and keeps the body burning fat

Romanian Deadlift 3x10-12


Leg Curl 3x10-12

This superset keeps you moving with an emphasis on hamstring development.

Crunches 3x20

Crunches will help develop your abs not that you're peeling off body fat



Pull ups 3xAMAP

Pull Ups are a great way to burn body fat while building a wide back.

Dumbbell Row 3x10-12


Lat Pulldown 3x10-12

This is a superset that will hit the entire back.

Dumbbell Pullover 3x10-12


Cable row 3x10-12

Another superset that hits the entire musculature of the back.


Bench Press 3x8-10

High rep Bench Press will build the pectorals as well as burn fat

Dumbbell Incline press 3x10-12

Dumbbell pressing will complete the musculature of the chest by hitting the upper chest

Machine Flys 3x10-12

Flys are a great way to sculpt the musculature of the pectorals by hitting the inner chest

Push-ups 3xAMAP

Push ups are a great way to hit the chest and preserve shoulder mobility.

Planks 3x1 minute

Planks build the core so you can increase weight in your most valuable exercises.



Barbell Military Press 3x8-10

Military Press is the best way to hit every head of the shoulders and create the most muscular shoulders you can.

Rear Lateral Machine 3x10-12

A commonly missed part of the shoulder, the rear delt can add big size to any set of shoulders.

Dumbbell Front Raise 3x10-12

Front Raises to ensure we are giving equal attention and creating balanced shoulders

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3x10-12

Lateral Raises add width to the shoulders as well as rounding out the shoulder workout


Laying Tricep Extension (skullcrusher) 3x10-12

One of the biggest and baddest exercises to build a great set of triceps

Cable Tricep Pushdown 3x10-12


Tricep Kickback 3x10-12

This tricep “finisher” will grow your triceps and leave you scared to do them again.

Barbell Curl 3x10-12

Barbell Curls are an old classic for a reason, they're the best way to hit your biceps.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3x10-12


Cable Curl 3x10-12

This “bicep finisher” will make sure you're building your bicep peak as high as you can.

Crunches 3x20

Crunches to emphasize core strength.


Keep in mind any program on paper can look great but consistency is the greatest tool in your arsenal. Being consistent in getting into the gym and being consistent when applying your daily doses of RS-Transaderm will be what gets you to accomplish your training and physique goals.

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Written by
Albert Wolfgang is a professional medical writer with over 20 years of experience. He hold multiple personal training certifications, including the coveted NASM and AFAA certificates. He graduated with honors with a B.S. and M.S. in biochemistry with a minor in physical studies. Albert and his team have trained over 100 IFBB professional bodybuilders, including Hollywood stars and many up and coming fitness stars.


  1. Avatar photo

    Hi Albert.

    Nice read. Thank you:)

    Was hoping you might answer a few questions for me please.

    Should I stop taking other supplements whilst on this RS-Transaderm?

    Is it a good idea to also take Phytoserms-347 whilst on RS Trans. or is this overkill or even dangerous?

    I usually take a thermogenic pre-workout and protein powder before and after each workout along with amino acids. Could these interfere with BOTH of these Ruthless Supplement supplements?

    Thanks again!

    • Avatar photo

      Should I stop taking other supplements whilst on this RS-Transaderm?

      ANSWER: No you can keep taking other supplements while using RS Transaderm.

      Is it a good idea to also take Phytoserms-347 whilst on RS Trans. or is this overkill or even dangerous?

      ANSWER: It’s not dangerous and you can combine the 2 together, you can also add HCGenerate.

      I usually take a thermogenic pre-workout and protein powder before and after each workout along with amino acids. Could these interfere with BOTH of these Ruthless Supplement supplements?

      ANSWER: It will not interfere with Ruthless products.

  2. Avatar photo

    Hi Albert …. This is my first foray into anabolics and I’d like to get your opinion on my understanding of what I think will be my first cycle. I’m 59. 5 11, About 10 -12 %BF, coming in at 155. I only want to put on 5 – 7 lbs or so lbs. I believe I’m going to do that with RS transderm and Oxandrovar with N2Guard for support. An 8 week cycle. Is this combination a sensible stack for my goals? Moreover, your thoughts on an effective PCT and could Phytoserms have a role in the the PCT…..with N2Guard still in the mix. Will clomid or nolvadex be required?

    • Avatar photo

      I would suggest you consider doing a bit more research and moving into more of a TRT foray. You can start with Phytoserms and keep going into a testosterone replacement dosage with testosterone. Your age is a big factor here, at 59 you need to really consider TRT/HRT.

      if you have further questions, visit our forums:

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